Project Overview

Fitness Partner is a Digital Fitness App solution aimed at inspiring more young people who work from morning till night and have little time to exercise due to high work pressure and social life. This app encourages them to keep their body healthy and lead a healthy life by using it.

Our client is a well-known personal trainer who wanted to help people lose weight throughout his career. He has 12 years of personal fitness experience suffering from obesity in his early twenties. So he came to rLogical with an idea to develop a solution for a cloud based fitness app.

Our Approach


When defining the project scope, the rLogical team ensures that the customer's minimum requirements are met with the right type of digital solution. We divided the entire project into smaller components, each component being created individually with a focus on the core elements of the project. All team members, including system architects, business analysts, testers, developers, and designers, were equally involved in the entire process.

At rLogical, we believe that the key to a successful project is the specific approach implemented to create a solution. Our approach is to streamline the right people, technologies, and processes to provide scalable business solutions.

Our Challenges

Make the app user interface with impressive visuals and interactions to offer users the best experience ever.
In iOS, the video calling feature was creating issues while the user is not using the application.
The Client had the wordpress site through which they wanted to manage the mobile application.
Our major challenge was the calorie calculation. As user can enter different food varieties, it is hard to provide precise calorie counting.
Our client wanted the app to work even offline and in the background.

Our Solution

After studying the health and fitness domain, we developed a consistent and scalable application for the client.
We made the UX comfortable for all users by adapting the design needs of users in different age groups.
We created customized APIs to get the data from the WordPress site and to make it up to date.
We generated automated scripts for calorie counting and we used to refresh calories tracking every 15 minutes just to keep data updated.

Technology Stack

XD Adobe



Client Management

The trainer can add users by entering their details and generating passwords for their accounts. The user can upload an avatar to make their profile attractive. The trainer can manage users from the master account. If any user's subscription is over then the trainer can restrict them by using the application. The admin can assign different trainers to different users as per their availability.

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Live calorie tracking

Users can manually enter their food intakes and can see the calories consumed by them on daily basis. Also, it has a feature to log information about the exercise done by the user per day. This helps trainer to get the track of a user activity and can help users achieve their goal if they are not on track.

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Set weight goal

User can set their weight goal. And according to their weight, height, gender and age TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) will be calculated. So users can set their routin of calories consumption and calories burn.

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Log Daily Progress

Both users and trainers can see if a user is losing weight or gaining weight in real time. Trainer can track users caloric intake and physical activities in real time. Rather than waiting long, trainers can help users. We have provided a daily process graph inside the application so that users can view their process graphically. Clients BMR will be calculated on the basis of food and activity log which shows if the user is losing or gaining weight.

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Daily Video Calls

With this feature, the user can make a video call to the trainer at any time by simply tapping the trainer's photo on the meal input screen, and the trainer will be notified that the user needs a call. Only trainers can initiate calls to clients. He can choose the talk time before starting the call. With 20 seconds left, the timer turns orange to indicate that the call is about to end. When the timer expires, the call will end automatically. Both parties can end the call.

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Motivational Messages

Each day all the active clients will receive motivational messages from the coach to stay focused, inspired and the coach will give them the courage to take on the day with confidence! Clients will feel motivated and they will be reminded that someone is cheering their achievements.

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Workout & Nutrition Plan

The app is not only about the support. Coach helps users to create customized training and diet plans as per their inputs. This allows users to track progress through the app and let the app notify users to work according to the schedule generated in the app. Users just need to follow the strategy discussed with the trainer to achieve their goals, log their progress as they are including their weight, food intake and exercise.

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