A Complete Brief On React 18 & New Features And Updates

A Complete Brief On React 18 & New Features And Updates

07 November, 2022 by img Jatin Panchal in Technology
A Complete Brief On React 18 & New Features And Updates

React is known as the front-end library, which is used to develop impressive UI interfaces. Different components are used to develop the front-end library. With React, constant changes and updates are possible by rendering the changes. The developers use this front-end JavaScript for debugging the codes in a huge project.

This JavaScript library helps to develop an impressive view. Using React at the production level is only possible when you have both NPM and Nodejs installed in their system. Here in this blog, we have discussed the new features which have been upgraded recently. If you want complete guidance, this blog will help you immensely!

About ReactJS & React 18

React JS is the most popular language among developers and shares a major role in web development. In web development technology, around 40% of the task is done with this JavaScript library. The use case of the JavaScript library can be extended, which makes the update of data possible without choosing the loading effect. Overall, we can conclude that React is a scalable and convenient language to work in the development of websites.

Surprisingly, React has recently launched the latest version, which is named React 18. It has all the features of React 17 with some modifications. This newest version of React 18 contains certain functionalities that help overcome the multiple cons. React 18 is released with some impressive functionalities that boost performance & make the developer’s task easy. Rendering the files & Designing impressive APIs will be easy with this React 18. Let’s talk about the newest feature of React 18 with a complete description.

List Of Updated Features In React 18


1. Concurrent React

This feature is newly added to React 18 that is useful in many aspects. This feature helps to save the sites from the vast level of concurrency issues. The concurrent React is the virtual element that makes the work easy for the developers. This feature is considered virtual assistance, which means it’s not visible but makes coordination possible through the backend. This change or update in React 18 can drastically change the rendering model. The developers should be concerned about how this feature works. This feature can be used in future components <offscreen>.

2. Improved The Automatic Batching

The old version of React has all the in-built features like batching that allows the grouping of states altogether with the use of event handlers. This batching keeps the file safe and lets it away from the unnecessary rendering process. In the newer version of React 18, this feature has been improvised.

The updated form of Batching is called automatic batching and makes the same task with the help of CreateRoot rather than event handlers. This process involves event handlers, intervals & timeouts, asynchronous applications, and much more. A brief about the difference between React 17 & React 18 can be done through the code snippet. With the innovation or by upgrading this feature, React has saved time for the developers.

3. API New Start Transition

This feature in React 18 is designed to make the application responsive. In React 18, the transition is the newest feature that allows the developers to set a list based on frequently happening updates. Some of the essential updates occurring in this version of React is press, type, click and other function that the request of developers can access. This transition feature can be carried out in 2 different ways where one is user transition & another is state transition.

4. Improvements In Architecture

React also released the React suspense feature that tracks the process of rendering components. Until the process continues, it allows the developers to keep an eye. Some more changes happened in the version of React 18 architecture, and fallback is one of them. This feature is combined with the API transition. This feature removes the content being replaced and impacts the rendering schedule. Apart from these, it helps to provide a stress-free loading state.

5. Not Supporting IE11

In the newest version of React 18, the IE11 feature is not supported. So, if you are working on any project where IE11 is required, doesn’t upgrade to the newer version.

6. Featuring New APIs

React’s new version has some predefined hooks designed for the specific task at the request of developers. Some of the latest designed React hooks are startTransition(), useTransition(), and useDeferredValue(). Here start transition() is designed to evaluate the availability of specific transitions.

These are termed non-urgent updates and can be switched into urgent ones using Click and keypress. For creating the new states, use transition () is used. Another new hook released with React 18 is useDeferredValue() which aims to take the value as a parameter.

So, these are the new parameters or features that are added to the new React version of React 18.

Updating your React 17 to React 18 can be done in a few simple tasks. Upgrading can add an enhanced amount of functionalities to your project. Upgrading the React JS can be done in a few steps, which takes almost a second. Write NPM install react@rc react-dom@rc for the installation. The processor will automatically start the installation. The new version offers complete access to the impressive functionalities for building strong & attractive features.


Are you also seeking precise installation or getting aware of the impressive features of React 18? This guide consists of guidance and emphasizes the developers to know more about React 18 in brief. With this knowledge, you can enhance the experience.



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