Revealing the Secrets You Didn’t Know About How to Hire Android Developers

Revealing the Secrets You Didn’t Know About How to Hire Android Developers

14 July, 2023 by img Jatin Panchal in Android App Development
Revealing the Secrets You Didn’t Know About How to Hire Android Developers
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Answer this genuinely! Are you also among Android smartphone users? Probably yes! After all, a recent report has projected that out of 7.33 billion active smartphone users worldwide, 3.6 billion are Android users among them. 

Consequently, Android is still holding the top rank among the operating systems. It is the most accepted and scalable OS that supports the high-usage apps of recent times such as WhatsApp, G-suite, etc. The increasing trend is probably because the price of Android smartphones is lower than Apple iOS. 

Besides the price, Android is already widespread for its performance and accessibility of the app. As a result, the need for Android developers has been peaking high since the beginning of 2024. And hiring an Android developer with good knowledge of the app development process is challenging. 

The clients are still wondering how to hire app developers. Therefore, to make your finding process streamlined and effortless we have evaluated the key elements in this article. You will get a deeper overview of the Android developers, their demands, types, and flexible hiring process. 

What is the job profile of Android App Developers? 

Android developers are the proficient who have all-inclusive knowledge of designing and developing mobile apps for Android devices. Usually, they are called software engineers. The Android app developers build and ensure the application for mobile devices. They have to perform coding, designing, programming, managing bugs, testing, and deployment of the mobile app.

So, hiring the best Android app developer who ensures effective functionalities and has a backup strategy to revive any uncertainty is crucial. Don’t worry, you are at the right place for finding the Android developers. In your search for how to hire top-rated Android programmers, we have experts who utilize tools to provide a better user experience with enhanced ROI.     

Do you know? Among 10K mobile apps, only 1 can successfully survive and generate revenue. The rest 9,999 goes all in vain. Despite the booming market demand for Android apps, it’s difficult to offer competitive applications.¬†

So, the need for hiring Android developers who have advanced levels of expertise has increased. Although the reasons behind this growing demand are astonishing. Let’s have a look at them.

Why is the demand for Android Developers growing?

rise to the demand for android developers

Android applications are the most reliable and fast-paced mobile apps. The technology has implemented many advanced features that increase its authenticity. There are globally many companies and firms in search of the right resources to get their Android applications ready. 

After performing extensive market research we have analyzed the major 4 reasons that give rise to the demand for Android developers.

  • Customization solutions

Today, having an eye-catching personalized app navigates the users to go through all the functionality of the app. It assists to provide a better user experience and engagement. Android apps have the potential to allow users to proceed with the activity after downloading the application. 

The experienced Android app developer understands the pain points of users and implements personalized features accordingly. So, it allows the user to spend more time on your app and resultantly becomes profitable.

  • Budget-friendly development

Clients always look for resources and technology that fits their needs in the pre-decided budget. Android app development refers to building robust apps for Android devices that are launched on the Google play store. And there are talents available in your budget on various platforms. 

  • Increased Android OS users¬†

With the popularity of the Google play store for app downloading, Android OS is flourishing. Around 87% of developers work on Android application development, whereas there are just 58% in iOS. You can get any kind of application easily with a matter of clicks on your Android device. Being an open-source operating system, Android is accessible to all developers. Thus, the need for expert Android developers for hiring has been raising continuously. 

  • Versatile for every industry

Many people have misconceptions that Android developers are essentially working for mobile and app development companies. They are required to build applications for a range of different industries such as Beauty, Healthcare, Finance, Food, Gaming industry, etc. Whichever industry your project belongs to, Android developers are the potential to develop mobile apps with industry-specific solutions. 

How to choose the accurate technology stack for your Android app development?

Finalizing the technology stack for Android apps has a range of options, so it becomes confusing to select one. Here are the tips to follow while choosing technology stack preferences. 

  • The tech stack you pick will be influenced by the type of application you want to build. A simple app with basic capabilities and features doesn‚Äôt require a complicated tech stack. While a more multifaceted app with advanced features may necessitate a more powerful tech stack.
  • Native apps are renowned for their reliability and efficiency. Considering the Native mobile app development perfectly meets the need of enterprises to embed the device’s built-in characteristics into their mobile app. It prevents the need for an external third-party API.
  • The functionality you’d like to have in your app will also have an impact on the technology stack you choose. Specific functionality, such as augmented reality or machine learning, is better suited to specific tech stacks. So, you have to diversify your requirements.¬†

Even if you didn’t get more knowledge about selecting the technology stack, look for the developer’s skills and experience. Technical knowledge is a crucial factor in your search for how to hire Android developers India. It will clear your assumptions and effectively manage the tech stack necessities.¬†

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What is the Primary Skill Set Required in the Best Android App Developers?

Before starting with the hiring process, it is essential to understand the roles and responsibilities of Android programmers. You can make the bifurcation of their skills based on your project requirements. Let’s dive into the skill set required in an ideal Android developer and their major responsibilities.¬†

  • Knowledge of Programming Language:¬†

Firstly, look for knowledge of the programming languages for developing Android applications. The two major language preferences in Android are Java & Kotlin. It is required to have a good understanding of both programming languages. 

  • Understanding of Android Studio:¬†

Building an Android app needs developers with proficiency in Android Studio. It provides an agile development environment for developing a mobile app. The senior Android developers have enough knowledge of the tool and its functionalities.

  • Utilizing Android SDK:

Android SDK (software development kit) is a range of tools, libraries, debuggers, sample code, documentation, etc. It is essential for building feature-rich Android applications. Moreover, SDK is one of the basic requirements for developers.

  • Troubleshooting Errors:

Android developers should have a good grasp of testing, troubleshooting bugs, and optimizing the performance of applications. They have an understanding of finding bugs and fixing them during the development process. Handling issues before the deployment process makes the task hassle-free.  

  • APIs Integration:

With expertise in different APIs and database management, Android app developers build effective roadmaps for applications. Having good insight into APIs such as Google API to integrate with the app provide enhanced benefit. Additionally, developers should know about database management as mobile apps with huge data raise storage issues. 

  • Insight of Application Trends:

Apart from these primary skills, developers should also be competent in basic know-how of backend development and the latest application trends. It will add value to their technical knowledge. 

With these technical skills, developers can surely have better experience and excellence to build a powerful application. However, Android developers should also comply with some soft skills. Normally, soft skills are necessary to understand customer behavior and market needs. Some of the primary skills among them are; 

  • Time Management
  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills¬†

Remember to select the right Android developer who should at least have 60-75% of all the above-mentioned skills. 

hire our dedicated android developer

What are the different types of Android developers?

Now, as you can see the skills are the prominent factor that you should consider. There is a categorization of Android developers. You should learn about the different types of developers. Depending on your project duration and needs, you can finalize the right type of developers. 

Basically, there are 3 kinds of Android app developers in the market. They are;

1) Full-Time Android Developer: It’s the most classic type of developer that you can hire for in-house and full-time purposes. Usually, IT firms and organizations prefer to onboard Android developers on a full-time basis. They are committed to finishing working hours and working on many projects simultaneously. So, for meeting the ongoing and long-term clients‚Äô projects Android app development services full-time developers will be better.¬†¬†

2) Part-time Android Developer: Usually, the part-time requirement of developers is depending on the hours they invest in the project. Hiring remote Android app developers is the best option for this. You can look for freelance part-time developers as well. Just ensure to take regular updates on the project. However, if you are hooding freelancers, consider verifying their profiles and reviews on their past work.

3) Contractual Android Developer: Contract-based Android developers are needed for short-term project needs like data collection, fixing bugs, making wireframes, etc. They are responsible for the specified tasks only. So, if you already have an Android application and want to make some upgrades to that, hiring contract developers will be preferable. 

Moreover, selecting the right type of Android developer saves your efforts and time. Currently, the scope of hiring dedicated developers is also rising. You can choose that also by analyzing your necessities and then choosing the developers depending on that. 

How to Find and Hire the Right Android App Developers smoothly?

When you know about the next step priorly, you can plan it better. Similarly for hiring an Android developer as you have finalized the type, now it’s time to move forward with the interview and selection process. Here is the step-by-step guide to follow for a successful interview procedure.¬†

  • Describe your job requirements

Briefing about your project necessities and candidates’ role for the positions is critical. It gives an overview to candidates about their needs and technical requirements. Post the jobs with detailed and clear descriptions of the developer’s key responsibilities. It should include skills, qualifications, shift time, project type, hiring model, and budget.¬†

Job description plays a vital role in making the candidate apply for the position. Therefore, you should create it with proper knowledge.  

  • Ask for a CV or portfolio

After receiving the applications, ask the candidates to share either their CVs or work portfolios. The reason for asking about portfolios is that has a list of their past projects. You can examine their efficiency and expertise level from their portfolio. It saves you time in the further selection process.

  • Shortlist based on work experiences

Now, that you have the portfolios of all the candidates who applied for the Android developers positions, shortlist the top 10 or 20 according to their level of experience, i.e., junior, mid-level, and senior. It will help to make your choice clear and get the right candidate quickly.

For instance, if you are a startup business, hiring a Junior Android developer can easily fit and fuel your startup budget. So, prioritizing the work experience is a better way to get the right developer according to your desired price.

  • Schedule a technical interview¬†

After the shortlisting section, begin with the technical interview process. Assign one similar practical task to all the candidates with a predefined time duration for its submission. Also, try to monitor the candidate during task performance and evaluate the result. It will be a one-shot round in selecting the best developer. 

Now, you can move ahead to the final discussion about the aspects of the projects. Following these simple steps keeps you and the candidate informed about the process and prevents unnecessary confusion. After all this, you should also look into the cost module of onboarding the candidate.

How much does it cost to Hire an Android App Developers? 

developers hourly rate by different region

( NOTE: These are approximate rates based on market research, it may vary as per the demand )

The most influential part of hiring Android developers in India is the cost. Be you a startup or an experienced organization, deciding on the cost is necessary to manage the fund’s allocation, project timeframe, and application requirements.¬†

So, considering the Android app developers’ rates per hour basis in prominent countries. For making this easy to understand, kindly go through the below table and select the country you want to outsource the resource.¬†

Bonus Tip: Offshoring app development services from India is a cost-saving approach. You can easily hire dedicated developers based on your time zone.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Android Developers from Rlogical?

hiring android developers from rlogical

For the past 13 years, Rlogical has been working in the IT industry and delivered various projects successfully. We understand that Android apps are already booming and developers are the need of the time for clients globally. You may find any skilled developer for your project, but Rlogical makes the difference. 

Our experienced Android app developers have worked on numerous projects. Their expertise level offers state-of-the-art applications that generate increased revenue. Hire the best Android developers as google play developer and reap the following benefits;

  • Robust App Architecture

Building an Android app architecture makes ultimate wonders for your application. Our developers understand the project’s dynamism and work to embed the app with appropriate architecture patterns. Hence, our developers know how to build MVP, MVC, and MVVM Android architectures.

  • 100% code ownership

Our team of developers has gained knowledge and excellence in delivering an error-free and effective codebase for app development. They ensure that the coding of applications shouldn’t have any crashes.  

  • Cross-domain Expertise¬†

We have an edge in utilizing systems from different domains to connect for information and service exchange. The developers make your app enriched with additional value and accomplish goals efficiently. 

  • IoT-based Solutions

IoT solutions are better for creating IoT devices that minimize complexity and improve efficiency. By enabling IoT for your Android app, our developers assist to exchange and link the data with other devices or systems easily. 

  • On-Time Delivery

Completion of world-class Android projects during the pre-decided timeframe is essential. Our developers have adapted to the fast-paced work environment. So, they provide you with accurate time duration well in advance.  

Key Takeaways 

Now, it’s time for you to take the first step and start your search for the ideal match. You have got the idea of how to hire Android App Developers thoroughly. Utilize the above information and steps for your guidance. You will definitely find the right Android developer with essential skills. Always remember to prioritize your requirements over the skillset of the developer.¬†

Examine every aspect and tip properly. If you find the process confusing then we can help you cut off the halfway efforts and seal the deal right now! You are just a ring away to get the suggestions of experts about your project. 

top rated android developers


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