Events Ticket Booking Mobile App Development: Importance, Features And Costs

Events Ticket Booking Mobile App Development: Importance, Features And Costs

15 February, 2023 by img Rahul Panchal in Event Management App Development
Events Ticket Booking Mobile App Development: Importance, Features And Costs
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In the past few years, digitalization has brought many transformations in day-to-day life, and event ticket booking is one of these changes. As everything is at people’s fingertips, they are expected to avail of the Ticket Booking Solutions on their mobile devices. Thus, the rising booking online event ticket trends and growing competition are forcing all ticket booking businesses to adopt an app-based solution. If you are running an event ticket booking business, provide a robust app solution for event ticket booking so that users can easily book tickets using their fingertips.

Why Is Event Ticket Booking App Development Important?

An event Ticket Booking Solution can give you complete control over your event ticket booking business, including managing the whole process and improving convenience. This new app development can provide an easy and seamless option to make remote reservations. Moreover, the advanced solution allows your event ticket booking business to grow effectively.

Research shows that the segment for event ticket booking was predicted to generate nearly USD 73424 million in 2019. It reflects that the event ticket booking business has more scope in the future. To grow your business in this sector, you must grab this opportunity by opting for Ticket Booking Solution.

This post will discuss the development cost and the major features of a customized ticketing app. The feature-rich mobile apps are considered helpful for businesses to gain popularity and success. Let’s glance at these event categories and must-have features of the ticket-booking app that can lead you to gain a successful app.

What Are The Famous Event Categories?

It has been identified that the event management industry has no regular limitations to events and is considered expansive. Several things, like big music festivals, small parties, sports events, etc., fall into this category. This post throws light on these most famous event categories.


1. Plays and Movies

The movie is considered one of the most famous events. Similarly, Plays have a niche people category who loves stage performances and live actors performing. In both these categories, many genres are there to explore. Usually, these events are loved by many people, and consistent growth has been observed in audiences. Thus, it would help if you asked your Mobile App Development Services to involve this popular event category when developing a mobile app for event ticket booking.

2. Musical Events

Youngsters love musical events that showcase the talents of musical bands, groups, singers, and orchestras. Such musical events create a beautiful musical environment and quite lively settings. Hence, choose this category in your event booking app.

3. Sports Events

The sports category has many events, considered the most famous event categories in recent times. It has been observed that stadiums are always crowded with audiences, whether it’s a match for cricket, basketball, football, hockey, baseball, and any other. A rise in online sports ticket selling has been observed these days for special matches and tournaments. Thus, you must involve this category in your event booking app.

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4. Cultural and Recreational Events

The cultural and recreational events include activities managed by local councils and communities. This category of events includes sports events or activities, parties, social banquets, picnics, and other activities. If you involve this event category in your event ticket booking business, you can expect to get more bookings and upscale your business.

5. Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and seminars are the popular event categories that pertain to various topics. Many business houses, schools and college-going students like to attend these events to grow their knowledge about some important topics. Hence, choose the professional Mobile App Development Services that can help you to include this event category in your event booking app.

Your ticket booking business must look for the important features with an aim to meeting some significant objects like review and feedback posting; cost-efficient and effective tools to book tickets anywhere and anytime; showing trailers of movies and list of theatres; In-app feature of secure payment and selecting seats; and search for events using phrases and keywords through simple navigation.

What Are The Basic Features Of The Ticket Booking App for Users?


1. Registration and Login

The most important features of any B2C application are registration and login. You must allow your audience to register through a social account or phone number. It provides valuable customer information like mobile numbers, email-id, names etc.

2. Filter

The filter features must be included in your event booking app because it allows users to select movies or events by various options like reviews, place and time.

3. Location

Another important basic feature of the user panel is the user’s location. Your developed app with Ticket Booking Solutions must show information about nearby programs and events depending on the user’s location. The app will integrate GPS technology so users can choose the location to proceed manually.

4. Review and Rating

The users always like to check the review and ratings of the events, so you must provide this feature in your ticket booking app. Your users can give a rating and their views on the particular events after attending them. The users’ words can help to grow your event ticket booking business.

5. Event Listing With Details

You must include the feature of the event listing with details that will allow the users to check out the list of upcoming and ongoing movies or events in a particular region or city. In this app, your user can see the places of events and shows timings based on the filters.

6. Ticket Booking

It would be best if you chose the right Mobile App Development Services to offer you the best ticket booking app development process. This process automates your app to send the mTickets and tickets to the user’s mobile number and email address. Likely, this feature automatically sends the ticket to the users by confirming the event booking.

7. Booking History

Booking history is another important basic feature of the user panel that allows users to see their booking history. It also acts as a reference for regular programs or events.

8. Ticket Download

The feature of ticket download allows the users to download the event tickets. This way, getting the physical movie or event ticket will be easy.

9. Booking Screen

When you choose the best Mobile App Development Services for your event ticket booking application development, they ensure that your users can view their ticket status and reservation on the booking screen. The booking screen also helps your users know the real-time open positions so they can easily select the seat of their choice.

In addition, your ticket booking application development must include features like social media integration and rewards for a loyalty program. These features can help users share their experiences and thoughts through social media.

What Are The Basic Features Of The Admin Panel of Ticket Booking App?


Apart from the basic feature of the user panel, you must look into the admin panel’s basic features, including the following.

1. Customized Dashboard

The feature of a customized dashboard provides complete control of key operations and a comprehensive look at the app’s performance. Here, you can learn about analytics, such as the Likes, download rate, events genre, etc.

2. Venue Management

The feature of venue management allows the admins to change the details of the venue immediately.

3. Show or Event Management

The admin panel’s event or show management feature allows the management team or the admin to edit, modify, or add events.

4. Push Notification

The push notification feature makes it easy for the admin to send alerts and personalized notifications to app users.

5. Content Management

If you hire professional Mobile App Development Services for the ticket booking application, they can integrate the content management feature into the app. This feature allows the admin to delete or update the event details along with terms and conditions.

6. Book the Manager

The booking manager’s feature helps the admins stay updated with the current booking situation.

7. Account Management

The account management feature allows the admin to manage the revenue of your event ticket booking business.

What Is The Cost Of Event Ticket Booking App Development?


Several important factors influence the development cost of the customized ticket booking application.

1. Platform

When planning to integrate Ticket Booking Solutions within your event ticket booking business, the selection of the platform can influence the development cost. Usually, the iOS app development processes are less costly than the android app development process. Choosing the platform by considering the target audiences’ location is recommended.

2. Feature Integration

If you plan to integrate user-friendly and advanced features with the basic features of your app to make it more appealing, then it may cost you higher. Adding new features always consists of new things for users and more cost.

3. Complexity

Usually, the less complex app includes a simple design and basic features that can be developed quickly. However, if you consider integrating complex features like customization options and social media integration, it may take more time than usual and cost you more.

4. Duration

Usually, the event ticket booking business decides to develop the app by considering the cost factor. It has been observed that a complex and robust app requires more time for the development process, so it may cost you higher than a simple app.

5. Hourly Rate

If you are hiring Mobile App Development Services for your event ticket booking application development, you must know that hourly rates matter the most. It has been observed that app developers’ hourly rates greatly vary worldwide.


The selection of Ticket Booking Solutions can boost the business value instantly. When you offer the best event ticket booking application for your users, they can use an excellent facility like booking tickets online, checking out the show timing, downloading tickets etc. Choosing a cost-effective and customized solution will improve the user experience and your business standards. Therefore, you must look for the best Mobile App Development Services for your event ticket booking application development and get effective results immediately.



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