Benefit and Drawbacks of ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

Benefit and Drawbacks of ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

05 October, 2020 by img Rahul Panchal in .Net Core
Benefit and Drawbacks of ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

With the introduction of the innovative ASP.NET Core 2 framework, we have provided a suitable alternative for the Model-View-Controller approach by Microsoft. This has been named as Razor Pages, and it is nevertheless identical to MVC in several ways despite having a somewhat different approach. In this article, we will take a look at what are Razor Pages and also some of the drawbacks and benefits of using ASP.NET Razor Pages.


What exactly is Razor Pages?

A Razor Page has similarities with the view component of ASP.NET MVC. Just like MVC, it has almost the same functionality as well as syntax. The main difference between MVC and Razor pages is the fact that the controller code and the model are likewise included inside the Razor Page.

Simply speaking, it is almost similar to an MVVM framework providing an easier development experience as well as 2-way data binding with isolated concerns.

Although MVC functions properly with web apps having a vast number of single-page apps, dynamic server views, AJAX calls, and REST APIs, Razor Pages happen to be ideal for simple pages that perform basic input of data or are read-only.

At present, ASP.NET development services have become quite well-known for the development of web applications, and it comes with benefits. The ASP.NET Web Forms had been specifically designed in MVC as an MVVM solution. However, the innovative Razor Pages happens to be the subsequent development of ASP.NET Web Forms.


Downsides of ASP.NET MVC

As known to most of you, MVC implies Model-View-Controller. It happens to be an architectural pattern that is used for implementing user interfaces in software development. Although MVC is considered to be amongst the most well-known frameworks and numerous web developers are using it across the world, it nevertheless comes with some downsides. Right now, we are going to mention the two most significant drawbacks.

1. Complexity

You will come across lots of concepts in ASP.NET MVC like RouteCollection, TempData, Linq to SQL, ViewData, Lambda Expression, Controller Action, Custom Route, as well as HTML Helpers, and all of these helps to tie the View, Controller, and Model.

At present, you cannot create a web app by making use of ASP.NET MVC until all the basic concepts are known to you. Moreover, despite learning them, you might still confront complexity problems on some occasions particularly while creating large-scale apps.


2. Expenses of frequent updates

The web developers cannot ignore the modelā€™s view completely in ASP.NET MVC even while both of them are isolated. This is because your applicationā€™s views might be full of update requests in case the model is frequently altered.

Views happen to be graphical displays that require some time for rendering as per your applicationā€™s complexity. Moreover, in case the model has been modified significantly, and your application happens to be complicated, the view can fall behind any update request. Consequently, it will be imperative for the developers to spend additional time fixing the situation, which can lead to higher expenses.


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Advantages of ASP.NET MVC

Ā In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the benefits provided by ASP.NET MVC Razor Pages at present.

1. Razor pages are organized in a better manner

In case MVC has ever been used by you for any kind of web development, then it is known to you regarding the amount of time it requires for coding the app. A considerable amount of time is going to be consumed for naming things flawlessly, developing dynamic routes, and so on.

On the contrary, Razor Pages happens to be much more organized. The files are organized in a better manner in Razor Pages. There is the whole code as well as a Razor View behind any file just like the outdated ASP.NET Web Forms.


2. Single responsibility

In case an MVC framework has never been used by you before, you have perhaps observed that the large controller classes are packed with plenty of different actions. All these classes can be compared to a virus that becomes increasingly larger while fresh things are being included.

However, every single app page in Razor Pages happens to be self-contained, and its code, as well as view, is organized together leading to less complexity in the long run as compared to the MVC.


ASP.NET Core happens to be a Modular Web Framework.

In case new things are added to MVC, youā€™ll be forced by the NET framework to launch a new version. For instance, routing was released by Microsoft in MVC 4, and afterward, Attribute routing was released by them for which one more innovative framework MVC 5 had to be released once again.

Apart from this, any community in .NET Core can launch an update for the innovative NuGet package version, while you will be able to obtain the most recent modifications by updating the NuGet packages of yours.



Razor pages appear to be an encouraging start for the contemporary development of Web apps with lesser complexity. It offers the advantage of containing every single thing linked to a specific request at a single place. On the other hand, MVC needs you to spread pieces similar to a giant puzzle all around the app, which has to be put back together by you with additional coding efforts.


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