Secrets of Laravel: Successful in Development





    There are lot many frameworks for website development in market. As a business owner we often take time to think which framework is best for my requirement. From consumer point of view the website which looks very attractive and creative which makes them engaging while surfing. Now let’s find something very interesting for the website development.
    We will see Laravel framework for website development and web applications. Laravel is recently very popular among web developers. Let’s find the reason behind the popularity. We will see distinct features of the Laravel for web development. Why it is chosen frequently?
    Firstly, we will see what it is Laravel? Laravel is a free open-source PHP web framework created and intended for the dev elopement of web applications following the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern.
    Let’s have a look into the significant features of Laravel
  • New Directory Structure
  • Method Injection
  • Contracts
  • Route Caching
  • Authentication
  • Events Object
  • Multiple file System
    • There are varied features of Laravel for web development, which are mentioned below: Before choosing the framework for web development platform let’s have a look into the significant features of Laravel.
  • Automatic Pagination
  • View Composers
  • Routing System
  • Unit Testing
  • Security: it has in built CSRF functionality.
  • laravel-main2
      Laravel supported Databases:
      1. MySQL
      2. Postgres
      3. SQLite
      4. SQL Server
      Pros & Cons of Laravel
    Pros Cons
    Fast Application Building As it is still in development state.
    Artisan Command line Need experienced developer to develop.
    ORM (eloquent) It doesn’t work on shared hosting.
    Migrations & seeds. If using google cloud it fires lot many queries which are not requires to fire.
    Blade template engine Developer needs to be known about blade templating.
    Laracasts It doesn’t support payment feature.
    Fast Use of the Web Application Lack of continuation with versions.
    Easy to Use & Learn It may not provide the mobile app richness.
    Documentation easy available Quality is mixed sometimes. For example: few components of the framework are not well designed.