Know-How Much It Will Cost You To Develop An APP Like YouTube

Know-How Much It Will Cost You To Develop An APP Like YouTube

18 July, 2022 by img Jatin Panchal in Mobile App Development
Know-How Much It Will Cost You To Develop An APP Like YouTube

Nowadays, digital platforms are becoming the source of networking. We somehow communicate within the preferable digital platforms and adore that relationship; it may be by looking at the videos of celebrities or conversing with a stranger from another part of the globe. With the broad umbrella of the internet, we are securing our standards by involving within the major digital platforms, one of which is YouTube.

Popularly, YouTube is known to be a streaming platform and is termed to be a video-sharing application as well. An individual gets access to upload any kind of video on YouTube, and also, you can watch the videos created by the other members from anywhere. The active users who use it every day are known to be the sources who enlarge the views perspective of the particular video on the respective platform. Following recent research, YouTube is engaging 122 million users daily.

Along with the common people, many major communities also opt for this platform to broadcast their content and reach a particular audience throughout the globe. Such industries include BBC, CBS, Disney, and others. To upload the videos on YouTube, it requires to register your profile first, and then you can create content according to your preferences.

If we talk about the helping attributes of YouTube, then it has facilitated a connection between the needed viewer with the appropriate content. For example, if a student is learning some study materials, they can access various channels through which they can get a clear insight about the assignment or the research work they are doing.

If a person wants to engage themselves within the jazz of song and dance, then a million channels can be found on YouTube where the preferred songs and types of dances are available. Here we will discuss the process and how much efficiency and cost are needed to create an app like YouTube.

What Should Be Considered While Developing An App Like YouTube?

  • If an individual is focused on creating an app like YouTube, they should also be aware of other considerations. Along with the value and cost, you should consider the features as well. Following the development procedure, the app developer should also be paid for infusing the professional features in the apps, just like YouTube.

The individual must think about the targeted market in which the following app will show its defining characteristics applaudingly. The interesting features in your app will allow the users to track your app’s motive, and accordingly, they will value the registering process.

  • Following the developmental criteria of YouTube, you should infuse the safety measures in your app through which it will secure the videos that the viewers are watching on a regular term.
  • Clarify and set a major standard about the different types of videos that are getting uploaded on your app. The uploaded videos should have guidelines, and a rule should be maintained where a definite age group can watch the videos. This will be valuable for children under 18, who will not get access to the particular videos.
  • YouTube is determined to give specific content about a particular topic around the globe, so your app must consider the effective medium that should be used prominently without misusing the guidelines and basic features.

Features That Should Be Involved In The Following App Similar To YouTube

The approaching content marketing is getting enlarged and giving access to the growth of following video streaming applications like YouTube. The development of live streaming platforms has evolved in recent years and gave rise to many facilitating mediums such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and much more. YouTube is standing at the peak of all the featuring platforms as the regulatory system of the platform has been infused with beneficial terms like the user-acceptable concept, interactive vision, and prominent responsiveness.

Many significant organizations are following up on the notion of developing a prominent video streaming platform, and here are the features they should certify within their apps.

Youtube app - infographic

1. The Easy And Efficient Login Process

The app developers should actively value the login process as the audience always prioritize an easy and convenient login process. They probably lose interest in the following app if they find it difficult. So, a video streaming application like YouTube needs a quick and problem-free login concept. The quick accessibility to the login page will make the features more prominent with the functionalities.

2. Searching Bar

Following up with the search bar will make the video streaming platform more appropriate for the audience as they can search for the desired video quickly with easy terms.

3. Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Facility

Applications similar to YouTube will improve the connection by allowing the broadcasting feature to the connected devices such as TV and gain a strengthened functionality.

4. Review Section

The app users should always prioritize getting updated with the need and the demand of the market and the targeted audience. The performance values and the feedback will help your YouTube-kind video application to regulate more authentically with the perfect features.

How Much Will The Price Be To Develop An App Like YouTube?

The cost of video applications similar to YouTube will cost you around $20,000 to $35,000. If your application wants to achieve popularity among the users of iPhone and Android, then a cross-platform procedure will be the best choice for you. The developmental features and the linked sources that will be infused in the application, similar to YouTube, will cost you a maximum of $50,000 and above.


Developing a streaming platform application like YouTube is difficult, but considering the major factors and appropriate features will make your app stand out of the box. The simple access to the user will engage more audience and make them register within the platform. So, the features should be added properly with adequate values and responsibility.

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