How to Develop an Event Management App?

How to Develop an Event Management App?

08 May, 2020 by img Rahul Panchal in Android App Development
How to Develop an Event Management App?

Event management apps happen to be one of the most effective ways to manage different types of upcoming activities. They can be used by you occasionally for controlling social gatherings. However, perhaps you have not given any thought regarding their remarkable possibilities within a business sphere.

In this case, the usual hype happens to be around Instagram as well as retail applications. In this article, we will talk about the different ways to develop an event management app.


Business apps:

You are perhaps a busy and extremely energetic person in case you happen to be an entrepreneur these days. It will be imperative for you to make different research on a daily basis, arrange conferences and organize the employees.

At present, you will come across different types of business apps, which will help you with these jobs. They are, in general, quite simple to use. The most popular ones consist of Pocket, Slack, and so on. They will help you to receive updated information and you can monitor the activities of your workers effectively.

At times, these types of applications are also developed by businessmen. They require the AppMakr platform or App Inventor for this along with some help from the experts. More complicated destinations are developed by the devoted professionals out there. Although the process is not much complicated, it might be time-consuming and expensive.


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Why do you need event management apps?

The best event-planning app will provide the basic features since it is quite simple to use.

Right now, you might stop and start to think about it once again. For what reason should you create a new event management app? The answer is quite simple; since it is so much convenient! By creating the event app, you will be capable of engaging all your business partners and colleagues.

Apart from this, it will be feasible for you to manage your activities as per your personal vision, and you will curtail the event management expenses. There is no need for the event management team to work much since you will be able to accomplish many of your objectives thanks to the app.

The best thing is that your app will allow you to generate cash. Different types of sponsorship options for this type of application consist of various advertising procedures, which will assist your business to earn extra cash. The good thing is that it usually exceeds the cost of the event app development.


It is time to select

In case this idea motivates you, you can begin to plan it and ask yourself how to develop an event app including an event management mobile app. The answer is not difficult and you simply need to select a proper sort of mobile application, procure a team of app developers, and make payment to them while enjoying the outcomes. However, the next question happens to be tougher. What kind of app development technology should be selected by you?

Although the choice is not that wide, it will be defending heavily on your budget as well as wishes.

Here, we have mentioned three major variants in the following paragraphs.

  • Web Apps – You will not find it much difficult to develop these apps although these are not that popular since you cannot download them. In spite of this, they come with one important benefit – you can get them for free and in unlimited numbers when it comes to content. It is important for your mobile application to satisfy certain specifications so that they are available on. However, a web application is not censored in that manner.
  • Hybrid Apps – You will be able to download hybrid apps on your gadget. In most cases, this one is going to be created on a JavaScript and HTML basis, and therefore, their development is quite simple which does not consume much cache. Although they get access to the data of your device on most occasions, they nevertheless limit access to some of the components, such as, the camera. Moreover, plenty of plug-ins are usually involved in the normal functions of the hybrid app development. Although it is not that bad, it might create some problems and the most challenging of these will be to develop identical plug-ins for various operating systems.
  • Native Apps – Native apps happen to be those with the highest levels of functionality. Although they allow you to create a custom set of unique designs and functions, it will be imperative for you to make distinct versions for every operating system. Apart from this, these are quite costly and difficult to make since you will certainly require C++, a strong Java, or Objective-C for making this kind of best event planning app.

You might select a proper substitute for these 3 depending on time restrictions and pricing along with your personal abilities. However, you are advised to your to make use of hybrid applications since they will help you to save your time as well as money.


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Hybrid App Top Frameworks

For developing hybrid apps, the primary 2 platforms happen to be React Native and Iconic. Each of these comes with some pre-built components, which can be utilized for launching applications for iOS, Android, as well as Windows Phone. Iconic will allow you to create apps for Desktops, Web, and PWA on its basis. Simultaneously, it makes use of WebView, which can make its performance weaker as well.

Iconic enables you to perform JavaScript functionality and display HTML. Accordingly, the user is going to work as though in a web browser while working in this application. One will not get the primary functions of any smartphone (for instance, keystore files, camera, or even GPS coordinates) from the browser, and for this reason special plug-ins are being utilized for running the application.

While Google is accountable for backing iconic, React Native happens to be a platform, which is supported by Facebook. It had been created for developing native event management mobile app while making use of JavaScript. JavaScript API is used by React Native over native components.

This implies that the identical standard UI blocks are used by React Native without making use of any browser out there.


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How to make use of an event app?

  • Once your fabulous event application has become ready, you will perhaps like to know exactly what actions you should perform for gaining the praise of the users.


  • Firstly, it will be imperative for you to keep the event attendees and the subscribers of the app updated with SMS and push notifications. You should not depend on email notifications only in this case since individuals do not check these email accounts at all times.


  • Secondly, it will be a fantastic idea to encourage competition as well as social interaction by making use of gamification. It is certainly amongst the most effective strategies that will help to keep your guests focused and engaged on your information. It is important to bear in mind that even management applications ought to consist of multiple printed program guides.


  • It will also be possible for you to enhance customer involvement and connections by building out different opportunities as well as prizes. For this, you can add a few easy score-winning games to your app.



Let us hope that this uncomplicated guide for the benefits of the event management applications as well as the development procedures will allow you to decide what you exactly require and how much money as well as time you’d like to spend for creating the application.


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