Why do Business Firms Prefer Staff Augmentation?

Why do Business Firms Prefer Staff Augmentation?

26 April, 2021 by img Rahul Panchal in Enterprise IT Solutions
Why do Business Firms Prefer Staff Augmentation?

It is always a difficult task when it comes to hiring new talent. Moreover, the outcome is not that predictable. For that reason, companies are known to hire and fire employees regularly. Apart from wasting lots of valuable time, it likewise deteriorates a company’s market value. Therefore, it will be sensible to obtain assistance from consultants and hire talent with proven expertise and skills.

However, one thing to note here is that it is a long-term investment for hiring developers. While you will come across several businesses which already have their team of developers, others tend to hire developers as and when needed. It does not matter which option you go for; it is always expensive to work with local developers, particularly in countries like the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada.

And here is exactly where the staff augmentation model plays an important role.


What do you mean by staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation happens to be a well-known business technique. It will be possible to hire dedicated developers from another company located in a nation where the cost of living is low. The company adopts this strategy for quickly scaling their internal team and satisfying the IT specifications.


IT staff augmentation services will be recommended in case:

  • Your company already has a team working in the local office, but you want to scale or extend it.
  • A product is being built by your team which requires a specialized set of skills for fulfilling your business specifications and project.
  • The developers that you like to hire aren’t obtainable in your nearby area.

There are lots of benefits provided by offshore staffing services at present. It happens to be an affordable approach that can result in faster scalability for a company.


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In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned some astounding advantages of staff augmentation, which you should not ignore.


1. Saves you cash

More money, energy, and time will be required when you are hiring a full-time workforce to work on any specific project. Instead, the companies should increase their present teams with committed professionals working on a short-term basis exclusively. This aids in circumventing the expenses associated with benefits, salaries, and other expenses of hiring somebody full-time who might lack the required skills for working on a particular project. Staff augmentation will provide options to the company for hiring for the short-term to fulfill the instant and precise requirements of the business successfully.


2. Enables the companies to hire depending on specific skills

It is a fact that short-term projects will be ideal for temporary staff that has to work only for a few hours. IT staffing services will provide the companies with the opportunity of hiring based on particular skills. This helps the companies make use of skilled talent at a much lesser cost than what would have been needed to hire full-time employees. It will be feasible for the companies to identify the skills in which the permanent staff needs assistance and modify their staff augmentation for satisfying those necessities. It helps to lower down the expenses and also keep the business in control.


3. Allows you to scale your company quicker

You will be able to scale your employees inexpensively, mainly because of staff augmentation. As compared to hiring new and full-time workers, it will be possible for the companies to scale their businesses quicker by minimizing expenses while still hiring talent for some specific projects. In most industries, the workload of an organization is constantly changing in size. At the same time, temporary employment happens to be the appropriate solution for managing forthcoming and continuing demands on a project-by-project basis. This implies taking on more business without affecting your project’s quality whatsoever.


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4. Allows the companies to retain control

Even though staff augmentation happens to be a sort of outsourcing, it enables the companies to retain control over the experience and skills they require from the temporary staff. One notable advantage to this is that companies will be able to track the progress made by their impermanent hires since they are going to work together with the full-time workers. Staff augmentation enables the businesses to uphold the privacy of their projects, for example, and provide recommendations in real-time to the project.


5. Provides you with an unbiased outlook

For staff that is temporary, an outsider’s viewpoint might prove to be advantageous to a business with ongoing projects. Some fresh ideas will provide recommendations for enhancements to the projects, which the permanent staff might not appreciate since they are too involved in their work. This external voice or objective might raise ideas and output in the workplace. Also, every workplace happens to be unique, while the dynamics from one office to another will likely be different. For temporary staff working on a project-by-project basis, there is much less possibility for them to become involved in any sort of office politics than hiring full-time workers.


6. Access to exceptional technologies

Companies might require a specific set of skills for starting or completing a project on some occasions. Companies might not like to conduct additional training for the present staff because of financial or time constraints. Thus, staff augmentation is vital for filling in the workforce gap quickly without losing time and cost.

Staff augmentation will aid in solving the issue of missing expertise in the main team. It will be possible for an additional team to hire a specialist with virtually any set of expertise, depending on the project’s goals and the amount of money the business wants to invest in the specialist. Secondly, much less time will be needed for searching for a developer than the recruitment of skills by a company via special paid courses.

Moreover, it might often happen that time is very little for providing additional training since it will be imperative to solve the issues. In case there is any task within the project which a hired employee will be able to solve, it will be a good idea to delegate work to him until the core team becomes trained. It will be effective and convenient and will not impact the pace of the work on the company’s project.


7. Flexibility

Businesses can add or even get rid of augmentation staff as and when required. This technique will enable the companies to provide a better workforce with minimum interruption into the work process. Staff augmentation happens to be a seamless and easily adaptable process that will be able to fulfill the requirements of any business.

The IT staff augmentation procedure involves interaction with the employees where they fully comprehend their roles in the company. Their primary work will be to fix individual issues, strengthen the team partially, and close the gaps in the listing of required skills for the project without consuming a considerable amount of time. None will be surprised because part of or the entire team might leave the project because of certain changes. A positive aspect will be the absence of an extra period of work following the dismissal and other things that happen to exist while working with the company’s main team.


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For what reason is staff augmentation so much in-demand at present?

The increasing popularity of staff augmentation among all sorts of companies happens to be the outcome of the subsequent procedures the business world has come across. There is a shortage of full-time staff working overtime already, while fresh projects are waiting in the queue. A committed team extension will be the required step for guaranteeing effective and continuous workflow in such cases. On some occasions, some full-time workers go for extended leave because of several reasons. Given that their roles are vital for the company, it becomes imperative to search for proper talent within a short time.

The inability of the company to locate the appropriate talent for the future or the present project happens to be a typical reason business decide on hiring developers through staff augmentation agencies. These processes are happening globally as the business world spins faster and faster. The recruitment sector needs to adjust to the market’s rapid requirements, which was done by using a fresh hiring strategy.


IT staff business cases

There are lots of companies that have made use of staff augmentation procedures in their early phases. Below, we have mentioned several such companies.



Slack hired a design team in 2013 to make some modifications to a prototype. A 3rd-party team was responsible for completing the logo, mobile, and web applications of Slack within six weeks. Right now, Slack can boast of having over 1 million daily users, and its market value is $3 billion.



Microsoft happens to be a global company that uses hiring remote developers for operational processes even now. They are amongst the biggest companies on the planet hiring external staff at present. Right now, 100s of positions are outsourced by Microsoft.



It is a fact that Skype started its business using external labor as well. Some Estonian developers first started this company marketed to Microsoft in 2011 for $8 billion.



Being one of the leading global technologies, Google did not stop outsourcing its services whatsoever. It is entering new markets quite regularly for doing so. Right now, Google is involved in quite a few projects and startups, and staff augmentation has turned out to be an integral part of its hiring policy.



Staff augmentation will allow any company to stay ahead of the others. It will provide many advantages to the company, including fewer legal responsibilities, fewer operational expenses, less paperwork, and enhanced flexibility. It will give the business a consistent and steady capacity of the workforce. Augmentation will help save lots of time, effort, and money involved in hiring. Consequently, this hiring model should be considered by any company looking for prosperity and growth.


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