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Hire Top NodeJs Developers For Your Next Project

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If hiring the most notable and successful Node.Js developer is on your agenda, you can halt your search now. This is because we have the best Node.Js developers at our disposal who take immense pride in building applications of the highest quality and pertaining to all the features that you need in different applications.

The developers are equally efficient in creating applications of simple and complex nature. Their service can, therefore, be relevant for everyone, starting from small startups to big-scale organizations. We also ensure that the budget of the client is kept under control by saving them a lot of money in the cost of development itself.

Transparency is one of our biggest fortes and we make sure that our clients are aware of all our executions through the in-depth, comprehensive report that we furnish them with. Providing overall technical support to our client round the clock, even after the launch of the application is something we can vouch for.

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Why to Choose Node Js Development Services

Node Js works in an environment that is less complex and runs on Javascript with an architecture that is event-driven. The V8 engine of Javascript which works as an extension in Google Chrome is used for running it. The infrastructure is such that multiple operations related to input and output can run simultaneously. However, when it is not required, it automatically stops running. If you are looking to design websites that are fast and efficient and have almost no downtime, Node Js is your best bet.

The above description gives you some necessary insight into how Node Js works. Why should you choose us though to get your work done?

  • API development and integration

    APIs are without any doubt one of the most sought after nowadays and our team is extremely proficient in it with a tremendous old of expertise. They are even customizable and can integrate with any existing applications as well.

  • Chatbots

    One of the best methods of providing customer service on a digital platform is through the use of efficient chatbots. Our developers have a very good knowledge of Node JS with the help of which they design bots that correspond to the qualities of an individual.

  • Plug-in development

    In case your business handle needs any new handle or plugins, all you need to do is let the developers do their job. They will surely improve their overall performance.

  • Data Analysis tools

    In case any business requires data to be analyzed to fulfill the needs, data analysis tools can also be created. The hired employees make conducive dashboards for the same.

  • Custom Node JS programming

    Our developers are trained in such a way that they can help to create custom-made Node JS which is in accordance with the requirements of the business as suggested.

  • Covering industries which require scalable products

    Our developers are not buoyed by anything and have covered frameworks that make the business solutions well-designed and full of features. The different industries covered by them include a marketplace, real estate, health care, e-commerce etcetera.

Our Expertise in NodeJs Web & App Development Services

When you hire Node.js expert from Rlogical Techsoft, you would have a complete control of your project. Our Node.js developer will works exclusively for your project and directly reports to you. Our flexible hire Node.js developer services provides completely transparent process and reporting. Let us have a look at some of our more dynamic expertise below…

  • We successfully rework and migrate the existing Web APIs of the client to Node for a more power-packed experience.

  • Our team of Node JS Developers have worked successfully across the globe from different industry verticals.

  • Security, scalability and trustworthiness are three of our pillars, therefore, all you will get from us is a great experience.

  • We customize your Services according to your specific needs, which is a added plus of hiring our developers.

Who We Have Served

Our sheet anchor is the diverse portfolio of working with a large client base and a variety of industries from around the globe. The following are the sectors where we work –

  • Our unmatched apps for e-commerce for shopping portals, real-time chatbots and shopping guides are a novel experience for our esteemed clients.

  • HIPAA compliant software solutions and apps provided by us are a great booster in the healthcare industry.

  • Our customized on-demand travel apps like e-ticketing, virtual tours, ERP, payment gateway are extremely beneficial in the tourism industry.

  • We are also pioneering in apps for banking and finance, education and e-learning for the new generation.

  • Our apps for media and entertainment empowered with artificial intelligence are most sought after.

Our Benefits

  • We shall provide you with maximum security and maintain the decorum of confidentiality in our work.

  • Our approach to solving any problem is novel and secure at the same time.

  • We are very flexible in our approach as far as development is concerned.

Why Hire Rlogical Dedicated Developers?

At Rlogical, we have benefited many industries with our custom web and mobile application solution that not only increased their business scale but also boosted their business revenue. We offer skills and expertise to deliver solutions that are highly scalable, responsive and enhance user experience. We have experience working on numerous frameworks and platforms to deliver absolute solutions.

  • A team of skilled and proficient, dedicated developers that perfectly match your business needs.
  • A dedicated in-house team of competent developers
  • Regular client meetings via Skype or mail
  • Direct access to skilled resources
  • Implementation of the latest technologies
  • Result-oriented development strategies
  • Flexible working hours as per the time zones

Hire Us

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  • Branding Identity


  • Data Protection


  • Delivery On Time

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Hiring Business Model


  • 44 hours / 5 Days
  • 3 to 8 years of Experience
  • Daily / Weekly Basis
  • Jira, Basecamp, Trello, GIT / Bitbucket
  • Google Chat, Email, Skype, Phone, Slack.
  • Flexible (Agile/Waterfall. as per client requirement)
  • Weekends, Major Indian Festivals.
  • Weekly / Biweekly Billings


  • 22 hours / 5 Days
  • 3 to 8 years of Experience
  • Daily / Weekly Basis
  • Jira, Basecamp, Trello, GIT / Bitbucket
  • Google Chat, Email, Skype, Phone, Slack.
  • Flexible (Agile/Waterfall. as per client requirement)
  • Weekends, Major Indian Festivals.
  • Weekly / Biweekly Billings


  • Week Days
  • 3 to 8 years of Experience
  • Daily / Weekly Basis
  • Jira, Basecamp, Trello, GIT / Bitbucket
  • Google Chat, Email, Skype, Phone, Slack.
  • Flexible (Agile/Waterfall. as per client requirement)
  • Weekends, Major Indian Festivals.
  • Weekly / Biweekly Billings

Highlights of our outstanding work

We help create great experience for your customers by developing web and mobile solutions that is easy to use, effective and engaging.

Our Hiring Process

Our Hiring Process - Rlogical Techsoft Pvt. Ltd

Industries we Serve

Regardless, if you are a start-up, individual or a well-established enterprise, we can bring innovation to every business we serve. Since our inception, we have been delivering tailored solutions for numerous clients across different industry verticals.

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