How to Develop a Successful eCommerce App Like Namshi: Key Features and Strategies

How to Develop a Successful eCommerce App Like Namshi: Key Features and Strategies

03 July, 2024 by img Jatin Panchal in On Demand App Development
How to Develop a Successful eCommerce App Like Namshi: Key Features and Strategies
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Quick Overview: Tailoring to the digital outlook of your eCommerce business is the supreme step for high-end growth. The eCommerce app development is the master key to unlocking the latest era opportunities for your business. You can better prepare your roadmap with examples such as building an eCommerce app like Namshi. Get along with this article and learn how to make an app like Namshi with eCommerce app development costs, benefits, and a lot more.


When the name of big eCommerce brands like Namshi comes, you can take inspiration on value-adding for your business. Namshi also started in 2011 in the Middle East. Today, it operates mainly in the UAE, Qatar, Iraq, and other such nations. 

Being the ultimate best fashion brand for both men and women, Namshi is the fashion and lifestyle brand. By downloading this app you can access 1800+ brands and 200K+ product ranges from clothing, beauty, footwear, etc. Accordingly, it has registered around USD 200 million net sales in 2023.  It has left behind its competitors like 

You can also develop an eCommerce app like Namshi for your retail offline stereo. With just partnering with a mobile app development company, your eCommerce app becomes easy-peasy. Before that, read through the basic concepts of eCommerce app development. 

What are E-commerce Apps?

E-commerce apps are an efficient solution for online shoppers to browse products and place orders from mobile phones. It is the ideal platform for online shopping. Having your business’s e-commerce app is the first step towards online brand building. Once you have delivered a compelling app to your customers, you can gain an edge of leveling up as apps like Namshi. 

The app permits overseeing products on the mobile screen and moving ahead with burying decisions with the checkout process. So, its eCommerce app makes it that easy for shoppers. It prevents time taken to transport to the brick-and-mortar store, look for products, and finalize the one for yourself. 

Using an eCommerce app shoppers get convenience and time-saving aspects. The cherry on top is that you will get better rewards or discounts on reliable apps. From local to global brands, customers can easily shop for their favorite products with a few clicks. So, you should definitely make an app like Namshi to take your business to the digital world. The below benefits of having an eCommerce app say it all…

Benefits of developing eCommerce app like Namshi

benefits of developing ecommerce application

  • Increases Profitability

The more expanded the audience you can reach, the higher the conversion rate you will accomplish. Having an eCommerce app like Namshi will let you do so. Your business profit and income sources will be multiplied as you launch your app. From the in-app purchase to member subscriptions, you can get better monetary streams, eventually raising your business profit. Thus, creating an eCommerce app will boost better ROI tremendously.

  • Expands Customer Base

If you genuinely desire to broaden your customer base, an attractive application is key. It not only takes your business to the global marketplace but also allows you to show a digital presence. With more and more mobile users downloading and using your app, your business definitely knocks the mobiles of a vast audience. Hence, apps make your retail store turn into an eCommerce online store accessible overseas. It’s indeed a win-win which led your store to enhance app traffic and number of buyers.

  • Secure Payment Option

As the economies are grading towards cashless and online transaction mode, building an app like Namshi can make it happen. The quick and encrypted checkout process is the most common factor of apps. Allowing customers to choose the appropriate means of the options of debit/credit cards, cash, net banking, e-wallets, etc. So, the easy-to-use and secure payment gateway simply gains customers’ trust.¬†¬†¬†

  • Reap Competitive Edge

An eCommerce app is your core element to implement your marketing strategies. It lets your business compete proficiently. Without an eCommerce app, you can’t sustain in the cutthroat rivals. Moreover, if you want to top the list, you have to put in custom app development solutions. 

Thus, you have to put forward your innovative approach while developing an e-commerce app. The best way would be to hire mobile app developers with relevant experience working for eCommerce app development.

  • Creates Brand Recognition¬†

Building the brand value of your business name is the most significant success factor. The eCommerce app has the potential to drive your digital marketing campaigns and accordingly establish brand recognition. Thus, you can consider the app development as a transformation journey of your business into a brand. 

Well, these benefits can be achieved if your app is well-structured with an accurate features list. Let’s discuss the feature set right away. 

Features include building an eCommerce app like Namshi

ecommerce mobile app features

Creating an E-commerce app like Namshi can make your business opt from making a basic to a highly advanced app. Thus, the features of the app are divided based on your size. It streamlines the further selection process for you.

1) Basic Ecommerce App Features

  • User Registration

The most essential feature that allows new users to register and create their accounts in your eCommerce app. 

  • Payment Gateways¬†

To complete the buying journey, customers need a payment process. It permits them to oversee the final invoice including shipping charges.

  • Product categories¬†

Clothes, footwear, household, accessories, etc are the common categories that differentiate the product range. It makes user navigation smooth by narrowing down the product list.  

  • Order Placement & Tracking

Placing an order and monitoring its delivery time is critical for customers. Because it gives clarity to customers on their order fulfillment. 

2) Intermediate-level Features

The intermediate or mid-level app along with the basic features would add the following features as well.

  • Wishlist & Favorites Option

To improve the customer’s experience add the wishlist feature. So, they can easily move their favorite items to a wishlist or create various wishlists.¬†

  • Social Media Integration¬†

Such a feature permits customers to integrate their social media accounts into the eCommerce app like Namshi. As a result, it allows the delivery of personalized experiences to the user based on their search history in social networking channels.

  • 24*7 Customer Support¬†

Optimizing the user experience and simply delivering them with round-the-clock services makes your app outshine others. Offering 24*7 facilities to the customer’s queries or concerns works efficiently.¬†

  • Product Suggestion¬†

Recommending the products based on the user’s search history. The color, brand, and product type you must browse in the app, accordingly the eCommerce app provides product suggestions. Therefore, it is a sort of new-age machine-learning solution for your business.¬†

hire mobile app developers in india

3) Future-Ready Features

To give your eCommerce app a unique edge, you have to multiply the above characteristics with future-proof solutions. Here are a few of them. 

  • BNPL Payment Choice¬†

Unlike credit cards, the buy now pay later solution is a powerful payment method for Gen Z and millennials. So, having the feature of multiple payment choices for users can make you a sought-after eCommerce alternative. 

  • AI-Chatbot¬†

Communicating with customers with AI-powered chat assistance generates human conversations. It makes the customer write their question or complaint and get an instant response. 

  • Image & Voice Search Option

Searching for a particular product via image uploading or voice dictation is a great aspect. This feature permits specially-abled people to enjoy online shopping from your eCommerce app like Namshi.

  • Vision Pro Integration

The forward-thinking eCommerce apps like Namshi cost demand to include Vision Pro support. Due to the hype of Apple Vision Pro, your app must align with recent trends. You can make your application deliver a smooth virtual reality (VR) experience.

Now, it is time to move to the next stage where you will learn the steps for eCommerce app development. To make an eCommerce app better than Namshi you have to think out-of-the-box. So, here are our experts’ guides on that.

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How to build an ECommerce app (Better Than Namshi)? 

The eCommerce app is a complicated and large-scale project. So, you need to begin with the very first aspect and proceed further. 

  • Ideate your eCommerce app concept

Whether you have a physical retail store or are planning to set up a new eCommerce online store, establishing your app development is basic. It allows you to prepare your business concept and plan out the factors that impact the development process. As app development brings various technology-related matters it is advisable to hire a dedicated development team. 

Such a team will have the project manager, developers, and business analysts. So, their collaborative efforts will head your project in the right direction with the required matters.

  • Make unique and catchy app design

Secondly, you need to prepare your vision in the form of an app blueprint i.e., a wireframe. It will consist of app layouts, design mockups, and different panels of the app. So, you can decide on the ideal typography, fonts, color shapes, icons, and even logo design. 

Although you can do your own research and manage the matters yourself, hiring app designers can be helpful. Because the current era prioritizes visually appealing concepts, app design is a crucial part of business success. Thus, perform this step thoroughly with attention to detail.

  • Create an engaging MVP¬†

The Minimum viable product (MVP) development is the initial version of your app. Developing an effective MVP allows you to gather users and evaluate your app idea. Moreover, it also presents to investors and makes you allocate funds for a further enhanced version of the app. You can hire mobile app developers to simply utilize low-code MVP development tools. 

  • Onboard the app developers¬†

Either through outsourcing or in-house hiring, mobile app developers are the major resources for app development. So, you need to figure out the model and communicate your exact project needs. With that, you are good to jump into the actual process.

  • Begin with custom development

Starting with the development, app developers will give briefs of the process from programming, tools, app layouts coding, etc. So, it is majorly undertaken by app development, and you just have to take the progress track of the development cycle. However, the development team will add a unique avenue as per your prior needs. 

  • Manage the QA testing parallel

After completing each stage of mobile app development, the testing and debugging process must be performed side-by-side. It will let you see the bugs, eros, code mistakes, etc. So, you can manage to have an efficient eCommerce app without any errors. 

  • Launching a full-fledged eCommerce app¬†

Now, the app is ready to publish on the app store. Once your app file is completely developed, submit it to the app stores. Adhering your app to the guidelines is also important. Thus, follow the publish steps, get your app approval, and go live. Along with that, make a pre-launch buzz in the industry to make your audience aware of your business’s entrance into the online landscape.¬†

  • Post-launch Marketing Campaigns¬†

No sooner your app has been launched in the Play Store, than you have to begin with marketing campaigns. Share about the launch on social media platforms, groups, and other hosting sites. Start with digital marketing like search engine optimization, content marketing, etc. You can also appoint the marketing team for temporary basics to increase your app traffic. 

With that, you have successfully delivered your eCommerce mobile app development which will be quite impactful than Namshi. Based on your target audience location, you have to go ahead with updating your app functionality. Hence, your app can scale and build your brand.

Technology Stack For Namshi-like App Development

To amplify your app development, you need to be very specific with your technology stack selection. Being an experienced mobile app development company, our experts have listed the relevant ones in line for eCommerce application projects. The most frequent solutions for apps are Android and iOS. So, Android app development needs a programming language either Kotlin or Java along with Android Studio. You can also use Google products or third-party libraries for seamless publishing on the Google Play Store. 

Simultaneously, iOS app development demands Objective-C or Swift coding language. Also, the Cocoapods and Xcode tools are efficient that app developers use. However, if you want to make your app for both Android and iOS i.e., a cross-platform solution. Flutter is the perfect choice. You can use various APIs and frameworks based on Flutter to enhance your app efficiency. 

The icing on the cake would be having Progressive web applications. It will make your app the trendsetter in the eCommerce sector. Such PWAs need a full-stack development solution. So, you can hire full-stack developers who will manage the backend and frontend infrastructure to make exceptional eCommerce PWA. Moreover, it will allow you to stay connected with customers with or without an internet connection.

As you have read through the tech stack, you must be guessing how much eCommerce app development costs. Don’t worry we have you back for that as well.

How much does it Cost to build an e-commerce app like Namshi?  

The eCommerce mobile app development journey is lengthy and demands extensive measures. Being the decision maker for developing an eCommerce app, you always need to pick resources that reduce the cost. So, here are the pro tips that help get the best solutions at affordable rates.

  • Access developers from countries with lower rates and high-tech expertise. So, you can ascertain the cost to hire developers while saving time and effort.
  • Check out the portfolios of app developers to get experienced and relevant ones¬†
  • Portray your app requirements beforehand and have backup plans for uncertainty
  • Consider choosing a dedicated developers team with testers, designers, and app experts to furnish you with 360-degree project needs.¬†
  • Perform interviews or discussion rounds with the development team.¬†

On average, the skilled developer’s hourly rate falls between $25 to $35 which is lower than other nations’ developers. If you have partnered with the appropriate team, it will delegate the whole responsibility of the task to them. So, you just need to control and get reports of the tasks on a daily basis.¬†

Furthermore, we have talked a lot more about the cost of building an E-commerce app like Namshi. Let’s explore the revenue sources you will get in return.

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What is the business model of an eCommerce Mobile App like Namshi?

When you make an app like Namshi, there are diverse models you can choose based on your eCommerce store. Following are the few options to select the suitable ones. 

  • In-app purchase¬†

One of the quick and easy ways of getting income is purchasing made by the users. Users log in, browse, and like products on your app, which lets them purchase them. So, it is the basic source of income as your store product sells.  

  • Membership plans

Allowing users to get the premium membership for access discounts is another income stream. Thus, it will let your regular user unlock extra benefits by paying the monthly or annual subscription fees.

  • Advertising¬†

It comes under the sponsorship programs which is again a profitable aspect for eCommerce apps. However, it will take time to operate such advertisements. Your app also needs to reach a level of higher monthly traffic. So, brands ask to promote their business on your app to attract a huge customer base.  

  • Drop shipping

It is also a widely used but rarely discussed revenue business model. For both B2B and B2C stores, the drop shipping option can leverage better revenue. As a merchant, you can manage the order fulfillment without incurring the manufacturing storage by yourself. So, a centralized eCommerce app manages the operations and eliminates the risk with increased earnings. 

As we are wrapping up the article, it becomes essential to give some experts’ measures. So, the below section gets you aware to develop an eCommerce app like Namshi or way beyond that. 

How does Custom eCommerce Mobile App Development Benefit you?

  • Increased customer engagement rate
  • Grabs audience and customer interest
  • Real-time notification on deals & discounts
  • Drive higher sales with optimized conversion rates
  • Upgrade customer satisfaction¬†
  • Exceptionally reduces the abandonment rate
  • 2x Faster app response time¬†

Acquiring such a custom app development solution for your project will adapt your business to the new tech trends. By gaining the hands-on expertise of our dedicated developers, you can easily accomplish the above edges. Thus, connect with our teams and make your app worthy for the present and upcoming market.

ecommerce app development services


Which are the top competitors of the Namshi App?

For developing an app like Namshi, you have to be well aware of its reading rivals. So, here’s the list;

  • 6thStreet
  • BySymphony
  • Apparel Group

How many panels does an eCommerce app like Namshi have?

Usually, there are three panels you will have in eCommerce apps. 

  • Vendor Panel ‚Äst Sellers screen
  • Admin Panel ‚Äď App manager screen¬†
  • User Panel ‚Äď Customer screen¬†

What is the cost of building an eCommerce app like Namshi? 

The overall eCommerce app development cost estimation will range between $10,000 Р$250,000+. It will increase as you integrate the advanced features and technology solutions. 


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