Top 17+ Apps Built With Flutter to Enhance User Experience

Top 17+ Apps Built With Flutter to Enhance User Experience

25 August, 2023 by img Rahul Panchal in Flutter App Development
Top 17+ Apps Built With Flutter to Enhance User Experience

Blog Synopsis: Since the arrival of Flutter, the demand for cross-platform applications has increased. It is a cost-effective and streamlined method to develop apps for both iOS and Android at once. In this article, we have listed the best and most renowned Flutter apps. Get your mobile app built with Flutter and make a mega launch in the online marketplace.    

Have you ever thought about the importance of mobile apps? Like, how effortlessly mobile apps have become integral parts of our lives. Spending a day without using mobile devices is next to impossible. You can’t prevail for a while without utilizing mobile apps (WhatsApp & Instagram). 

Likewise, the technology for developing apps has also come from leaps and bounds. Building a leading-edge app has increased the technology requirements. Consequently, it demands cross-platform and native apps. So, businesses are looking for top Flutter development companies. It assists in making robust apps to be featured on any mobile device.

Flutter has proven to be the best framework. Because it can create apps for both Android and iOS. In addition to that, it doesn’t need to build a separate codebase for each platform. It is the only framework that offers mobile SDK. Therefore, the mobile apps built with Flutter work as true native apps for both.

Additionally, they can build for each platform before publication. It doesn’t require a browser or any runtime module. So, one can easily develop web apps. It will be accessible on any browser. Users can open your app on Windows, Linux, and macOS via the same codebase.

8 Key Benefits of Flutter App Development 

Every technology has its set of advantages and disadvantages, but there is a catch. Highlighting the benefits of the technology makes it increasingly efficient for your apps. Similarly, Flutter has a way longer list of benefits. It has a good amount of solutions among all mobile app development technologies. Let’s have a look at them;

  • Single codebase for all platforms
  • Offers a range of libraries
  • Have top-quality widgets
  • Best for native app development
  • Extensively customizable design 
  • Decreases turnaround time
  • Cost-effective technology
  • Hot reloading solutions

List of the 18 Popular Apps Built With Flutter   

The Flutter technology has expanded its utilization. It has proved to be a big success for well-known apps. So, here is the list of top mobile apps built with Flutter. 

1) BMW

One of the renowned apps built with Flutter is the My BMW app. It has attained advanced brand value in the market. In 2020, BMW launched its highly efficient and entirely in-house developed Flutter app. However, BMW is a household name. It has gained recognition for providing user guidance. So, the user can navigate and control it remotely. 

In addition, the My BMW app for Android and iOS allows users to operate their vehicles. Users can manage their BMW with the app on mobile phones. Its usage has extended to 47 countries globally. Moreover, it represents a compatible interface that offers a smooth user experience.  

2) New York Times

The New York Times is a self-explanatory app. It is one of the most widely-read newspapers in the world. Additionally, it is a US-based company. They have decided to build cross-platform applications. As a result, they chose the Flutter framework. As a result, NYT has become a part of the top apps built with Flutter.

Above 1700 journalists provide proficient coverage for the app from 160 different countries. The New York Times has been constantly working to increase engagement though. Users can access news in a variety of categories such as business, technology, entertainment, and sports. Consequently, Flutter accomplished its aim of building apps from multiple platforms. 

Aside from news, the app offers a variety of articles, games, and guides based on your preferences. Flutter has also supported the popular KENKEN game on the New York Times mobile app. Due to its single codebase, NYT has successfully delivered the game. So, users can access the game on different operating systems such as Android, Windows, iOS, web, etc. It aims to provide users with a next-generation experience. Kudos to Flutter app development solutions, it has achieved optimum user experience.  

3) Realtor

With 10M+ downloads on the Play Store, has done a great job. As a real estate application, it assists users in their hunt for their dream homes. It is a cutting-edge app built using Flutter. Moreover, it sends notifications on house availability and property status. It gets the highest number of visitor traffic monthly. As a result, it ranks among the top 5 real estate websites in the USA.  

Realtor is an advanced real estate mobile app, which began in 2010. Initially, it was developed with Objective C and Java. So, two distinct teams were divided to build an app for Android and iOS respectively. 

However, after some time this mechanism didn’t work out effectively. It has made the app less scalable and longer loading time. Though the team has tried to troubleshoot the errors, it all goes in vain. Therefore, the team ended up deciding to switch the technology. To cut the barriers between Android and iOS, they pick the cross-platform framework. 

Consequently, the decision to build an app with Flutter turned out to be their best choice. It didn’t require writing the whole codebase but advanced it with new features. So, it has improved the user experience of the Realtor app. The implementation of the Flutter Adds to App mechanism has shown great outcomes. 

4) NuBank

NuBank is a well-known Fintech company. Its key objective is to eliminate the drawbacks of conventional banks. Hence, it offers the majority of access to mobile users. It also simplifies your financial transactions. 

Being a mobile app built with Flutter, NuBank has enhanced its position in the sector. But it was earlier built into two different lines: Android & iOS. It’s because the company was facing a talent shortage. As a result, the division of technology came into the picture.

However, after examining all prevailing solutions the company opted for Flutter. It is a cross-platform framework. So, it delivered an edge of surpassing the existing competitors. Flutter has enhanced the app development experience and stability. Thus, the innovative functions have made it enter Flutter for creating banking apps

5) ByteDance

ByteDance is a Chinese tech company. It has successful apps such as TikTok, Helo, Lark, and Douyin. The Flutter app development has incorporated great potential. It has minimized its package by 5%. On the other hand, there is a boost of 33% in overall productivity. 

ByteDance uses Flutter to power its numerous projects. These are Xingfuli, Volcano, Xigua Video, Jike, and others. Above 200 developers are actively working on these Flutter apps. Now, the team is optimizing Flutter. So, it will not only support mobile apps but also web, desktop, and embedded platforms. In simple words, Flutter has enhanced the capabilities of ByteDance. As a result, it has made it stand ahead in the competition. 

6) eBay Motors

eBay is a popular app built with the Flutter framework. It is one of the major retail platforms nowadays. Users can use their smartphones to sell and buy vehicles through this mobile app. Additionally, they can browse offers, and post advertisements. Users can easily bid on the cars they want with just a couple of clicks. 

Initially, eBay wanted to build an app for iOS and Android. However, the team decided to choose Flutter for being a cross-platform solution. Although eBay didn’t have good experience with other cross-platform SDKs. Still, they found Flutter as a better alternative. 

So, to improve the user experience they came across Flutter in its 1.0 version. It has also delivered a feature-packed app. As a result, Flutter has developed a native app with a 2x faster development process. Moreover, it was built with no platform-specific code. eBay Motors has successfully accomplished an awesome user interface. 

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7) Reflectly 

Reflectly app is a modern-age app built with Flutter that tracks your mood. It is one of the best examples of a self-care app. Besides that, it helps to boost a positive mindset. Earlier it was built using React Native. But after some time, Reflectly encountered a major failure. The app was unable to perform a common user experience for both Android and iOS. 

So, the team has taken a chance on Flutter, and guess what? After hiring Flutter app developers, Reflectly effectively provided both iOS and Android apps. The developers built it within 2.5 months. Thus, utilizing Flutter has made them troubleshoot the issues of React Native. Today Reflectly is listed among the top AI-based journaling apps. So, it has raised the bar and secured a position among the popular apps built with Flutter. 

8) Hamilton

Hamilton app is a comprehensive platform for music lovers. Its creators have decided to develop an app. The major aim is for users to interact with their favorite characters. Consequently, it has boosted user engagement and extended their interest in the spectacle. 

Moreover, this visually appealing app is available on both iOS and Android. The app was delivered within three months using Flutter. It neither affects its performance nor reliability. So, the success rate of the app is quite evident due to Flutter. Its popularity among fans is encouraging. The tickets and other exclusive content get sold out rapidly. 

Choosing Flutter becomes the right decision. Specifically, because it proved cost and time efficient. Also, it assisted in graphics, incorporating top Flutter widgets, and adjusting UI elements. Furthermore, the development process is considerably quicker than other frameworks. Now, Hamilton Musical is the greatest Flutter instance in the entertainment industry. 

9) Xianyu

Xianyu is one of the prevalent eCommerce apps built with Flutter. Its main intent is to provide buying and selling solutions for old items. Besides that, it is the second-largest retail platform of Alibaba Group. Today, Xianyu is scaling in China with wide coverage in the second-hand marketplace. 

While searching for a highly scalable platform, they chose the Flutter framework. Using Flutter, the company has created a flexible team structure. However, Flutter features like Google support and hot reload have captivated the team. As a result, they decided to use Flutter for mobile app development.

Furthermore, they continued to add additional functions to the app. To optimize the buying and selling process more efficiently. Xianyu is the most user-friendly and famous app built with Flutter in the market. Furthermore, it currently has over 50 million users. 

Apps Built With Flutter

10) Crowdsource

Crowdsource is an interactive and top app made using Flutter. Basically, it allows millions of users to contribute to Google’s AI and machine learning. So, it is a gamified sort of solution. Its purpose is to train Google products such as Google Maps, Photos, and many more. 

However, the primary challenge of the app was the ‘Smart Camera’ feature. But Flutter managed to provide the desired outcome. Resultantly, the app successfully enticed the users. It has created self-organized communities in over 200 cities globally. Crowdsource has considered the reaping benefits of Flutter. Therefore, it has decided to rewrite the app with Flutter for Android and the web. 

11) PostMuse

PostMuse is gaining popularity worldwide. It is edging in the market as a widely accepted editing application. PostMuse allows visitors to select and edit their Instagram photos. Using the pre-designed templates users can make better photos. Well, you can also create your own template range. It is the key solution to handling graphical presentations. Especially for Gen Z, it assists in creating images for social media and marketing.

It is indeed amidst the best apps built with the Flutter framework. So, it optimizes the quality of the file and ensures smooth functionality for users. You will get appropriate edit suggestions. Additionally, the tools to create eye-catching photos for your story editing are interesting. 

All-in-all, the PostMuse app was recently launched on the Play Store and Apple Store. However, it is getting good responses from the audience globally. 

12) Hookle

Hookle is a social media managing app built with the Flutter framework. It is made with core Flutter solutions. Flutter has enabled Hookle to provide seamless functionality. So, you can create, schedule, and publish content easily. It is manageable for various social media platforms.  

It is a handy and essential way to manage their social media accounts. That too, from a single dashboard. In addition to that, you can create unique social posts. It benefits you in keeping a close eye on the latest trends and activities of others.

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13) Google Products- GPay, Classroom, Ads

Well, Google already supports Flutter. And now there are some of the best apps built with Flutter that are listed among Google products. They are elaborated below;

  • Google Ads:

Google Ads app is a fantastic Flutter-designed and developed app. It has become a popular online advertising platform. It allows users to access their advertising campaigns and its related elements. Many companies have increased their ROI with Google Ads paid marketing. 

Moreover, the app has leveraged the feature-rich solutions of Flutter. It has empowered the app to manage marketing campaigns effectively. Therefore, Flutter has enhanced its performance. Usually, digital marketing agencies use Google Ads. Thus, it is a paid marketing tool in the online marketplace. 

  • Google Pay:

Google Pay has been the broadly used payment method for the past few years. It has 500M+ downloads on the Play Store. Also, it has successfully delivered transactions of above $10 billion. It has been released in India — named as Tez app. 

However, Google was looking to build an app that is a quick, secure, and easy-to-use payment app for users. For Google Pay, Flutter app development has reduced 70% of engineering efforts. It has decreased the time consumption during the process. However, during the initial launch in India, there was an issue with beta testing. But, later on, Flutter overcame that issue and relaunched Google Pay 3.0 in the market. 

  • Google Classroom:

After GPay’s success, Google Classroom has also migrated to the Flutter framework. It has assisted the app in enhancing performance and productivity. So, Flutter has cut down the code size by 66% and streamlined the app for users.

14) Insight Timer

Insight Timer is one of the leading Flutter app examples. This Flutter app has the world’s greatest library of meditations, songs, and sounds. It helps people improve their lifestyle. Besides that, it offers a customizable meditation timer and milestones to track progress.

The team of Insight Timer development wants to use Flutter’s design module. For creating an interactive UI with advanced features, Flutter is the ideal choice. Consequently, they chose Flutter for mobile app development. 

15) Toyota

Toyota doesn’t need any introduction. Its team has founded Flutter supporting embedded devices. The cross-platform mechanism of Flutter has prevented the low-performance issue. Additionally, its customers are also demanding high performance to boost their driving experience. So, Toyota has created it using Flutter’s Embedder API.

Flutter’s open-source principles allowed Toyota to provide a smooth user experience. With the embedded systems in the car, the driver can smoothly handle it. Hence, Toyota is the top application built with Flutter. 

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16) Dream11

Dream 11 is the epitome fantasy cricket app built with Flutter. Having originated in India, Dream11 has over 50 million sports users. It has made cricket lovers an easy gateway to play and earn. The members can create their fantasy cricket team.

The team of 3 members of Dream 11 has discussed developing top-notch sports apps. However, their main aim is to build multi-platform solutions with optimized user experience. So, they concluded the discussion with the Flutter framework. 

17) Philips Hue

Philips Hue is a smart-home application built using Flutter. Customers can shop for smart lights for their homes on their smartphones. It provides various types of bulbs, lights, and starter units. Apart from that, consumers can connect to the settings through the app. So, it can control the light from anywhere. 

The Philips team finalized Flutter for mobile app development. It created two apps – Hue Sync and Hue Bluetooth. In 2018, Philips partnered with Flutter. As a result, it has successfully marked 5M+ downloads of its app.

18) Travelstart 

Travelstart is the pioneering African travel agency. It offers online ticket booking services. After the global pandemic, the app reconsidered its tech stack. Then it decided to migrate the app to a scalable platform. So, Flutter is the go-to pick for them. 

The Travelstart app migrated to Flutter. It has discovered a reduction in the development time through a single codebase. Apart from that, the new codebase size is 90% lower than the prior one. The development process has commenced and has cut the team of Flutter developers by 60%. 

With that, Flutter has strengthened its roots in the travel industry. Now, it sets the benchmark for upcoming online travel applications. Hence, the right decision of migration. It has made the app position among the famous apps built with Flutter. Moreover, the above list also shows Flutter’s role in helping different industries out there.

It’s your turn now!  

With that, we are summing up here. The above 18 apps have emerged as the best Flutter app development. These are promising mobile app solutions. It shows how Flutter has captured industries ranging from fintech to entertainment. Now, there is no doubt in proclaiming Flutter as the ultimate best. It will overtake the mobile app development market soon. Hence, if you are planning to build your business app, hire Flutter app developers. 

Don’t know where to start? We can help you with this. Rlogical Techsoft is listed among the top Flutter development companies. We have successfully delivered multiple Flutter projects worldwide. Our skilled Flutter developers have good tech stack knowledge. Furthermore, they have built a unique strategy to deliver desired results to clients. 

Choose our best-in-class Flutter app development services, your Flutter app can be listed among the above names! 

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