For What Reason is MERN Stack considered the Best for Developing Web Apps?

For What Reason is MERN Stack considered the Best for Developing Web Apps?

21 December, 2020 by img Jatin Panchal in Hire MERN Stack Developer
For What Reason is MERN Stack considered the Best for Developing Web Apps?

For What Reason is MERN Stack considered the Best for Developing Web Apps?

The web app development industry has progressed significantly than in previous years. It takes lots of innovative web designing to develop a web app successfully. It is imperative to go for the proper tech stack for businesses to ensure high-level efficiency and fast web development. Below, we will take a look at how it is possible.


What do you mean by the MERN stack?

MERN stack is an assortment of rugged and robust technologies for developing scalable Web apps, which consist of front-end, back-end, and database components. This particular tech stack happens to be a user-friendly JavaScript framework intended for creating dynamic applications and websites. For this reason, it is considered to be a preferred platform for startups.

It consists of incredible technologies, including MongoDB, Express, React JS, and Node.js (MERN).



MongoDBThis one is a cross-platform and open-source NoSQL DBMS. It happens to be a document-oriented database, implying that the data will be saved by making use of documents and collections. Mongo DB stores the information in binary JSON format, enabling quick exchange of information between server and client. It can likewise be utilized to store large volumes of data, which helps make it extremely scalable.




This one is a lightweight and modular Node JS framework, which helps in creating Web apps. It happens to be a back-end and server-side framework based on JavaScript, which has been designed to write quick, simplified, as well as secure apps.




This is an open-source JavaScript library employed for creating user interfaces, usually for single page apps. It provides the facility of reusability of codes on various platforms. It is scalable as well as fast.


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Node JS

Node.js happens to be a cross-platform and open-source runtime environment for JavaScript. It has been designed to operate the JavaScript code on the server-side outside the browser.


In the subsequent paragraphs, we will take a closer look into the different MERN stack components that make web app development extremely easy and quick.



This one is a document database where information is going to be stored in flexible documents along with a JSON based query language. The number of fields, size, and content in these documents might vary from each other, implying that it is possible to change the data structure over time. This framework is well-known for its scalable as well as flexible features.



  • The environments of this framework are incredibly scalable.
  • It is possible for it to run on more than one server simultaneously. The information is duplicated for keeping up the system and also maintaining its running condition.
  • Master-Slave replication is supported by it. MongoDB uses native applications for maintaining several copies of information.
  • MongoDB supports flexible aggregation tools as well as MapReduce.


Why make use of MongoDB?

  • It helps to make it quite simple to index documents.
  • It helps to ensure scalability since it is possible to handle extensive data effortlessly by dividing it into several machines.
  • Setting up a MongoDB environment is quite simple.
  • A flexible document-model is supported by it, which is simple to create.



Express is a web app framework intended for Node.js, making it quite simple to write server code. Developers need not repeat the identical code again and again, unlike the previous years. This framework has been designed to create scalable and robust APIs and Web apps. It is typically renowned for its minimal architecture as well as fast speed.


Why make use of Express?

  • Single-threaded and asynchronous.
  • Is scalable and fast.
  • Powerful API.



It was the Facebook developers who developed React. The library is employed for creating views in HTML. Rather than using templates for automating the creation process of HTML elements, this framework uses an all-inclusive programming language for building repetitive DOM elements. This helps us to run the identical code on the browser as well as the server. It differentiates MERN from MEAN ultimately.

The most recent version of this framework happens to be React 16.9, which involves bug fixes, innovative features, and deprecation notifications for preparing for a significant release in the upcoming days.



  • The virtual DOM happens to be the original DOM’s lightweight copy, which consists of all the characteristics of the actual DOM.
  • React happens to be component-based. Competent logic is inscribed in JavaScript instead of templates, and therefore, it is simple to pass information through the app.
  • Supports 1-way data-binding implying that the data will flow in one particular direction all through the application, which will provide better control in the long run.
  • React happens to be the most preferred web framework, with approximately 75% of the developers choosing to use it for developing apps. On the other hand, the number is around 58% for Angular. Thus, it is evident from this information that React has overtaken angular. While about 32% of programmers prefer to work with React, only 30% like to work with Angular.


Why make use of React?

  • React is known to support Components, which are the UI where every component has logic. The features also support code reusability, which helps to make web applications quite simple and easy to understand.
  • Features such as JSX, Virtual DOM, and Components help make it quicker and faster than other frameworks.
  • React Native can code for iOS and Android apps very quickly by using React JS and JavaScript.


Node JS

Node JS is open-sourced by Google and is built on Chrome. The framework has been built on the JavaScript engine of Chrome. It has been designed to execute JavaScript code outside a browser and create scalable network applications.



  • The library of Node JS is extremely fast in the execution of code.
  • No data is going to be buffered by Node.js applications.
  • All the APIs happen to be non-blocking, that is, asynchronous.


Why make use of Node JS?

  • The open-source runtime environment of JavaScript is supported by it.
  • It consists of a single-threaded model.
  • Node JS is known for its fast execution of codes.
  • Is exceptionally scalable.


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Benefits of using MERN stack

Following MEAN, MERN happens to be the most well-known stack at present. Below, we have mentioned some benefits of using this particular stack.

  • It consists of the entire cycle of web development.
  • The MVC architecture is facilitated by it, which helps make web development quite simple.
  • Being considered an affordable stack with accessible setup, open-source support, and minimized learning time might have the minimum cost of development.
  • While working with the JavaScript stacks, it is imperative for the developers to be knowledgeable regarding JSON and JavaScript.
  • The four powerful technologies will be adequate for developing a comprehensive application.
  • The framework consists of a wide-ranging prebuilt collection of testing tools.
  • The four technologies offer effortless integration with cloud platforms.
  • The framework aids in building scalable and flexible websites.


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