Flutter for MVP Development: A Handy Guide to Develop Your Robust Application

Flutter for MVP Development: A Handy Guide to Develop Your Robust Application

22 March, 2024 by img Jatin Panchal in Flutter App Development
Flutter for MVP Development: A Handy Guide to Develop Your Robust Application

Blog Synopsis: Back in time, MVP development has been the most undervalued stage of the projects. Many Clients consider MVP a waste of money, but it is value for money. Your MVP development is the determining factor of your project’s success and failure. Moreover, the powerful efficiency of Flutter for MVP development has been the better choice. If you are confused if Flutter is the right one or not. Get along with the article to learn everything about it. 

For businesses with a vision of taking the business to online mode, the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the prime importance. Many Clients are usually doubtful about whether their business idea will be accepted successfully or not. The risk of business failures is their biggest fear. Hence, MVP is the solution to overcome the challenges and ascertain the business idea’s efficacy parameters.

One of the best ways to make a competent MVP is to choose the modern-age technology solution. It must entail lower risk factors and optimized benefits to build MVP without any hiccups. For that, you can hire Flutter app developers with hands-on experience in its vast toolkit. Wondering why use Flutter? It has some of the great advantages explained in the article. Firstly, let’s start with what MVP is.

What is an MVP & Why is it important?

mvp development

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a basic and simple version of your product. It has been built with sufficient features which attract investors and early customers. These parties can use, review, and share their feedback on the product. Thus, it validates your product concept at the initial development stage.

Well, the main purpose of building an MVP is to approve your product idea by adding further solutions. You need to integrate, eliminate, and empower the product with comprehensive ongoing market demands to deliver a complete product. So, MVP development enables you to minimize time-to-market and make your product gain a competitive edge. 

On the other hand, developing an entire app/product requires a long timeline and expert supervision. An MVP gives an initial start to capture investors’ attention and raise funds for the further development process. 

In simple terms, MVP lets your business become aware of what to do and what to prevent doing. As verifies the efficiency and reduces the risk of failure for your full-fledged product. 

Remember developing an MVP is not an option, it’s a compulsion. Earlier many businesses have undertaken the adverse impact of not creating an MVP. Therefore, here is a quick list of the important usefulness of MVP development for your business.

  • To authenticate your product’s core idea
  • To deploy cost-effective products 
  • To get faster time to market
  • To establish a customer base priorly
  • To approach potential investors
  • To analyze market demands
  • To collect honest feedback & reviews

Let’s evaluate the real-life top brands’ examples that implemented MVP development. Learn how they have achieved enormous success with it.

Leading Companies Prioritized MVP Development


The flagship of MVP has majorly begun with Airbnb. As it has been a prominent aspect in the hotel and hospitality sector, earlier the founder gathered the local demand for homestays. So the MVP idea has been approved by the people and got positive feedback. As a result, the success of Airbnb is visible today, with improving and expanding services.


Groupon is a global e-commerce marketplace that has a network of local merchants to deliver services and goods. With the robustness of Flutter, it attained immense recognition and a higher number of registered users.

Google Ads: 

Google has developed Google Ads using its technology Flutter. Within no time it has transformed the online advertising aspects. It delivers services to analyze your paid marketing for running advertising campaigns. So, it has been a crucial part of online business to boost higher sales.


Next is Uber which has simplified transportation for the public at affordable rates. Earlier it was built with one feature and tested by small groups for its relevance. Uber has succeeded with MVP and the rest is history.   

Moreover, even after having the right strategy, there is a chance of mistakes or uncertainty. So, using a robust and error-free technology solution for your MVP is essential. Our experience and the above evaluation suggest that Flutter for MVP development is the best choice. Read ahead to get a detailed outlook of Flutter. 

mvp development solution

What is Flutter & its benefits for App Development?

Flutter is a powerful software development kit (SDK) for web application development. It was created by Google in 2017. Since its beginning, it has taken the online market by storm. Being an open-source solution, Flutter provides high-performing features. It accesses numerous tools to make exceptional web applications. 

Utilizing the Flutter framework, you can build cross-platform applications. So, your business app can run on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. Thus, you can get a responsive MVP app for multiple devices. In addition to that, Flutter works on Dart programming language. It shares some similarities with JavaScript and Java. Hence, your app will get the combined benefit of both languages. 

Successful brands like BMW, Realtor, Nubank, eBay Motors, Google Ads, and so on have used Flutter. Here’s the list of advantages of Flutter app development which make it your first choice as well.   

  • The hot reloading feature makes Flutter developer’s preference
  • A shared codebase reduces effort and time consumption
  • Gives support of vast Flutter community 
  • Builds responsive app compatible with all screens from mobile to desktop
  • Cut down the time of app development for different platforms individually
  • Allows to integration of remarkable UI and design components
  • Proven technology for various industrial applications

Having said that, when it comes to MVP, Flutter has numerous reasons to create MVP with it. Delve into them right away.

Why Pick Flutter for MVP Development?

why pick flutter for mvp development

Flutter is efficient in developing and deploying future-ready applications. Currently, choosing Flutter for MVP development has enough reasons to convenience you. Let’s have a look at these compelling reasons.

  • Reduces Development Cost

There is a misconception that MVP development will increase the cost. As a result, previously many new founder and Clients dropped the idea of creating MVP first. But this case is entirely the opposite in Flutter. Developing an MVP using Flutter will cut the overall cost demand. Flutter has the edge on a single codebase for multiple platforms. So, you need to hire Flutter developers with knowledge of one language (preferably Dart). They can easily compile and reuse code for other platforms. 

It reduces the cost needed for developing an app for various platforms and developers with different skill sets. Hence, Flutter provides time and cost-saving solutions for your MVP development. It is beneficial for startups to get a good start on their project at a minimal cost.

  • Develops with limited resources

With a bundle of high-quality tools and libraries, Flutter consists of rich components. It decreases the dependency on other third-party integrations or resources. So, once you get your hands on the Flutter learning curve, you can extensively implement the right Flutter tool for every aspect.

Utilizing the Dart coding language and codebase reusability to deploy apps for different platforms. From framework to testing the MVP with Dev tools, Flutter has a bag full of solutions including Firebase. So, you can remain rest assured about your MVP’s features, you get more benefits with minimal resources.

  • Cross-Platform Benefit

Usually, new businesses prefer to create MVP for one platform which may limit their target audience appeal. It might result in missing the chance of collaborating with appropriate investors. When you employ Flutter, it will develop a cross-platform MVP app. Thus, your hassle of separately making apps is eliminated. 

By investing in Flutter for MVP development, you will get better responses from different platform users. Besides that, it also extends your app to capture a broad market well in advance. Hence, Flutter is the perfect win-win approach for MVPs.

  • Pre-built with Customized UI Solutions

The MVP development aims to entice visitors and convert them into potential customers. It emphasizes delivering great importance to optimized customer experience. However, Flutter for MVP application development will leverage interactive UI elements. It has pre-built customizable widgets and a UI kit. Thus, it will guide you to make a visually appealing MVP app. 

Expert Flutter developers can freely use and customize the built-in UI components. So, it allows developers to explore their uniqueness and creativity with MVP development. Moreover, MVP doesn’t need advanced app design, it’s just for the sake of captivating the customers’ and investors’ interest.

  • Delivers Native-like Performance

MVP apps must have been built with a high-performance solution. Flutter builds apps for Android and iOS effortlessly but with the right capabilities. Accordingly, your MVP will provide a native-like app feel for both users. You can’t even recognize any difference in the apps. 

The faster loading time and smooth performance of the Flutter MVP apps enhance user engagement. It makes your MVP to embark on a top-notch online presence. Hence, your Flutter MVP has the potential to offer a native app feel without compromising on performance.

  • Compatibility with Firebase

With the integration of Firebase performs as a backend solution, preventing the need for a separate backend. Firebase allows quick app development without server-side programming. Having Flutter for MVP development gets the robust features of Firebase. It offers cloud storage, real-time database, hosting, etc. 

In addition to these Firebase ensures to make scalable MVP applications with best-in-class functionality. Alongside it, Google’s support also makes your MVP match up with the latest technology trends. Therefore, Firebase with Flutter works as icing on the cake for your MVP. 

  • Speedy App Development Cycle

The Flutter gives access to developer-friendly tools for developing and debugging errors. Additionally, it has been enriched with the hot reloading feature that makes changes during MVP development. Hence, it fastens up the whole development process and completes it beforehand.

Do you know? Even the Flutter engineers who developed Google Pay found it has saved about 60-70% of their engineers’ time. Kudos to Flutter’s easy-to-manage features for development. Therefore, when Flutter is there, you really don’t need to fear tight deadlines.

After having a detailed look at the reasons, you must have understood the importance of Futter for MVP. So, it’s time to start with the development process.

How to utilize Flutter for MVP Application Development? 

  • Install Flutter SDK

Beginning with downloading Flutter SDK in your system. Ensure to have a system that manages both iOS and Android development environments. Once installed, oversee the documents using the tools and language for Flutter MVP.

  • Setup Project

Now, you need to create new projects using Flutter CLI. It generates commands for project files. So, you can navigate your project directory to start your MVP development project. 

  • UI & Widgets Designing

Thirdly, use the widgets and UI kit of Flutter to integrate into your MVP application. It has enough UI design solutions to develop user-friendly MVPs. 

  • Execute Functionalities

Flutter for MVP development entails implementing the essential functionality. This step includes managing backend services, database solutions, coding, and MVP features. So, the Flutter packages will help in handling the process. 

  • Testing and Refining

Moving ahead, your Flutter MVP should pass the reliability testing. Flutter supports various testing models and checks errors in your MVP application. So, you can test your MVP and fix bugs seamlessly.

  • Launch your MVP 

Lastly, after verifying and error correction, you can deploy your MVP in the market. Now, you need to oversee the progress of your MVP through analytics tools. Examine the performance and pitch investors with your MVP app. So, it will assist in determining your app’s success or failure.  

Thus, it addresses how to build an MVP and join the competitive market with a world-class MVP application. So, let’s hop into the cost estimation of Flutter for MVP development.

How much does it cost to create an MVP with Flutter?

Your cost of Flutter for MVP development will be determined by the type of your app and hiring model. Majorly outsourcing Flutter app development company is the preferable solution. You can hire Flutter app developers from India which range around $25 – $35 per hour. It is the minimum charge for MVP development that you get. 

The other country’s developers charge higher rates than this amount. So, you can easily consider developers from India and kick-start your MVP app development project.

Unlock Higher Growth with our Flutter Expertise!  

With that, the Flutter for MVP development is the superhit approach for your project. The MVP application process becomes smooth and seamlessly manages the process. 

Having all the essential features and efficiency in your MVP gets a larger number of investors. So, it makes your dream project come alive with further enhancements. Your search for Flutter app developers will simply end at Rlogical. Our client-rated Flutter experts will drive cutting-edge solutions for your MVP applications.

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How is Flutter for MVP development the best choice?

The Flutter technology is a feature-rich solution for app development. As MVP demands basic features to validate the application in the market, using Flutter will efficiently make outstanding MVPs. It is a budget-friendly and time-saving solution that builds an app with a single codebase for multiple platforms. Thus, Flutter is the ultimate alternative for MVP applications.

What are the benefits of MVP development?

MVP development is an important and integral part of your project. Building an app with complete features and functionality takes a longer time. MVP requires minimal attributes and gives faster time to market. 

It helps in undertaking marketing analysis and collecting the target audience’s feedback. 

Can Flutter be used for different industry MVP Development?

Flutter helps in different industry apps and has been picked by renowned brands. It can deliver apps for eCommerce, automotive, healthcare, real estate, social media, banking and fintech, and many others. You can refer to the list of apps built with Flutter which covers a range of sectors.  


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