Fast-Track your Business with SALESFORCE (The Secret of SALESFORCE)

Fast-Track your Business with SALESFORCE (The Secret of SALESFORCE)

05 September, 2018 by img Jatin Panchal in Enterprise Application
Fast-Track your Business with SALESFORCE (The Secret of SALESFORCE)

Types of projects that can be achieved in salesforce

Different types of projects can be achieved using salesforce which are listed as below:

1. Recruiting Portal

  • Tune positions in all levels of the method, from those which can be open to those who were filled or cancelled.
  • Track all the applicants who practice for a particular function, such as the fame of their utility (whether or not they have had a cell phone screen, are scheduled for interviews, were rejected or employed, or have exceeded on a proposal that turned into provided).
  • Track the posting of jobs on outside employment websites, consisting of monster.Com.
  • Permit employees to put up opinions for candidates whom they have interviewed.

2. Order Tracking Applications

  • Manage all of your Service Deliveries in Salesforce (reduce the work and excel).
  • Mechanically capture the delivery address, pictures, and eSignature from client.
  • Helps Delivery person be effective and manage all deliveries on the GO via Salesforce1 Mobile app.
  • Automatically produce service case in Salesforce Service Cloud to deal with any client problems.

3. Inspection Industry

  • Asset house owners are notified once essential assets are due for scrutiny.
  • Dashboards give insight within the overall examination results of the corporate.
  • This application greatly supports legal compliance and worker safety.

4. HR & Recruitment Application

Employee Onboarding process, Company budgeting, CRM System, project management, contracts management, clientele management and social intranet management developed with the help of salesforce are very user friendly and cost effective for the organisations.

Various notable organizations use salesforce for his or her promoting and client management. Few organizations are named below:

  • Pizza Hut for sensible mobile expertise to customers.
  • United breweries for reportage services.
  • HCL Technologies for knowledge integrity.
  • L’Oréal for his or her own social network that shares plans and associated with hair fashion.
  • Nikon for social network that is powered by Chatter.
  • Urban Ladder, Western Union, American Express, etc. uses salesforce for their higher communication with client and internal services conjointly.

Why Salesforce for Your Business?

  • Each client will be understood by sales, promoting and customer service groups once Salesforce CRM is employed.
  • Salesforce could be a pioneer in cloud computing and if you’re tech savvy then you would possibly apprehend that CRM is shifting towards cloud computing.
  • You will be able to get a better ROI (return on investment) through the cloud platform and infrastructure of Salesforce.
  • Purchasers will customise the CRM for his or her business as Salesforce offers total freedom.
  • AppExchange is provided by Salesforce that homes excessiveness of pre-built business applications not only for CRM however rather more.
  • You will be able to} get the versatile and automatic and customised business reports which will facilitate in higher cognitive process and therefore the sales persons can access the client info at any time from any device. Salesforce offers a simple way to access and accumulate client info and thus is most popular by most of the business organizations.
  • Immaculate exchange of valuable info across all of your client channels.
  • Uniform user participation across all the prevailing bit points.
  • Actual time access to any or all client connected information to facilitate fast decision making.
  • It additionally takes care of the personalised merchandise and services placed on clear-cut desires and specifications given by bound customers.

Advantages of using Salesforce

Salesforce are often utilized in all areas of business operations and satisfy the requirements of your client. Salesforce provides these several functionalities that are as below:

  • Campaign chase
  • Lead Capturing
  • Lead Assignment
  • Proposal & Quote Generation
  • To manage accounts and contacts
  • For customer support
  • Customer Apps

Salesforce may be employed in varied trade for business operations:

  • Sales Organization
  • Customer Support Team
  • Marketing Organizations
  • Decreased time to Market
  • Easily Deployed Solution
  • Long Distance Collaboration and Support
  • Reduced training as support cost
  • A consistent approach to applications
  • Improved Implementation Organisation
  • CRM for Enhanced Communication
  • CRM improves your Customer Service
  • Automation of Everyday Tasks
  • Greater Efficiency for Multiple Teams
  • Improved Analytical Data and Reporting

Apart from of these organizations, it’s empowering several huge organizations round the world. Small, medium or giant any size of the organization is put into service Salesforce anyhow for several of its business desires.

Supportive 3rd party extensions

There are various third-party integrations which are used with salesforce for better applications. The supportive third-party integrations are listed below:


Salesforce with Alfresco

Salesforce with Alfresco

Salesforce with NetSuite using Restlet API

  • Quickly and easily integrate the #1 cloud financial/ERP solution with Salesforce CRM
  • Streamline your lead-to-cash process and accelerate cash flow with seamless flow through from SFA to financials
  • Improve customer service by providing sales teams with real-time back-office visibility into orders, fulfilment, billing information and much more.


Salesforce with Mongo DB

As there is no click and play data-loaders, most of the MongoDB to Salesforce integration stuff is about making custom RESTful API solutions to access mongoDB JSON files and push, pull or delete data from Salesforce database.


Salesforce with AWS



Target audience (Domain & region)

Salesforce can be used in varied industries such as:
Food & Beverages, E-commerce, IT, Consulting, Healthcare, Finance, Education, Government, Hospitality, Non-Profit Organisations, Transportation and Utilities.
Under various industries salesforce is used for employee management, customer management, contact management and other features of the salesforce.</>



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