How to Hire Dedicated Developers for Your Next Project?

How to Hire Dedicated Developers for Your Next Project?

18 June, 2021 by img Jatin Panchal in Hire Dedicated Developers
How to Hire Dedicated Developers for Your Next Project?

Mobile and web applications are the buzzing words in this fast-developing technological era, irrespective of whether you are a startup, an entrepreneur, or a top-level company. A committed team of developers is essential for successful web app development. These developers are proficient at managing everything, such as app ideation, app deployment, and crafting awesome digital solutions. In this article, we will look at how to hire dedicated developers for your subsequent project.

You will come across around 24 million developers across the globe, and this is expected to grow by 28 million in 2023.

While planning to hire any remote developer, it is natural for you to come up with several queries such as:

  • How can you hire dedicated developers?
  • What is meant by a remote development team within a software company?
  • How can you hire and manage a committed development team?
  • How is it possible to handle a remote developer better?
  • What are the skills that remote software developers have?

Here, we have provided the answers to all these queries that you ought to comprehend while hiring dedicated developers.


What should you consider while hiring dedicated developers

If you cannot employ the appropriate developers, it might undermine your company’s reputation. For this reason, ensure to stick to the tips mentioned below, which will come of use to you.

1. Learn about their proficiency

While coming across a developer providing quality service, it will be imperative to verify his proficiency, what projects have been built by him, the projects’ complexity, and their outcomes. In this way, you will get a comprehensive picture of the expertise of the developer.


2. Consider flexibility and speed

A developer must possess these essential qualities. Speed implies that the developer can implement every single step of design, deployment, and development of the application within a short period. He should be flexible enough to adjust and execute any sudden change during the software development process.


3. Interview the developer

If you are searching for dedicated developers for your project, make sure that you are not the only person in the company to evaluate him for the project. Instead, request several other persons from your company to interview the developer as well. This will help you to hire the best developers for your project without much problem whatsoever.


4. Make sure that the developer possesses fantastic communication skills

You must not ignore these types of soft skills while employing the developers. It is important to have outstanding communication skills to become a proficient software developer. He should be able to connect properly with your project team while working.


5. Must be creative

While employing the developer, make sure to evaluate the person’s creativity amid the interview process rather than the number of theoretical questions he can answer properly. The answers to all these theoretical questions are obtainable on the Internet, and one does not need to have any special skill to answer them. However, they will fail when it comes to showcasing creativity. Consequently, look for a creative individual who will be able to provide more ideas during the interview.


6. Must be passionate along with a portfolio

A software developer who happens to be passionate must have worked on several projects already. Ask him regarding the other projects done by him and ask regarding his personal experience while doing those projects. If he’s passionate about his work, he will not hesitate to show his portfolio and explain how he overcame all the challenges while working on these projects.


7. Make sure that he is capable of writing clean and crisp code

A lot of difference exists between writing clean and crisp codes and writing codes that are tough to comprehend. A developer must possess the expertise of writing clean code. Look for a developer who is capable of writing clean codes and engage him for your project immediately.


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Check-list for hiring dedicated developers

  • Comprehend the requirements and make certain that the developer understands your business goals clearly.
  • Prepare communication tools while developing your communication plan.

o          Task management tools (ClickUp, Visual Studio Online, Things, Trello, Flow, Todoist, Wimi)

o          Video conferencing tools (Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack Video calls, LifeSize Go, Free Conference)

o          Continuous integration tools (TeamCity, Buddy, Wercker, Codeship, Jenkins, CircleCI)

o          Source code repository hosts (GitLab, Bitbucket, Codeplane, CloudForge, Launchpad, GitHub)

o          Messenger apps (Twist, Skype, Amazon Chime, Telegram)

  • Stick to agile application development methods
  • In case the development team uses your updated tools, make sure to install the necessary applications beforehand.
  • A product manager should be assigned to look after the entire development team plus reviewing the project promptly.
  • Let your present in-house development team know regarding the joining of the new person.


Benefits of hiring dedicated developers

Benefits of hiring dedicated app developers


1. Minimized expenses

On most occasions, outsourcing development services happen to be cost-effective. Startups need these types of developers to reduce expenses.


2. Flexible taxation

While you hire mobile app developers passionate about their jobs, it will be possible for you to get tax incentives. You will reduce your expenses for taxes that you need to pay while hiring in-house developers.


3. Guaranteed quality service

Many candidates with adequate skills for competing with professionals are known to provide their services at a reduced hourly rate, unlike in-house professionals. Do not go for employing once your project needs a couple of new experts; instead, make sure to hire competent remote professionals to get guaranteed quality services.


4. Helps to save your time

There is no need to do plenty of paperwork while hiring remote software developers, and therefore, it will take less time than what is imperative while hiring in-house employees. Moreover, you need not be concerned about the office space needed for the developer, and he will be able to concentrate more on your project while you will be taking care of other essential business chores.


5. Better output

It will be a wrong idea to think that dedicated software developers will be working less efficiently than the professionals employed by you on an in-house basis. Therefore, working with remote developers will provide better output than you might think.


Let's talk about hire dedicated developers


How to Hire Remote Developers?

1. Shortlist development partner

The process of hiring can become complicated in case you are going through lots of IT service firms. You will be free to set a few criteria for narrowing down several companies and go for one that matches your business requirements the best.

Consider the three key aspects while searching for an outsourcing country:

  • Verify the proficiency of the developer along with the required skill set you happen to be interested in
  • Ease of performing business in the country
  • Culture fit


Here are some criteria to hire web app developers from the development nation:

  • Connected backgrounds and experience
  • Verified portfolio
  • Different skillset
  • Hourly rate
  • Valuable feedback
  • Effortless communication
  • Time-zone availability

Ensure dedicated developers are offered by the organization, which can be taken care of from the single point of contact between the company and you.


2. Interview the developers

It does not matter whether you are searching for staff augmentation services or like to outsource the entire project. Make it a point to stick to an appropriate procedure, evaluate and select your developers prudently.

If any developer fits your requirement criteria, make sure to request any of your team members to conduct an interview. It will be a sensible idea to conduct as many interviews as needed before hiring your developer of choice.


3. Hire a remote development team similar to your in-house team

Your work will not be complete unless you are not sure that the developers hired by you are implementing the development process successfully. Take some interest in how your vendor conducts the onboarding of the new developers. Provide all the required info in advance and conduct a meeting to introduce the most recent development team.

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Qualities to consider while Hiring a Dedicated Developer


1. Previous work experience

While hiring an offshore development company or a dedicated developer, it is imperative to verify the previous work experience of the developers to ensure their relevant expertise. An ideal way of evaluating will be to consider case studies. The reputation of an outstanding offshore development company will be able to weed out all the hassles linked with quality, turnaround time, and the right code.


2. Knowledge base

It is of prime importance to make sure the technical knowledge base while hiring the developers. You might ask many queries, such as being up-to-date with the technological advancements and the most recent technology trends while developing your project.


3. Communication skills

Communication happens to be one of the main elements of strategy. The development team needs to be conversant with various communication modes like video, audio, phone, and email. Communication between business partners and service providers becomes an effective option to email communication which is usually lengthy.

In case you like to communicate in person instead of typing lengthy emails, make sure that the developer chosen by you is also at ease while communicating over the most recent communication software and tools. Effective communication implies that the developer comprehends what is going on out there while the project is being developed.


4. Problem-solving

Problem-solving happens to be a fundamental skill set that one must possess from the beginning while selecting remote developers. Consider the previous experiences and projects on which they have already worked to ensure the developers’ expertise. If a developer comes across any issue while working on the project, he should comprehend how to tackle the problem and resolve it quickly.


Why Hire Rlogical Dedicated Developers?

Rlogical -Hire Dedicated Developers

At Rlogical, we have benefited many industries with our custom web and mobile application solution that not only increased their business scale but also boosted their business revenue. We offer skills and expertise to deliver solutions that are highly scalable, responsive and enhance user experience. We have experience working on numerous frameworks and platforms to deliver absolute solutions.

  • A team of skilled and proficient, dedicated developers that perfectly match your business needs.
  • A dedicated in-house team of competent developers
  • Regular client meetings via Skype or mail
  • Direct access to skilled resources
  • Implementation of the latest technologies
  • Result-oriented development strategies
  • Flexible working hours as per the time zones



After going through the guidelines mentioned above, it is time for you to start looking for a remote developer who will be the best fit for your present project. Make sure to hire individuals who are quite talented for working for your company. Irrespective of whether you are an MNC, an individual business, or a startup, these tips will work for you while employing a remote developer.

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