How to create a winner mobile app?





With the world getting busier and screens getting even more compact, there’s been the dawn of the era of mobile apps. Now what is interesting is that mobile apps have taken over websites way too fast and in such an overpowering way that anyone who thinks of launching a business these days has to think of a mobile app to take it to the world before even thinking of the website. This makes it really important for one to keep in mind some key points while creating a mobile app design and development that conquers all.

Style font design

The style/font and the design of the app hold key importance. You need to make sure that the app is so designed that it is easy to read and the fonts, the colors and the resolution of the images that you are using is comfortable for an average mobile user. While conceptualizing the mobile app design, one needs to keep type fonts styles and colors aligned with the theme and purpose of the app.

Effortless navigation

Another very important part of any good mobile app is seamless navigation. Any mobile app that makes you wait too long for loading pages, clicking, displaying images etc, gets on the users’ nerves and they usually give up using it. So as a mobile app developer, you need to make sure that you keep the user engaged with the help of glitch free navigation.

Mobile comes before desktop

Considering the recent shift in trend you need to make sure that your mobile app is so crafted that it garners maximum users and helps your venture soar, only then does your website actually become relevant. When you take this approach, you’ll automatically end up creating an app that is minimalistic while being useful. This is because in mobile app design there is no room for anything extra or irrelevant. You have to focus on keeping the interface user friendly by giving the customer exactly what they need while cutting out the frills.

Easy sign up/login

Creating a good mobile app is one thing and actually making the customer use it is another. There are several apps that we fill our phones with but never use. Why is that? It’s because these apps either have a lengthy sign-up procedure or ask for too many personal details or just have a complex initiation process. To get the user on board instantly, you need to keep your sign-up processes really prompt and effortless.

Add gestures such as swipe and pinch

Needless to say, you need to offer people something more than what they have already seen. This calls for the need of adding details and gestures such as swipe, pinch, voice control etc. to your mobile app design. These things will keep your app in line with the UI/UX trends as well as keep your audience engaged and your competitors at the edge of their seats.

Definitely, designing for a mobile app is more challenging as well as restricted in terms of options than designing a website. This is why you need to keep your techniques and trends updated and ceaselessly work towards creating an all-informative, useful and confusion free design by studying the behavioral trends of the users

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