Flutter 1.22 Stable Release is out for Android 11 and iOS 14 Features

Flutter 1.22 Stable Release is out for Android 11 and iOS 14 Features

02 October, 2020 by img Jatin Panchal in Flutter App Development
Flutter 1.22 Stable Release is out for Android 11 and iOS 14 Features

Flutter 1.22 Stable Release is out for Android 11 and iOS 14 Features

During the past several weeks, Apple and Google have launched the most recent version of their operating systems respectively. The most recent update to Flutter, which happens to be the cross-platform application development framework of Google, provides the developers with the best of iOS 14 as well as Android 11.


What is Flutter?

In case you are not familiar, Flutter is an application development platform that helps to create applications for iOS, Android, Linux, Mac OS, the Web, and also Windows devices from the identical codebase. Given that Google has developed it, the team works hard for supporting the most recent features of every single innovative version of Android, like making the dark mode of Android 10 quite easy to include in your app.


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Flutter 1.22 – Changes it Will Bring

With the release of Flutter 1.22, the company is adding a couple of primary features even though they happen to be somewhat minor.

  • The first feature is the inbuilt ability to avoid putting essential components of your application inside a camera punch hole or display notch.
  • The second one is that it is now possible for the Flutter apps to be animated properly and also be in sync once the Android keyboard is closed and opened.

Flutter 1.22’s more intriguing features are derived from the update of iOS 14. Beginning with this particular release, the developers of Flutter will be able to preview the capability of creating App Clips. The “Cupertino” styled take has also been included by Flutter on the expanded icon set which was added by Apple with iOS 14.

Moreover, with this particular release, the team of Flutter has been able to work out the problems specific to iOS 14, which made the apps operate less perfectly, such as unwanted clipboard notifications and crashes.


Beneficial Features

It does not matter for which platform it is developed; Flutter 1.22 comes with different types of beneficial features.

The fans of Material Design of Google will be finding an innovative suite of button widgets that can be easily customized for usage in the apps of yours. In the meantime, a couple of official plug-ins, which have been in preview for a long time, and allowing the developers to embed a website or Google Maps to an app, are considered to be ready for production right now.

The subsequent notable feature that we should look forward to happens to be “state restoration” intended for Android, or the capability of a Flutter application to be closed automatically in the background and also recommenced once again without any need to lose your place. It will be imperative for the developers to give some extra effort when it comes to the perfect working of state restoration; however, eventually, it ought to help the Flutter apps to feel more innate on Android.



Other different types of fixes, as well as improvements, are likewise included by Flutter 1.22 including an app size tool, an innovative navigator, as well as the Dart 2.10 upgrades.


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