Top 10 Educational App Ideas during COVID 19 Pandemic

Top 10 Educational App Ideas during COVID 19 Pandemic

15 June, 2020 by img Rahul Panchal in Education Mobile App Development
Top 10 Educational App Ideas during COVID 19 Pandemic

With the advent of new technology, digital educational platforms are gradually replacing the conventional learning methods. In fact, mobile apps help to make classroom learning enjoyable and pleasurable for all the students out there. Various industries are being revolutionized by mobile apps at present.

The app stores have apps in several categories including gaming apps, business apps, photography apps, and so on. Lots of educational mobile apps are available at present for enhancing the efficiency and productive skills of the students.

Here, we have mentioned some intriguing educational app ideas during COVID-19 Pandemic.

1. AR-Based Education App


AR-Based Education App

Every single day innovative technologies spring up with change our lives significantly. Augmented reality happens to be one such innovation. It will be possible to explain the concepts to the students much better by incorporating augmented reality with education apps. Teachers will be able to retain the attention of the students while delivering their lectures in the school.

Moreover, these types of educational apps will assist in the student’s clear concepts on subjects such as the universe, the solar system, and other elements that are intangible or invisible. It will be possible to create augmented reality-based apps for different types of categories apart from education including online shopping and e-commerce.

2. Google Classroom


Google Classroom

This particular education app is one of the most well-known educational apps for students at present which consists of Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar plus other apps. Google Classroom is intended for students and teachers in K-12 as well as higher education marketplaces.

Apart from being quite simple to use, Google Classroom helps to encourage connections between the teachers and the students. It is possible for the teachers to establish a class and also list the education apps within a few clicks only. Students can be added by name or they can even be sent a code for joining. Students will be able to take part in discussion forums and they can also message their teachers either by means of a group chat or private chat.

Different types of applications are offered by Google for the benefit of the students.

Calendar – A calendar can be utilized for entering events that can be shared with others.

Docs, Slides, and Sheets – A package of applications for spreadsheets, word processing, as well as presentations.

Gmail – This will enable the students to deliver messages to teachers and other students.

Drive – It will enable the teachers and the students to store as well as organize documents, assignments, or class curriculum in a secure manner that can be accessed from any device.

Forms – This will enable the teachers to create quizzes, forms, as well as surveys for collecting and evaluating responses.

Google Meet – This enables the teachers and students to take part in virtual meetings and classrooms from any place.

Google Sites – This is a web page application that enables the user to create a site for displaying and sharing information.

Google Classroom integrates with lots of websites as well as student information systems like and Discovery Education. At present, this app is available for both Android as well as iPhone gadgets.

3. Language Learning app

As suggested by its name, this particular app is employed for learning different languages. It is useful for teachers as well as students.

It is known to all of us that lots of students are in the habit of shifting to another country for pursuing better education and for this they need to learn the fundamental terms of the foreign languages. The Language Learning app will enable them to learn innovative languages by means of tutorials and quizzes. At times, it is likewise useful for the teachers since they are able to learn new languages and also teach the students directly for earning extra money.

4. An App for Handicapped Kids

In case you are searching for the best online education app for the handicapped students then you do not look any further. This app will allow handicapped children to learn from the comfort of their own residences. It is particularly intended for those kids who are unable to attend the classes and lectures.

It will be possible for them to use this app for connecting with the teachers in real-time. In this way, it will help to narrow the gap between the handicapped students and teachers out there.



Zoom Meeting

This one happens to be a robust video conferencing platform enabling you to conduct meetings with numerous participants. Instructors will be able to share lesson plans, provide guidance, exchange files with the students, and also interact directly with individuals by means of a chat using this application.

In case you are working from your residence because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you become extremely comfortable while using this software. Recently, the 40 minute time limitation for calls on the free plan of this platform has been removed by Zoom. At present, it is available on the iPad, iPhone, as well as Android devices.


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This application consists of quite a few interactive games which have been designed for teaching a particular concept. The preschool games of help kids who are more than 3 years of age to learn numbers, sound, as well as shapes with the help of preschool number games, preschool art games, in addition to preschool shapes games.

All of these games consist of voice instructions such that even the younger children will be able to understand it easily and quickly. Right now, this app is available on iPad, iPhone, as well as Android gadgets.

7. Vocabulary Apps

It is important to improve your vocabulary while preparing for any qualification test like the SAT. Including puzzles, word games, as well as quizzes along with vocabulary will be a sensible idea for the students to improve their vocabulary while making studying enjoyable and fun.

Individuals who like to express their thoughts articulately will find it very useful to build a dependable word bank. A proper vocabulary improving application will not only help in teaching innovative words but also the proper spelling, pronunciation, orthography, phrases, and so forth.

A flashcard feature can be added in the application along with the words mentioned including prefixes and suffixes. Students will be able to make use of visualization tools for monitoring their progress as well.

8. edX



Lots of students like to study the courses of the most reputable universities on the planet including MIT, Harvard, Columbia, and so on. However, it is also well known to them that it is quite difficult to get admission into these universities out there. Nevertheless, in case you have got this application on your smartphone, it will be possible for you to achieve your target. It hardly matters what you would like to learn, edX is going to help you through and through.

It will be possible to learn virtually everything out there from this application. You will come across in excess of 2000 courses of the most well-known universities in this app like business studies, computer applications, engineering, linguistics, and so forth. The university credits and professional certificates that will be offered to you by these courses will help you to launch a successful career. Amongst the most notable features of edX, mention may be made of video tutorials, interactive quizzes, as well as study material handouts.

9. Duolingo



It requires lots of practice as well as patience for learning new languages. One will lose his interest and focus very quickly in case the learning techniques are not adaptive. However, learning languages has become so easy with the help of Duolingo. It allows us to learn lots of languages such as English, Spanish, French, Latin, Mandarin, as well as other languages in an enjoyable manner.

It begins with the fundamental picture labeling games. There will be many more different types of intriguing games as you advance further by completing more levels and this will help to enhance your grammar and vocabulary skills.

It will also be possible for you to set your daily targets. This application likewise monitors your performance for providing insights. You will be receiving XPs in case you perform well. You’ll be able to unlock more sets of interactive stories by receiving more XPs and this will help to enhance your editing as well as listening skills. Amongst the most significant features of this app mention may be made of interactive stories, more than 30 languages, forum discussion, language-learning events, and leaderboards contests.

10. Photomath



Most of the students out there find mathematics to be a confusing subject. Mathematics can be a challenging obstacle to overcome for many of you irrespective of your age. Fortunately, all these are things of the past. It will be now possible for everybody to learn how to solve any complicated problem in mathematics by using an application known as Photomath. According to many reports, it is one of the best educational apps for students right now.

The process of learning in this app is not at all difficult. You will be taught by the app to solve printed or handwritten questions through step-by-step instructions. Amongst the most notable features of Photomath mention may be made of multiple solving procedures, interactive graphs, animated instructions, scientific calculators, and printed or handwritten problems.


Education mobile app development has reached its peak at present due to the enhancement of technology. As per Statista, educational apps happen to be the third most well-known mobile app category in Apple stores and the most reputed category in Google play store.


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