We have Served a wide range of Industries

Industry Industry

Automotive &

Our world-class automotive and transportation solution will streamline your process, ease communication and help you attain quality and excellence in every service you offer. From product development, inventory management, ERP to enterprise mobility solutions, we are your one-stop shop covering every aspect of your business.

  • IoT based Automotive Solutions & Connected Vehicles Platform
  • Fleet Management Solutions with Custom Mobile App & OBD-II Chip
  • School Bus Tracking System
  • On-demand Taxi Booking App
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  • Somo Japan logo
Automotive & Transportation
Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

Rlogical Techsoft Pvt Ltd has delivered solutions and technological innovation to the financial industry for over last 9 years.Today, ‘Digitization’ is the name of the modern game and we at Rlogical Techsoft Pvt Ltd’s Finance Service is at the forefront of this movement.

  • Improve Information efficiency, manageability as well as cost control
  • Reduce risk of finance data loss
  • Increase business agility and flexibility
  • Boost organization’s productivity and customer service
  • Enterprise Application Integration (eai) Services
  • Payangel

Education & E-Learning

We, at the Rlogical Techsoft Pvt Ltd Education Practice, we help the educational institutions with different vertices and areas. We understand the opportunities, the challenges, stakeholder expectations and the experience requirements.

  • Puzzles, games, fun facts, and many other elements for discovery
  • Interactive study features such as quizzes and timelines, tests with flashcards,
  • Interactive eBooks, dictionaries and study resources
  • Interactive, rich media learning content
  • Collaborative learning via social media
  • Quolaborate
Education & E-Learning
Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

We deliver end-to-end healthcare and fitness mobile app development solutions to medical practitioners worldwide. Our agile, innovative and customer-centric solutions cater to all types of audience and needs including overall hospital workflow management, increasing efficiency and enhancing patient-doctor communication and much more.

  • Advanced Mobility Solutions
  • Custom Mobility and Consulting for increasing Productivity
  • Track daily calorie intake with a Nutrition app
  • Defining Patient Engagement through Mobile Care Management
  • Inventory Management Solutions
  • Role of Internet of Things in the Healthcare and Fitness Industry to track user’s activities
  • Practice
  • Sukaree

Home Services and Utilities

We offer comprehensive technology solutions for home service ranging from IoT-based automation solutions to mobile apps that offer personal services to customers. We also develop solutions for the utilities industry to help them simplify their energy production processes, improve supply chain efficiency and reduce operational costs. With our strong expertise and experience across diverse set of technology platforms, our solutions include but not limited to:

  • Mobile app development for home services
  • Self-service customer portals for energy companies
  • Customer Management Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Supply Chain Management tools
  • Predictive Analytics, Reporting and Visualization tools
  • Clearesult
  • Keycodes
Home Services and Utilities
Manufacturing & logistics

Manufacturing &

Our experience and expertise in the manufacturing industry help us leverage technology to deliver our clients with reliable and efficient IT solutions that can improve their business by enhancing coordination, execution and performance. From ERP to online market place and everything in between, we have got all your IT needs covered.

  • Connect the Manufacturing factory via M2M technology
  • Quick and easy manufacturing using IoT solutions
  • Robust manufacturing through chatbot development
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon based solution
  • Impacts of Big Data on manufacturing units
  • IoT based Fleet Tracking System
  • Asset Management and Tracking Intelligence
  • Smart and Secure Warehouse System
  • Connect BI

Real Estate

Rlogical Techsoft Pvt Ltd Developing sophisticated IT solutions and services for Construction and Real Estate companies. The Real Estate market and the construction industry are providing a lot of opportunities for growth.

Services we are offering as…

  • Portal Services
  • Strategy Services
  • BPR & Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • ERP Solutions
  • Stock Management
Real Estate
Restaurants & Hospitality

Restaurants & Hospitality

We Rlogical Techsoft Pvt Ltd are experts and we are able to customize hospitality & travel software solutions for the growing technical needs of the travel & hotel industry.We design and develop best solutions for travel technology for managing end to end travel business processes.

We deal with following areas..

  • Amusement Parks & Attractions
  • Campgrounds, Parks & Recreation
  • Casino Management
  • Online Food Delivery Apps
  • Restaurant Management System
  • Restaurant & Bar Management (F&B)
  • Hotels and Ticket Booking Application
  • Preston at night
  • Kiddylicious
  • Crusty
  • Guest manager

Shopping & E-commerce

Leveraging our experience in quality application design and development, we provide scalable online commerce solutions across all platforms. Also, our retail solutions are exceptionally customer-centric and appealing helping you increase your sales in the store while engaging more shoppers online.

  • Smart retail solutions for unique customer experience
  • M-Commerce to increase reach of your business
  • Mobile money solutions to boost the revenue
  • Machine Learning and AI enabled e-commerce solutions
  • Chatbot solution for better engagement with customers
  • Odd Shocks
  • Vogue
Shopping & E-commerce

Sports & Recreation

Our expert team of web and app developers are equally proficient in delivering wide range of technology solutions for the sports and recreation industry. From fitness trackers, fantasy games and analytical tools to interactive web apps, we deliver tailored solutions for our clients seeking to establish a strong technology foothold in the sports and recreation space. We utilize top technology platforms to build solutions that include:

  • Website design and development for sports and recreational businesses
  • Mobile app development for health & wellness, fitness tracking, and more
  • Gaming apps for mobile and web
  • Integration of analytics to existing technology assets
  • eCommerce website and app development
  • Athelet
Sports & Recreation
Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

Our software solutions for the travel industry are centered around the most advanced technologies & as per the current trends such as AR/VR , Mobilization,search through beacon, voice activation, etc.

We are dealing with the following items when it comes with the thing called as specialization in domain expertise..

  • iBeacons and Mobile Devices
  • Wearables in Travel Tech
  • Geolocation-based services
  • Geofencing
  • Online Tickets Booking Systems.
  • Travel Agent Systems and Tour Planners.
  • CRM applications for tour operators, travel agents, etc.
  • Business Intelligence systems that provide information about destinations on the spot.
  • Consigntix

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