Data Scrapping

Want data from the website?

Rlogical can get the data for you in the prompt, affordable and discreet manner. Our dedicated web scraping professionals can gather valuable data from an extensive range of online platforms in order to keep you updated with consumer behavior, web analytics and other informative statistics. Moreover, we can also develop custom web scraping tools that cater to your unique needs.

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Web Scraping

Web Scraping

Web scraping services providing high-quality data to generate business revenue with our result-oriented Data-as-a-Service.

We crawl and scrape billions of web pages from various websites and convert data into actionable data.

Web Scraping
Mobile App Scraping

Mobile Apps Scraping

In this digital era, mobile phones play a vital role in every industry.

Every business has made their work easier and handy with the help of smartphones.

Thus, it is also an essential and integral part of web scraping and data crawling companies to extract the information from the smartphones as well.

Hosted Crawling Solutions

Hosted Crawling Solutions

Being a leading web crawling and hosted crawling solutions company, we can assist on setting up a web crawler service that fits your requirements, or we do the crawling for you and provide you with the data you need.

Our hosted web crawling services give you the ability to extract any types of data from multiple websites, files or documents.

Our hosted crawling services in JAVA will surely give your business the advantage of getting data on the relevant and latest industry trends that your competitor websites are following.

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Python Scrapy Consulting

Python Scrapy Consulting

You need to fetch and extract the data from the web pages with the help of Web Scraping Services. With the help of Python technology, web scraping can be done easily by using scraping tools like Scrapy.

Scrapy is a free open source application framework, written in Python which is used to crawl, scrape and extract the structured data from multiple websites. This can be used in a wide range of useful applications like data mining, information processing or historical archival.

Price Monitoring

Price Monitoring

Price Intelligence service offers all that you need to make your pricing strategy competitive and data driven in the true sense.

It gives you a holistic view of the constantly changing market which can be tail or made to your minutest needs! Not just that, historical data enables you to compare price movements over time.

The ability to track price changes and get real time alerts about major price changes works wonders for your pricing strategy.

Price Monitoring
Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring

Business data plays a vital role in driving growth, development, and innovation for your dream venture. But the data that enterprise possesses come handy only if they are structured and the company can derive value from it. The increasing importance of big data gives birth to the concept of web scraping. With the help of web scraping services, you can extract unrecognized and unmanaged data and convert them into organized and structured formats. This strategy will help you out if your brand is being talked about on multiple platforms like social media, expert forums, comments, etc.

Whereas, with the help of scraping tool algorithm, you can fetch only data that contains reference about the brand.

Alternative Data

Alternative Data

Alternative data has become one of the most trending data sources that are incredibly being embraced by other industries as well. It is very important to gather alternative data so for many years our customers can benefit and help us in the quest to gather this lucrative albeit elusive data.

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Our Proven & State-Of-The-Art
Web/data scrapping Process

Our Web/data scrapping process is dedicated to every stage of developing a robust, secure, scalable & result-oriented
Web/data scrapping solution that meets your needs. Our process is highly flexible that adapts, responds and evolves as per your unique needs.

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