WordPress 5.8 Tatum: What Are New Features?

WordPress 5.8 Tatum: What Are New Features?

30 July, 2021 by img Jatin Panchal in WordPress
WordPress 5.8 Tatum: What Are New Features?

WordPress 5.8 Tatum has been released. It is considered the greatest release so far that can be downloaded and updated in the dashboard. Named after Art Tatum, a genius Jazz pianist, WordPress 5.8 Tatum brings some explicit features. The following abstracts throw more light on this.


WordPress 5.8 New Features




1. Handle Widgets Through Blocks

Post rigorous effort, the significance of blocks ultimately has reached the Block Widgets and the Customizer. It thus allows users to add the blocks within the widget zones all through the site, providing live preview with the help of Customizer. This widens fresh scopes of developing content, starting from layout with no code to a massive library with core blocks and external blocks.


2. Display Posts Along with Latest Blocks as well as Patterns

With Query Loop, it is possible to showcase posts by the set parameter; a PHP loop having no code can be the best example of this. It easily shows the posts belonging to certain categories effective for things like developing a portfolio, designing portfolios, or any page packed with favorite recipes.

Take it like a much sophisticated and effective block for Latest Posts! Additionally, pattern suggestions turn things simplest for preparing a line-up of posts along with the desired design. Those not accustomed well to these things may take the help of a custom WordPress development company.


3. To Edit Templates Related to Posts

One can now use a user-friendly block editor for editing the templates containing the contents to make a block theme functional that has been selected as part of the feature. You can now shift from editing the posts to edit the pages and come back while making use of a useful block editor. One can explore above 20 fresh blocks as part of the compatible themes.


Workflow Support:




1. Overviewing Page Structure

All that one needs on most occasions is a basic landing page. But, on some other occasions, one might need something more advanced. With increasing blocks, the patterns appear, and creating content becomes simpler, thus demanding fresh solutions for turning challenging contents look simpler from a navigation point of view.

List view is considered the simplest way of shifting between different stages of contents and nested blocks. As List View provides an overview regarding the entire set of blocks within the content, a user can now promptly navigate to the certain block that you desire.


2. Recommended Block Patterns

The latest release brings the Pattern Transformation meant for recommending block patterns by the block being used. One can use the same through Query Block, as well as Social Icon. With more patterns being included, a user can get inspired regarding designing the site, not even exiting the editor.


3. Plenty of Options for Colorizing Images

The latest release can help you in colorizing the images and wrap the blocks using duotone filters. Duotone can shade the design and make the image styled to meet well with the themes. One may take the duotone effect like a filter in black-white mode, but rather than the shadows appearing in black and highlights in white, it allows the user to select his/her colors.


New Things for Developers


1. Json

The latest release comes with Global Styles, as well as APIs for Global Settings. This allows the users to control the editor settings and style the blocks through the theme.json file within the active theme. This file enables the features or disables the same and adds default styles for the websites and the blocks. Upon developing themes, one can test with this version of a handy latest feature.


2. No IE11 Support This Time

There is no IE11 support in this latest release. It means that one might have issues handling the site that can’t be fixed anymore in the future. For those using IE11 presently, it is highly suggested that they turn into an upgraded browser.


3. Greater WebP Support

WebP is one of the contemporary image formats offering enhanced compressions related to the images over the web. Images of WebP are about 30% tinier than JPEG, PNG, and others, thus delivering sites performing much faster and having lesser bandwidth.


4. Comes With Extra Block Supports

Taking the earlier executed block supports forward as of WordPress 5.6, WordPress 5.7, the latest release WordPress 5.8, comes with various fresh flags for block support and fresh options to customize the blocks that have been already registered.



Upon going through the abstracts above, the latest release brings exciting things from a developer perspective. There are many things that a developer, especially of beginner level, may not be aware of. It is highly suggested to take the help of professional WordPress Web development services to make most of the same. Anyway, these are the latest WordPress 5.8 features. One must update the available theme to make most of the latest edition.


WordPress 5.8 Tatum Brings Some Cool Features! Check These Out



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