Microsoft Windows 11 Launched: Know Expected Features, and More

Microsoft Windows 11 Launched: Know Expected Features, and More

28 June, 2021 by img Rahul Panchal in Technology
Microsoft Windows 11 Launched: Know Expected Features, and More

Windows 11 has been recently unveiled by Microsoft, featuring a big redesign and plenty of innovative features. Despite switching up its appearance with rounded corners and an innovative Start menu, Windows 11 likewise includes plenty of productivity upgrades, including Snap Layouts for operating several applications simultaneously.

New widgets are likewise featured by Windows 11 for keeping you updated with the most recent news, a new Windows Store, and Microsoft Teams integration. Apart from this, it is also possible for Windows 11 to run Android applications.

Gaming buffs will appreciate the inclusion of Auto HDR for enhanced visuals and quicker performance for Direct Storage-supported personal computers. And business users are going to love their ability to dock and undocking again without sacrificing their place.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned everything that you should know regarding Windows 11.


Windows 11 price and release date

It is a fact that Windows 11 will be introduced later this year, and, according to Microsoft, it is going to be available as a free upgrade in case you own a Windows 10 PC. New personal computers with Windows 11 pre-installed will be showing up in time as well.

It will be possible for you to verify whether your personal computer is eligible for the Windows 11 upgrade by downloading the PC Health Check application after visiting Some users will not wait until the conclusion of this year to get the initial crack at Windows 11.


How much will be Windows 11?

For the existing users of Windows, Windows 11 is going to be a free update, and you must be online for downloading, installing, and activating Home versions. Moreover, a Microsoft account will be required by you while installing it or upgrading your computer or tablet.


Windows 11 Design

Windows 11 comes with an innovative appearance and feel, which has been more striking; however, it is nevertheless more user-friendly. You will come across an innovative Start button, which is positioned at the center, and it will be possible for you to view your recent documents, files, and apps by pressing it.

Now, the Start menu moves away from the big application list and comes with a grid of select apps instead plus another grid of documents that are recommended. An “All Apps” button leads to the traditional list of applications.

The overall objective will be to get to where you would like to go faster. The innovative Windows 11 likewise comes with more rounded corners on applications that help make it appear fresher, along with a streamlined taskbar. Besides this, there are also new transitions and colors and an innovative dark mode that allows the content to stand out.


Windows 11 Snap Groups, Snap Layouts, and docking

Windows 11 Snap Groups, Snap Layouts, and dockingImage source: Google


At present, Windows 11 features Snap Layouts. It is possible to select the Snap Layouts which you like to choose for running several applications simultaneously. For instance, you might be having a couple of applications side-by-side or four in a grid or 3 in columns, and there are six choices altogether.

If you sometimes feel somewhat lost after responding to a notification, a new Snap Groups feature has been included by Windows 11 in the taskbar. Consequently, it will be possible for you to get back to what you had been doing before answering that message.

The identical thing applies to the innovative docking experience. If a monitor is unplugged by you for moving rooms, the windows that were on the monitor will minimize. After coming back and reconnecting to a dock, all the windows will reappear in the same manner they were before.


Windows 11 Widgets

Window WidgetsImage source: Google


An extensive new selection of widgets is offered by Windows 11, powered by AI and Microsoft Edge. These widgets will allow you to check the weather, your calendar, your to-do list, news, photographs, and more.

Widgets provide you with a feed of information that you can personalize, and you will be able to decide how you would like it to appear on the desktop. According to your preference, you might have widgets slide out for covering a part or the entire desktop.


Windows 11: Superior touch and voice support

Windows 11 Better touch pen and voice supportImage source: Google

Windows 11 consists of several tweaks to input, especially when it comes to touch. For instance, more space will be available in the touch bar between the icons, which helps to make it simpler to tap the proper thing. Microsoft is likewise adding bigger touch targets to that end while inserting visual cues intended for helping you in resizing and moving windows more easily.

The onscreen keyboard is customizable and is also redesigned. In case you are using a stylus or pen for interacting with your Windows 11 machine, it will seem to you that you are using an actual pen.

Apart from this, Windows 11 features improved voice recognition for text input, and Microsoft promises more precise voice-to-text transcription as well as automated punctuation. Moreover, voice commands are also supported.


Windows 11 Desktops

Windows 11 desktops
Image source: Google

At present, Windows 11 enables you to customize different desktops using their wallpapers. Therefore, it will be feasible for you to have a desktop for home, work, gaming, or school, each with its apps as well as look and feel.


Windows 11: Android apps and new Windows Store

Windows 11: Android apps and new Windows Store Image source: Google

With Windows 11, the Microsoft Store is redesigned by Microsoft, which helps to make it easier and faster to find the apps you are searching for. That is sensible; however, the most notable thing is that Android applications will be available for Windows 11 directly.

In the later part of this year, Microsoft asserts that it will be possible for you to come across Android apps in Microsoft Store, and you will be able to download them using the Amazon Appstore. Although the process appears to be somewhat complicated, Microsoft assures to reveal more info on this experience in the future.


Windows 11 gaming: DirectStorage and Auto HDR

Gaming is always considered an essential part of Windows, and therefore, that is perceptibly continuing with Windows 11. Several new features have been introduced by Microsoft, which are intended to enhance the gaming experience significantly.

Specifically, Auto HDR is available to Windows 11, which brings enhanced color output and contrast without needing the application makers to reconfigure their games. At the time of the launch event of Windows 11, a split screen of Skyrim was shown off by Microsoft – while one half of the game appeared in the new Auto HDR, the other half appeared in SDR. The Auto HDR image featured more detail and was much brighter.

A DirectStorage API is also added by Windows 11. If you have already used an Xbox Series S or Series X, both featuring direct storage, you will observe how there is an improvement in load times.

Ultimately, Xbox Game Pass, which happens to be the gaming subscription service of Microsoft, will nevertheless be built directly into Windows 11 through the Xbox application.


Windows 11: Teams Integration

Windows 11: Teams integrationImage source: Google

Microsoft is trying to integrate Teams directly into Windows 11 and thus make them much more mainstream. It will be possible for you to connect via video calls using chat from Microsoft Teams and through voice or text. And it is going to work across Android, Windows, and iOS as well. You will also be able to present from the taskbar directly.


Windows 11: TPM and system requirements

All systems will be requiring a TPM 2.0 chip for Windows 11. TPM happens to be the short form for Trusted Point Module. It is mainly known for providing security on personal computers.

Other Windows 11 system requirements are quite modest: 4 GB of RAM, 64-bit processor of 1 GHz, and a 64 GB storage device.


Windows 11 Outlook

Although Windows 11 does not seem to be a reinvention of Windows, it appears to be a bigger leap for entertainment (particularly gaming) and productivity than Mac OS Monterey. The innovative Start menu and the new multitasking features deserve special attention.


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