Japan Presence

In early 2018, Rlogical opened its office in Tokyo, Japan. We first wanted to get closer to our Japanese customers in order to provide them with better services and be right where they needed us.

Also, since 2016, Rlogical has been developing various IT solution for Japanese car exporters. From ERP to auction bidding services. We want to continue backing up Japanese used car exporters by always providing better software and websites that will support their efforts.

Our services for used Japanese car exporters include:

  • The development of complete ERP system including stock management, CRM, documents system, and shipping management
  • Building of ecommerce websites connected to the ERP and oriented to increase the number of inquiries received and helping sellers in their daily tasks
  • Auction bidding system, connected to all Japanese major auction houses
  • Mobile application for stock and auction sales, giving easier and faster access to the services provided by used car exporter

If you want to know more regarding the services we are offering to Japanese car exporters or if you need some expertise on any IT project please send us an email at