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Pinpoint Works provides a simple and efficient solution to help you and your team manage your work and snag lists using your unique site plan. Pin it. Share it. Track it.

  • Lead Management
  • Prospective Process
  • Mail chimp implementation
  • SignalR based Chat




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September 2016 To

November 2016


How It Works

Add items on-site, on or offline, with your mobile device. Add location, status, priority, tags, photos, videos, documents, comments and even custom fields.Give the right people access to the right information by inviting users to your site and setting their access level. Keep everyone up-to-date with the latest information all in one place.Track your work lists in real-time and use the dashboard for an overview of multiple vessels. Export to PDF or Excel for site walk-arounds and meetings.

  • Create Your Team:

    From key personnel to subcontractors to administrators. Keep everyone up to date with the latest information on one simple, shared system.

  • Assign User Access Levels:

    Four levels of user access give you the flexibility to add as many users to your work lists without compromising sensitive data. Admin users manage all user on each site in one central location.

  • Always in Sync:

    Out of date information is frustrating and time consuming. With Pinpoint Works, any changes made to the work list are instantly synced across all devices so your team stays on the same page.

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With the great dedication and involvement we designed and deliver the application to client with happy faces. At the end client was really satisfied with the outcomes and he accepted that his investment was worth for this.

  • Mail chimp implementation
  • SignalR based Chat
  • Offline Database Management
  • Back-End

  • Integration Design

  • Support

  • System Integration

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