Cost of Building Node.js Web Application: Helpful Factors & Tips

Cost of Building Node.js Web Application: Helpful Factors & Tips

18 January, 2024 by img Jatin Panchal in NodeJS
Cost of Building Node.js Web Application: Helpful Factors & Tips
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Quick Overview: Are you considering developing a Node.js web app? Bingo, you have made the right technology choice. It allows your business to explore and excel in the crowd of web apps. Entrepreneurs like you are always concerned about the cost of development. Here’s the all-in-one guide on Node.js web application development cost and tips to control it. So, delve into the detailed article now!  

Forbes survey shows that about 43% of small-sized businesses consider investing in their website performance. Have you noticed something in this statement? You got that right, even small businesses have their websites and they are rigorously thinking about its progressive steps. As a result, the competition in the online marketplace is rising. 

When it comes to performance-driven and competitive online presence, the name of certain technologies such as Node.js clicks first. It has built value with eye-catching and successful web apps like Uber and Netflix. Your business project can also get the rewarding advantages of Node.js development. Read the article on why use Node.js & how much it costs to build a web application using Node.js.

Why is NodeJS better than others?

Nodejs web app development is a profound and leading-edge solution for various industries’ digital entities. Having the back of a JavaScript runtime environment, Nodejs has higher capabilities for delivering excellent real-time web applications. Its commendable functionality makes the development process seamless. 

The powerful open-source JavaScript-supported Nodejs runs on Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. You can use Node.js for web app development with cross-platform compatibility. Because Node.js has been proven the best backend framework. 

So, Nodejs is setting the bar higher for other web app development technologies. To make it simpler, here is a drop-down list of reasons-cum-benefits of Node.js web app development.

  • Delivers fast and smooth development process for any type of web app
  • The cost-efficiency of Nodejs makes it the #1 choice for startups and small-sized web app projects. 
  • When it comes to making PWAs (progressive web apps) like Uber, Nodejs has already made its premiere in that. It is a highly potent technology for developing PWAs. 
  • Node.js is your right fit if you want to develop a scalable web app solution. It is not only single-threaded but also works effectively in various cores and servers.
  • The Node Package Manager (NPM) packages permit the building of robust backend support for new-age web applications.
  • Node.js is best picked for microservices as it has event-driven designs and lightweight nature.

How Much Does it Cost to Build Node.js Web Apps? 

The cost of building web apps with Node.js has been segregated into 5 major stages of the development process. It assists in deciding the aggregate cost of the Node.js project. Without any further, let’s consider them. 

MVP cost

Prototyping or MVP is the foremost and critical stage of the Node.js web app development process. It is the initial version of the web app developed with basic functionality. MVP intends to collect feedback on the first appearance and performance of the product. So, it will barely affect your budget as several low-code and no-code platforms come in handy. 

Designing & Development Cost

Designing & developing a Node.js Web App is the next section which requires 40-50% of the total project budget. It has a list of resources and requirements that play a vital role in building the product. 

The trends of custom software solutions bring innovation and uniqueness to your web app. Alongside this, programming, coding, and API integration are undertaken at the development stage. So, you have to hire Node.js experts who usually charge hourly rates. 

Testing & Deployment Cost

The completion of development gives the inception of testing and debugging the errors. Although, testing and development are parallel processes the cost can be better understood separately. There are special quality assurance testers who test the product. 

Once testers have given green flags on all the parameters, then the product is ready to launch on the pre-decided platforms.

Maintenance & Support Cost 

Lastly, the cost of maintaining the Node.js web application will remain. After the launch, the web app needs to fix bugs and update to the latest version release. With changing market dynamism, your web app should also implement new features, and enhance security. Thus, maintenance of the web app will incur some expense periodically. 

You can better remember them as the cost components for creating a NodeJS-based web application. However, this cost will be influenced by some external factors. Learn more about the factors to make cost reduction strategies.

Which Factors Impact the Cost to Develop a Node.js Web Application?

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Essential Features of Web Application

Starting with the very first consideration is none other than features. While deciding on the Node.js web app development cost, it’s evident to evaluate the features or functionalities of the web application. The more features you include in the web app, the higher the cost of development becomes.  

Node.js, being the powerhouse of high-performing solutions, makes stunning web apps. So, it doesn’t have any limitations when it comes to making advanced-featured web apps. It’s up to you to set the limit. Integrating unique features demands complicated coding, which ultimately boosts the cost. 

Moreover, your research and analysis of the market can help in choosing the features list. If you are a startup with budget constraints, going with nominal features is good. The cost of developing a web app using Node.js will surely range as per your choices. 

Industry-based web applications

Ever since the lockdown was introduced, businesses have found digital transformation as the only way to reach their customers. However, its significance has made the major B2B and B2C industries build Node.js web apps to sustain the competition. Following are the industries that can’t do without web apps these days;

  • Food & Beverages
  • Banking & Finance
  • Healthcare 
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment & Live Streaming 
  • E-commerce & Retail

For different industries, the level of complexity and features varies. So, the cost of web app development with Node.js solutions should be executed accordingly. Some of the most successful projects of Node.js are Uber, Netflix, Walmart, NASA, and so on.

Thus, your business industry will make the cost difference based on the design and its functionalities. It’s advisable to scrutinize your industry-specific needs to determine a fair price.

UI/UX Components

With the booming demand for visually appealing web apps, CEOs need to spend extra bucks on attracting an audience. The visual and design elements grab attention instantly and are user-friendly too. So, it becomes a prominent factor in delivering successful web apps. Although investing in UI/UX designers or solutions will have higher ROI in the future.

Hiring Model for Developers

Developer cost is an important and impactful factor in determining the cost of creating web apps with Node.js. It is crucial to examine and choose the right hiring model while onboarding Node.js developers. Here is the breakdown of different hiring models. Choose wisely…  

In-house Node.js developers: Having an in-house programmer is a good deal when it comes to managing long-term projects with extensive control. However, it will raise your infrastructure and equipment expenses to maintain a good workplace for developers. Thus, it will be costly for a single web app development project.

Freelance Node.js Engineers: As you search for freelance developers, you will get plenty of profiles ready to work for you. You can simply get them on Upwork, Fiverr, Clutch, and Top Developers. Consider verifying the selected developers on their reviews and ratings. 

Outsourcing Company: The last and the most sorted way is outsourcing Node.js development services. When you outsource your project to another company, it allows you to hire a dedicated developers team. Although, the prices are reasonable based on the company’s location.

Hence, hiring developers is the key element in determining the overall cost of developing a Node.js web app. You should take into account how long it takes to complete the web app development. 

Node.js Web App

Knowledge of Node.js Developers

The experience level and skills of the developers and designers are also matters to look upon. See, you never wanted to invest in irrelevant resources. You better take into account the 360-degree perspective before finalizing any developers.

You might be wondering which are the key skills to look for in Node.js developers. Ready with the answers below;

  • Edge on backend programming for making web apps in real-time and JavaScript environment
  • High potential to deliver a full-stack development process with various server-side frameworks.
  • Extensive hold on making reliable JSON files to manage data
  • Having a good understanding of asynchronous programming is essential
  • Should manage single-threaded Node.js architecture for your web application
  • Apart from these, developers should also have soft skills like communication, strategic thinking, and problem-solving. Having these skills allows developers to manage the whole development process swiftly. 

When you choose developers with basic skills and knowledge, it will definitely fall under any project’s budget. As you extend the expertise level of the developer, the cost of building web apps with Node.js also rises.

Location of the Developers or Team

To make smarter choices in keeping the cost within the planned budget, consider hiring from developing or underdeveloped countries. The cost of Node.js web app development will skyrocket when hiring programmers from the USA. On the other hand, the same will decrease by 60-70% if you choose India or other Asian countries.

So, you can imagine how deeply and hugely the location impacts your project’s overall cost. The skillset and cost of a senior-level Node.js developer from India are way less than juniors from the USA and Canada. Thus, you should connect with experts from regions with lower and affordable hourly or project prices.

Brownie Point: Even if you’re a newbie entrepreneur or a big firm, cost can fall under your estimation. The cost to build a web app with Node.js starts from USD 10,000. It is possible if you outsource or hire remote Node.js developers from India. Having budget-friendly rates makes Indian developers the primary choice. Click to connect with developers!

Web Apps Security

Maintaining good security measures is necessary to develop a web application. The security of the web app is misunderstood as a single event. It’s a procedure to be performed during the whole software development life cycle (SDLC).

Now when you have a Node.js technology stack to make web applications, it offers a secure environment. Moreover, you can upscale the security standards for any specific web application. It will cost beyond the Node.js solutions i.e., third-party security integrations.

Project Size & Duration

Now, this is an intricate factor. It not only affects the cost of creating a simple web app with Node.js but also any technical projects. The wider and larger your project size would be, the higher bucks you need to make it. As a result, it will prolong the development process as well. Therefore, the project size and timeframe are two sides of the same coin, which are the determinants of the cost to build a Node.js web app.

You might have started calculating your project budget after reading these factors. Some of you might consider their hefty cost, but don’t think so! Being a custom software development company, we are well aware of such issues. Thus, here’s a list of strategies to control the overall Node.js web application development cost.

How to Reduce the Node.js Web App Development Cost? 

  • Tech Stack Combination

The right combination of technology stack affects the quality and cost of the project. Likewise, the MERN stack and MEAN stack are chosen over other individual backends, frontend, and database technologies. However, the outcomes of a blend of React.js with Node.js are encouraging. 

Accordingly, creating web apps with Node.js and React has already collaborated and delivered big brands. WhatsApp, YouTube, Paytm, and Instagram are some of them. You can check out the guide to building web apps with React and Nodejs.

  • Plan the Process Priorly

Planning the development process well in advance can save you time and money. Start to wireframe your project layout and fund allocation sources. So, it will keep you informed about the steps and resources that prevent irrelevant spending. Planning the structure of your project aids in a smooth execution process which itself is cost-saving. 

  • Efficient Project Management

Instead of making the project workflow like looking for a needle in a haystack, go for an organized approach. Project management allows for streamlining the whole task flow. You can utilize the various free tools to handle the process. From assigning to reporting, if everything falls into place precisely, your project budget will end up having money in hand.

Catch up for Budget-Friendly Guidance 

Get started to build web apps using Node.js from a reliable software development company like Rlogical Techsoft. Our talented team of experts will make a personalized approach for your project. Depending on the industry standards, you can get the benefit of the latest tech solutions integrated into your project. 

We have a 97% client retention rate and serve clients from different regions of the globe. You will find the cost of web app development with Node.js from us quite affordable. Also, working with our top-rated developers will let your project gain an edge in the market.

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