A Complete Guide On How To Start Your Software Development Process

A Complete Guide On How To Start Your Software Development Process

26 September, 2022 by img Jatin Panchal in Software Development
A Complete Guide On How To Start Your Software Development Process

In the past couple of years, software development has observed many transformations. Many new techs, new languages, and new platforms are getting developed or designed daily. In such a scenario, how to know where to start the software development process? This post will guide you to tackle software development issues by determining all the essential steps.

It includes information about the beginning of the software development process, its stages, issues and solutions of software development, the use of technologies and cost, and finding the best software development companies. Thus, it can make you stay focused on software development and make the most of your abilities and skills.

The Beginning Journey Of The Software Development Process

While beginning the software development process, it is important to consider a software developer who has enough knowledge of technical things. This can help you get the expertise to develop your software effectively. Else, you can also choose an individual at least tech-savvy for the start-up of your software development process. When you hire an excellent fit team for your software development work, you can ensure the success of the software development.

Here, you may hire a software developer or offshore developer for the software development, but how to know which is the good option and suitable for your business? Let’s compare these teams and understand which can benefit your business.

What’s The Difference Between A Software Developer And An Offshore Developer?

  1. Usually, offshore developers are considered multi-taskers, and software developers are responsible for their assigned parts in task occurrence.
  2. Generally, an offshore or freelance developer can charge low prices, whereas hiring a software development team can cost you more.
  3. The freelance developer used to have expertise in limited fields, whereas software developers are qualified and multi-skilled in different fields.
  4. You can expect long-term co-operation with a software development team. On the other hand, a freelance developer may work temporary or long-term co-operation.
  5. While looking into reliability, a software developer has high reliability, and a freelance developer has low reliability.
  6. Usually, software developers are hired for bigger-size projects, whereas freelance developers are fit for small to big projects.
  7. In general, freelance developers do not have fixed timelines as they used to have flexible hours to complete the software development process. But a software developer has to finish their development work within the time limit.
  8. A professional software developer signs a contract that includes NDAs. But freelance developers do not require it; in case of privacy concerns, NDAs are included.
  9. A software developer has to go with further project maintenance, whereas an offshore developer does not require to maintain it.

After understanding the differences between a software developer and an offshore developer, you can now take the right decision for your software development process. You can hire a professional software developer for your business based on your requirements and preferences. Now, let’s understand the software development process and its stages.

What Are The Essential Stages Of The Software Development Process?

After hiring the right developer, you can give special focus to the actual task or your software development process. You need to have a start-up business plan for the smooth functioning of your software development work. Therefore, many development teams work collaboratively with their clients to discuss the groundwork and list their options. It can include various software features, risk analyses, objectives, and other important information. Let’s dive into essential stages of the software development process for start-ups.


Stage -1: Do Market Research

While planning for software development, one of the essential stages is doing market research. Conducting this can help you map out who will do it, what will be done when it will be done, how it will be done, and the required resources. Here, you need to do profound market research related to developing software for your business to identify your customer needs, present and future trends, current competitors, potential business risks, and changing market demands.

Stage -2: Analyze The Requirements

In the second stage, the project management team and clients gather together for a meeting. In this meeting, they discuss the software’s features and other requirements. They decide the software development project’s budget, tools, and scope here. Meanwhile, the overall viability of the project can be examined. However, you need to be aware of the approaches and dangers to be taken during the software development process.

Stage-3: Design

The third stage is about the design of the software, where the development team brings the solutions based on the client’s service or product. Integrating the solutions helps develop the overall procedure, structure, and workflow. While designing, the development team builds software models, which helps finalize project tools.

Stage -4: Testing

In the fourth stage, the development team checks the successful completion of all the important features before going live. The team must check whether the business and product demand adhere to the particular functions.

Stage -5: Deployment

During this stage, the development team installs the finished software product. Moreover, a usable generated program has been created by the development team. Meanwhile, the software is launched, and everyone will be able to use the software immediately.

Stage -6: Maintenance Of The Software

In the sixth stage, the development team will complete the verification of the software development project. As the software program is now accessible to everyone, it must be maintained and scaled effectively. These professional software developers have taken the responsibility to make the software adapt to the inescapable technological advancements and new requirements of the company.

Stage -7: Test Market Adoptions

After launching your software product, you now need to work on testing its performance in the market. Here, you can take feedback from your potential audience to check the software version. In general, developers conduct two kinds of marketability tests: the Alpha test and the Beta test. The test engineers conduct the Alpha test to check the product’s performance. It helps to ensure a bug-free software product. Similarly, the beta test is conducted to test the marketability where customers are involved in providing feedback.

Stage -8: Promotion Of The Product

After finishing the marketability test of your product, you can now move to market or promote your product. The long run of your product depends on how well you advertise your product. However, you can incorporate certain marketing and advertising strategies into your marketing plan, such as social media marketing, Ad campaigns, video marketing, Email marketing, etc.

What Are The Problems And Solutions Associated With The Software Development Process?

You may not have an expansive budget or large team for the software development process as you’re in the start-up stage, even though you can create a great software product that can meet your budget and needs with perfect planning and execution. However, developing software with basic knowledge does not guarantee success. But you need to undertake these issues and be concerned with software development. Some common issues in the software development process are elaborated on below with solutions.

Problems And Solutions In The Software Development Process


1. Undermining Critical Needs

When your development team forgets important things and is overfocused on the end product, problems can occur with the software product. Your development team can solve the issue by planning and analyzing the pain point.

2. Issues Associated With System Development And Maintenance

The development team can’t avoid system, coding, and development challenges, so it is important to use standard IT solutions. In such a scenario, the development team should maintain a central repository for source control.

3. Sudden And Late Changes

Your project flow might get disrupted by sudden and last-moment adjustments. Thus, your developer team needs to use the Agile and Scrum model to pause the overall ongoing development process.

Where To Search To Get The Best Software Development Companies?

You can find some best ways online or offline when looking for the best software development companies for your product development. You can take internet help or ask your relatives or friends for recommendations. However, you can directly connect with the software development companies through some online sources discussed below.


1. Upwork

Upwork is another popular platform for finding applicants that use advanced algorithms to fit the standard requirements. It identifies each company by featuring a thorough profile, a portfolio, testimonials, and total work experience. This platform takes random screenshots and counts keystrokes to check the developer’s screen ability, ensuring the client gets the best result. They can get exactly what they are looking for within the budget.

2. LinkedIn

Today, LinkedIn is considered a popular talent finder app that helps to show the demand and availability for a particular talent in the respective field. This platform helps to locate some important places for leading professionals in a respective location. Its features enable users to learn about specialization, contact details, number of employees, and location, as well as provide in-depth profiles of each company. LinkedIn has made it easy for you to choose the perfect software development company for beginners.

3. Clutch

Clutch is a reputable and well-known source that helps select the perfect software development company for beginners. This platform ensures each business is scrutinized and screened correctly before publishing on the website. The process is accomplished through client evaluations, specific applications, portfolios, and one-on-one phone calls. Additionally, you will get an option to check the company’s details and ratings to their expertise areas, contact details, employee count, hourly rates, minimum project costs, and location.

4. Good Firms

Good firms is a popular review and research website that helps clients to know about the ranking of the software development company. This website gives ranking in terms of market share, verified client reviews, experience, and portfolio. It helps the users to find the right business that suits their specific needs by using a cutting-edge filtering algorithm.

5. Appfutura

Appfutura platform is very similar to Clutch in terms of its specialization directories. This platform compiles vendors of software development services based on various categories. Additionally, most websites show pages for customer reviews and company information.

6. Events

You can attend conferences where you can meet many businesses who may discover and network the innovations and latest trends. Here, you will get a chance to interact with the COOs or CEOs of the company team leaders, meet engineers in person, and search for a perfect match that fits your business culture and project.

7. Quora

You can also choose the platform of Quora to ask your question and get the appropriate answer regarding software development company. You will get hands-on offers from independent engineers or software development companies here. It is a platform that has been developed into a network of clients and companies, marketers, experts, developers, and many others related to the business.

It has been identified that many businesses are using this tool to promote their work and publicly market their services and products. However, you can get smart solutions, visual aids (infographics and photographs), and helpful advice by focusing on your software development requirements.

While looking into the cost of software development, many factors play an important role. Custom software development usually takes time in design, planning, programming, architecture, and quality assurance work, so it can influence the cost factor.

Overall, you can get dozen of a mobile app development companies while searching online and offline, and you need to decide which one is best for you based on your requirements. As the software development sector grows fast, you will get more competition in the specific industry. Thus, you must focus on innovative products, improving customer experiences, and implementing cost-saving opportunities and new revenue.



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