JavaScript Vs TypeScript

JavaScript Vs TypeScript

30 June, 2020 by img Rahul Panchal in Java Development
JavaScript Vs TypeScript

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a popular scripting language, used for creating web pages. It is majorly used for client-side Dynamic pages. Programs we write in JavaScripts are known as scripts. Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web. JavaScript allows us to develop interactive web pages and is an essential part of any web application services. The majority of websites use JavaScript for client-side page behavior, and all major web browsers have a dedicated JavaScript engine to execute it. JavaScript is Object-Oriented language but, it is not class-based Object Oriented language like JAVA, C++, C#, etc. JavaScript is a prototype-based language.

What is TypeScript?

While TypeScript is an open-source object-oriented programming language. It is a combination of some of the features of JavaScript and additional features like static typing, classes, and interface. We can also say that TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. If you are writing a JavaScript it is a valid TypeScript. You can not directly run the TypeScript on the browser and it needs a compiler to compile the code and turn it into the JavaScript file.


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Why TypeScript Introduced?

In the past JavaScript was just used as a client-side programming language. Later developers also feel that it can also be used as a server-side programming language. With the wide use of JavaScript the JS code started getting heavier and more complex. And also JavaScript was not fulfilling the purpose of object-oriented concepts. So, TypeScript developed to bridge these gaps. It can be run on Node js or any browser which supports ECMAScript 3 or newer versions.

Difference between JavaScript & TypeScript

Difference Between JavaScript Vs TypeScript

Pros of Using TypeScript over JavaScript

    • It always highlights errors at compilation time during the time of development. Whereas if you are using JavaScript errors get pointed out at runtime.

    • One can run TypeScript on any browser or JavaScript engine. TypeScript includes the features that are strongly typed or Static Typing. Static typing helps us for checking type correctness at compile time. However, this feature is not available in JavaScript.

    • An additional feature of using TypeScript is it allows great tooling supports with IntelliSense which provides active hints as the code is added.

    • TypeScript compiler can compile the .ts files into Es3, ES4 and ES5.

    • Frameworks like Angular 2 also use TypeScript as a programming language.


Cons of Using TypeScript over JavaScript

    • Usually, TypeScript takes a longer time to compile the code as compared to the JavaScript.

    • TypeScript does not support abstract classes.

    • If you run the TypeScript application into the browser, a compilation step is needed to transform TypeScript into JavaScript.



We can say that Typescript and JavaScript both have their own features and limitations. But TypeScript is the best way to write Front-end in 2020. If you are thinking switching to TypeScript in an existing project is definitely a lot of work and it should be strongly thought over before doing so. However, if you’re creating a new front-end application, which will have to be maintained over time, go with TypeScript without any hesitation.

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