An Ultimate Guide to Native App Development Including Pros, Cons, Cost Reduction Methods, and Alternatives

An Ultimate Guide to Native App Development Including Pros, Cons, Cost Reduction Methods, and Alternatives

10 January, 2022 by img Jatin Panchal in Mobile App Development
An Ultimate Guide to Native App Development Including Pros, Cons, Cost Reduction Methods, and Alternatives

Several companies consider mobile applications as the top priority for taking their business to new heights. Over the years, the number of apps in the Google Play and App Store have multifold. There are two major operating systems, iOS, and Android whose native apps have become a part of everyone’s daily lives. Today, many opt for native app development due to its robustness and better performance compared to other alternatives like a hybrid. Such apps are created specifically for different platforms where they access the features and services provided by the operating system.

It is possible to build native applications for desktops, smart TVs, gadgets other than mobile development. But the most targeted and successful ones are the mobile devices. Native apps use programming language specific to the platform. For instance, mobile app development companies will create native apps for Android using Java, or use C# for Windows, and so on. The apps leverage all features of the device like camera, GPS, Bluetooth, etc. Native apps offer an enriched experience to the users. In the blog, you will explore the benefits and challenges of native apps, learn about some alternatives, and the way you can reduce the cost of development.


Benefits of Native Application Development

Benefits of Native Application Development

There is a multitude of benefits you can achieve from such types of applications. A few of them are listed in the following:

1. Increased Feature Usage

All mobile platforms have their operating systems, SDKs, development tools, and APIs. By creating platform-specific apps, your application will have more usage of different features as it can interact with the device’s Database System, Camera, GPS, etc.


2. High Performance

The native applications target devices can download and save the content components, which improves the speed of loading. Thus, making the apps faster and responsive. Such apps leverage the support from device hardware and operating system, which provides greater performance.

By accessing the mobile app development services, you get native apps that deliver an amazing experience and run seamlessly on devices. The applications also operate faster as the codes are written in the programming languages of the particular platform. Even in no network connectivity, the apps work well.


3. Better Security

Security of applications is extremely crucial, and native apps are way more reliable in terms of security than cross-platform ones. It gets protection from multiple layers of OS and is built for the specific platform where the data remains encrypted. Hence, it reduces the probable risks and ensures high data protection.


4. Enriched User Experience

While developing native applications, mobile app development companies find it easier to utilize best practices for improving the UX/UI. Every platform has unique UI/UX standards which the developers follow to create apps that look like an important part of the OS.


5. Easier Testing

Native app testing is a lot easier as it includes testing of only one platform. Even controlling the resources’ productivity needs fewer efforts compared to other options of app creation. While providing native mobile app development services, developers can easily handle problems and fix them for a single platform.


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Challenges of Native Application Development

Challenges of Native Application Development

Even though there are a plethora of benefits of native applications, it also comprises certain limitations. Some of which are mentioned below.


1. Takes Excess Time

The development of native apps takes more time compared to its alternatives as it requires applications for different platforms. There is no reusability of codes, and you have to hire another team for other versions of the app. The developers have to write codes for each operating system, thus consuming a lot of time.


2. Higher Cost

Native app development is usually expensive as you have to create apps for iOS and Android separately. This indicates that you will hire two teams for work on the platforms, and ultimately, you have to pay the cost of maintenance for each platform app.


3. Lengthy Process of Downloading

The native apps need to be installed from App Store or Play Store, and it includes various steps of downloading. First, users have to find the application, read the terms, and download it. Sometimes, the downloading process becomes extremely lengthy, and users lose their patience in installing the app.


Alternatives of Native App Development

There are many options other than native mobile app development. Hybrid and web apps are some popular alternatives. Here is a detailed comparison of all three approaches.

  • App Performance

Native apps have high performance compared to the other two, accessing device components and functionality.

  • User Experience

Web apps need fewer updates, whereas native apps need regular updates for providing an excellent user experience. Hybrid apps target more audiences and need the least update requirements. So, hybrid is the better one.

  • Cost of Development

Native apps require much development cost, while hybrid apps need one codebase, which lowers its cost. Web Apps have a little more cost than hybrid due to complex functionalities.


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Cost Optimization While Native App Development

To reduce cost, you have to consider outsourcing to save your cost of hiring multiple developers. Also, create an MVP with all essential functionalities and features. You can avoid custom graphics for mobile apps as it can add cost. It is always better to opt for an app development company that fits your budget.



Native apps are faster, stable, smooth, and provide great performance as it accesses the functionality and features of the device. Businesses with a good budget and looking to deliver the best user experience should go for native mobile app development.

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