Java or Dot Net: Which is Better for Web App Development?

Java or Dot Net: Which is Better for Web App Development?

14 June, 2023 by img Jatin Panchal in ASP.Net Development
Java or Dot Net: Which is Better for Web App Development?

During the last decade, programming has turned out to be the mainstream compared to the other fields. Enterprises have started shifting their business platform towards the online mode with an increase in mobile gadgets across the globe. The development of apps or software by custom software development services has been the most effective way to accomplish this. For this, developers who are experienced in app development are hired by the companies.

Java happens to be the fundamental language employed in the development of software. However, it is not known to many of us that there is one more rival to Java, which is referred to as Dot Net. There is a frequent clash between Dot NET and Java in the programming scenario. .NET has been introduced by Microsoft to keep up with Java.

.NET has become quite well-known in the development of apps and is used extensively right now.


In the following paragraphs, we will mention why the Dot net is considered to be better than Java. However, before that, we will discuss Java vs Dot Net in brief for better understanding.



Java is considered to be a programming language that happens to be object-oriented, class-based, and general-purpose. Usually, the applications in Java are compiled to byte codes, which can operate on any JVM (Java virtual machine). Although Java’s syntax is identical to that of C and C++, it comes with lesser low-level facilities compared to both of them.

According to GitHub in 2019, Java happens to be among the most popular programming languages out there and has been used mainly for client-server side applications with more than 10 million registered developers.

Java was introduced in 1995, and it has turned out to be one of the best options for developing software or applications since then. It is employed for designing applications for Middleware products, Embedded systems, Web servers, and Scientific applications.


Benefits of using Java

 The benefits of using Java development services are mentioned in the following paragraphs.

  1. Simple – Compared to other programming languages, it is much simpler to use, write, debug, compile, and learn Java. It is simpler because it makes use of garbage collection and automatic memory.


  1. Object-oriented – Java is considered an object-oriented language related to objects, classes, abstraction, polymorphism, inheritance, and so on, which enables us to develop modular programs.


  1. Safe – Java is a programming language that provides optimum security. Its interpreter, compiler, as well as a runtime environment, has been developed with safety in mind.


  1. Perform-independent – Java provides the facility of writing a program once which can be run on any platform and any browser that is Java-compatible. Thus, we can quickly move it between different computers.


  1. Distributed computing – Java comes with remarkable networking capability. Java has been designed so that distributed computing becomes quite simple with networking capability, which is included in it.


  1. Multithreaded –It is possible to perform several tasks simultaneously using Java.


  1. Robust – Java happens to be an extremely robust and reliable programming language. Its compilers will be able to identify errors in coding without any problem whatsoever. Other features such as garbage collection and exception handling help to make Java quite robust.


Drawbacks of using Java

  1. Performance – Although it is simple to use Java, it is not reflected in its performance. It can use a lot of memory and is relatively slow as compared to other compiled languages.


  1. Memory management – Memory, in Java, is managed to employ garbage collection. The application’s performance is affected once the garbage collector functions. The reason for this is that it is imperative to stop all other threads to allow the garbage collector thread to function.


  1. Appearance and feel – The job applications’ deferred appearance is entirely dissimilar to the native appearance.


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Dot Net

Dot NET happens to be an open-source managed and free computer software framework for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS operating systems. It is the Dot NET Framework’s cross-platform successor. Microsoft Corporation is mainly responsible for developing this project.

It is possible to use the Dot NET Core Framework for building various types of applications like mobile, web, desktop, cloud, machine learning, game, IoT, microservices, and so forth.

Dot NET Core consists of all the features needed for running a basic Dot NET Core application. Other features are also provided, which can be included in the application as and when required.

In this manner, the Dot NET Core application will help improve the performance and minimize the memory footprint, and it is also quite simple to maintain.


Benefits of using .NET

Below, we have mentioned some notable benefits of using ASP net development services.

  1. Enhanced performance – One notable advantage of using Dot NET is its remarkable performance. There is a significant boost in performance due to new enhancements and upgrades. The most important thing is that there is no need to modify the code.


  1. Lesser code – The most recent technology implies that less coding is used by it, making it very simple for the coders to make the code optimized.


  1. Dot NET supports Cross-platform – Cross-platform application development, enabling users to develop applications running on Linux, Windows, and Mac. Put simply. The entire backend will use the identical C# code.


  1. Maintenance – It is simpler to maintain Dot NET since the code written in this language is typically small. Although it can be challenging for a newbie, an experienced developer can optimize it easily.


Drawbacks of using .NET

  1. Dot NET does not have much documentation available on the web, unlike other languages. Therefore, it might be difficult for you to learn Dot NET due to a lack of resources.


  1. Tooling is quite challenging in Dot NET. Despite being updated by Microsoft regularly, it is nevertheless quite tricky.


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.NET Vs. Java

Java Vs .NET comparison

Comparison Table of .NET Vs Java





Programming Language C#, VB.NET, PHP, Ruby, Python Java, Clojure, Groovy, Scala, PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript
Operating System Windows Multiple
Runtime CLR JVM
Web Service Support Built-In Add-on
Web Application Framework ASP.NET MVC, Spring .NET Spring
Web Server Scripting ASP.NET JSF
Data Access ADO.NET/oLeDB JDBC
HTTP Engine IIS Application Server from Multiple Vendors
Platforms .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Silverlight JavaSE, JavaEE



  1. Target platforms – Even though both Java and .NET support windows and Linux, usually Linux stages are targeted by Java development services while ASP net development services target windows conditions.


  1. LINQ – C# developers are allowed by LINQ to compose inquiries within the code legitimately against using put away techniques on the database server. Java does not have any LINQ equal.


  1. Integrated development environment Java’s IDE offers a code editor, compiler, and debugger for simplifying the code building process. The platforms happen to be user-friendly for the beginners out there. On the other hand, Visual Studio is integrated into .Net. It consists of lots of language-specific features. The IDE helps in editing and compiling, plus additional development activities.


Why is .Net considered to be better than Java?

Now that we have gone through each of them separately, it is time to see why .Net is thought to be better than Java.

  1. Secure platform

Monitored by Asp.NET of Microsoft, .Net is considered to be a closed platform. As a result, it is possible to professionally handle security-related problems, and the most recent technology can be used. For Java, which happens to be an open-source language, there is a lack of resources and professional support. Consequently, there can be frequent updates during runtime, which can irritate lots of users out there. However, these types of problems are not present with .Net.


  1. Mature programming languages

When talking about languages, .Net happens to be a framework used for writing codes using C#. On the other hand, Java is considered to be a programming language. Java is quite simple to learn with strict conventions, while C# happens to be flexible despite being a high-level language. As a result, it is possible for the beginners to start working with Java and, following this, delve into C#.


  1. Robust IDE

 .Net makes use of Visual Studio, and therefore, it has got every single tool and feature present within it. All these tools will allow the developers to create applications with any type of intricacy. It enables the developers to program, design, test, and debug any kind of application targeted at ASP.NET.


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We like to conclude this comparison between Java vs .Net by asserting that those who are beginning from scratch and would like to learn a language whose information is available on the web quickly can go for Java. On the other hand, those who have already learned Java and would like to shift towards mature plus offers adequate security should go for .Net.


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