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Initial Conversion

The Best ideas start as conversations

The client has the vision to develop a social platform that makes the best social media application to access the global market trading. He believes in the upcoming paradigm shift that market trading to the global financial market. The idea behind crafting the mobile and web application is to connect with thousands of self-directed traders and investors through live stream, chat and social media ecosystem.

About tradestar

The goal was to create an application one stop solution for market trading.

TradeStar is a flutter based mobile and web application related to the market trading in which users can do registration and login. As a customer users can create profile and make market trading more easier.

After joining the app users can use features like post on market trading, follow other peoples , chat with other users, take expert advice and receive alerts, updates, and new posts. We know that it is not easy getting to all the available information needed to help you and your market trading. TradeStar is your EZ solution.

Applications allow users to have information at their fingertips on their smartphones and other mobile devices. Using the TradeStar users will get all the information regarding the market trading. Our approach is different from most - we have multiple analysts and an in-house trading psychology expert with over 20+ years of combined experience and millions under management.




Years of Trust
live stream

Live Stream

global target

Global Target

live chat

live Chat

news feed

News Feed



Our Approach

When you hand good people possibility they do great things!
We tailored to fit the client's specific wish list, and we used an agile system to let everyone know where we headed. And the client already had their website developed and mobile application development from scratch with new features and wanted to make it robust and user friendly.
dedicated team

Dedicated team

Our experts for your development need.

project needs

Project Needs

Complex things should be possible

schedule plan

Schedule Plan

Management must manage

agile system

Agile System

Agile is to continue delivering, with quality


Our Challenge

Make it work, make it right, make it fast.

Live video streaming

Client required live recording will broadcast online without first being recorded and stored.


Integration 3rd party apis

Add Reliable, Scalable and Interactive Live Streaming API into Application.


Privacy Controls

To manage risk, including policies, procedures, guidelines, practices, which can be of an admin, technical, management, or legal nature.


Data Protection

Enforcing communication via secure channels and integration of algorithms as per requirement.


User Friendly Application

A Client wants to provide a great user experience with easy understanding, whether online or offline.


Prioritize Application

Offer Great Design and Attention on Requirements


Allow application on offline mode

A Client wants a feature that allows users to access mobile apps without the Internet.


Offline Mode

Real-Time Data Synchronization.

Application Info

In application daily live trading sessions every morning, and throughout the day. Here is what a typical trading session looks like. In this session we analyze market trade regarding profit and loss. These plays are also relayed in text form to our members in real time!

Application Features

The features of the app is the future
of application
Social Media

Join our social media ecosystem, make your profile, post your insights and content & grow your following and jump into the market trading.


Let our team of professional traders analysts walk you through your trades every day. And join a community of thousands of traders from global countries and take your trading to the next level.

Live Session & Training

Get on live calls with our expert analysts as they break down their watches, & ask questions in real time. We make it easy to navigate our platform with step-by-step video tutorials. So it would be very helpful.

Post Feed

Users can post regarding the trading. It includes features like post, comment on post, Share, follow user, view total no of likes and many more…


Chat features in application makes it easy to communicate with traders anywhere in the world by sending and receiving messages in real time.


Users can subscribe to the application to use the advanced features like Signals, live sessions and many more features.

Application Screens

After all the efforts of the team, we came to the conclusion by adding the appropriate features which can make the whole process hassle-free and easier to understand

Technology Stack

We have all kinds of expertise, but we choose the best and most up-to-date technology to make this project a success!



React Js

Node Js

Features that make

App Success

Push Notifications
Live video streaming
News Feed
Post Feed
Video content
Global Targeting
Real Time Chatting
Privacy Control
Social API Integration