Hotel Booking Mobile App Development Cost & Features

Hotel Booking Mobile App Development Cost & Features

07 July, 2020 by img Rahul Panchal in Hotel Booking App
Hotel Booking Mobile App Development Cost & Features

When you are planning to spend your holidays the most significant question will be to book a resort where you will be able to spend an enjoyable time according to your requirements and budget. Thanks to the development of smartphones and technology, the travel industry has been experiencing remarkable growth at present. Now it does not take much time to transform your planning into bookings. According to research new recent research, it has been found that travelers across the globe are becoming acquainted with research new technologies, which help to make their lives easier and faster. At present, individuals tend to book their hotels according to their requirements and comforts.

Earlier, individuals needed to visit the destinations physically to book the hotels. However, the travel industry has been developing at an extremely fast rate since customers tend to use the online booking platform right now. It will be possible for you to verify the entire information right from your mobile application regarding hotels, services, and rooms. This has helped to make the booking experience extremely quick and fast.

Important Recent Studies

It has been found by recent studies that:

  • Approximately 80% of hotel reservations are performed using mobile devices
  • Approximately 50% of the bookings for online travel agencies are being done by mobile devices
  • The conversion rate possible on mobile devices happens to be approximately 5 times more as compared to the web

As a result, the above-mentioned information helps to define the fact that mobile bookings have become the most effective way for the customers to reserve their hotels out there.

Hotel Booking Mobile Application Types:

Aggregator Application

As suggested by its name, these types of applications have different hotels registered with them in the respective place. Moreover, the users will be able to get the information for different hotels in one go instead of checking the individual hotel sites. It will also be possible to refine the search results by applying different filters like budget, star ratings, facilities needed, and so on. The users will be able to book their stay in the hotels according to their requirements after verifying he details. and Trivago are examples of these types of applications.

Dedicated hotel chain application

This type of publication is one that has been developed for a specific chain of resorts or hotels for carrying out its business operations. The users will be receiving complete details regarding the different hotels owned by a particular brand. This application will help to manage services such as restaurant bookings, reservations, food ordering, and so forth. Hilton and Taj Group of Hotels are examples of these types of applications.

Online travel agencies

These are online companies that enable the users to reserve different travel-related services from an application or website directly. These are actually the 3rd-party agents that market various hotel bookings, holiday packages, flights, cars, reservations, and so on organized or provided by others. and Make My Trip are examples of online travel agencies.


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Reasons Why Hotel Booking Apps Are Necessary For Your Growing Business

In the following paragraphs, we will see why it is important to develop hotel-booking apps at present.

Surging the customers’ user experience

These hotel apps help the customers in searching and booking their hotel rooms with only a few clicks at inexpensive tariffs. In this way, they aid in enhancing the experience of the clients to a great extent.

Monitor the information of the clients

You’re going to get access to important information regarding your clients (from the perspective of the owner). It will also be possible for you to monitor the trait of their behavior.

Help to promote your hotel business

A hotel room-booking app will be one of the most effective tools for promoting your business and it will help to generate brand awareness amongst the clients.

Enhanced service quality

A hotel-booking app will help to enhance customer services and will provide you with information regarding discounts plus other deals as well.

Integrating the option of multiple languages

You will be helping international clients significantly by including multiple language options. This will enable them to select their preferred language easily in the long run.

Turn into a local city guide

The hotel-booking app can help the users by becoming a local city guide and providing them with important information regarding tourist destinations, nearby restaurants, and shopping places.

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Significant Features of a Hotel Booking App

Significant Features of a Hotel-Booking App


Social login or sign up

This particular feature will allow the user to accomplish the sign-up procedure quickly and easily. It will be possible for the customers to set up their accounts simply by entering their contact details, email addresses, and other essential details. They will also be able to sign up by making use of their social media accounts such as Gmail or Facebook.

Push notification in Hotel Booking App

Users will be able to receive different notifications regarding their bookings, new offers, check-in and check-out times, and discounts.

GDS integration

This is probably the most significant feature of the app. GDS (Global Distribution System) happens to be a global computerized reservation network which is employed for car rentals, accommodating hotel suites, plus other items by online reservation websites, large corporations, and travel agents.

Recommendation engine

The providers of the app will help to customize hotel recommendations according to the last searches made by the user. It is possible to display the recommendation for the hotels as ‚ÄúRecommended for you‚ÄĚ. This will help to provide a feeling of customization to the clients and will also help in in-app engagement.

Metasearch integration

By the term ‚Äúmetasearch engine‚ÄĚ, we refer to an information retrieval device on the web that makes use of the information of a search engine for producing the results. This helps the visitors to compare the rates from different websites. The room rents are compiled by the engine from several online channels into one single platform.

Room cost- forecast

It is a fact that the hotel rates fluctuate a lot from time to time and the users will be able to plan accordingly by getting a rough estimation of the price. It will be possible to cater to the best deal with prior analysis.

Virtual reality experience

It will be possible for the clients to receive a dynamic view of the rooms and also the hotel by going through the still photographs or the 360-degree photographs which are available on the app.

Language and currency converter

The application will be able to adjust the currency and the language automatically according to the locations of the user.

On the go assistance

This application consists of travel assistants such as Google Assistant, chatbots, and messenger that helps to provide superior customer experience around-the-clock. It will be possible to navigate the common issues easily with the help of this app.

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Analytics Dashboard

It will be possible for the admin to verify the dashboard of the customer, and this will help in making decisions in real-time. For instance, the bookings in any particular city happen to be less because of some authentic reasons and it will be possible to offer low booking prices so as to prosper the business.

Marketing tools

There are different marketing tools that help to get to the target audience such as Email marketing, Chatbots, push notifications, and so forth.

Loyalty programs

Customers will be motivated by the referral programs and rewards for sharing and using the application again and again so as to generate an increasing number of reward points that they can convert into lucrative discount offers. This feature is quite beneficial for boosting the approach amongst prospective clients.

CRM integration

This particular feature is extremely important when it comes to a hospitality management app given that it provides the optimum customer experience so as to make sure that the customer has a good time out there. It will be possible to strengthen client relationships with the app by including a CRM.

CMS integration

One of the most significant tools for the admin happens to be a content management system. Here, it will be possible to control and manage the whole content of the app easily and quickly. One can easily perform functionalities such as booking management without much effort when CMS is integrated into the app.

Behavior tracking

This feature will allow storing the last search criteria of the user in the application and the outcomes which are related to that particular search will always be displayed whenever the users are using the application once again. This will help to make different customization strategies for the clients.

In-app navigation

Apple maps and Google maps have been integrated into the application which will enable the users to find locations without any difficulty during their trip.

Weather forecast

The integration of Google apps will allow users to plan their day accordingly after verifying the weather forecast.

City guide in Hotel Booking App

This feature will enable the users to travel around the city in a pleasurable manner without any sort of inconvenience.

Payment API

Payment APIs of different modes like net banking, PayTM, debit, or credit cards have been included in this app so as to ensure easy and quick payments.

Rating-review API

It will be possible to integrate any other website’s API which will allow the users to go through the reviews and ratings of the other customers.

Places nearby

It will be possible for the customers to search the nearby places of interest like restaurants, tourist destinations, shopping malls, and movie theaters by making use of the geolocation tracking feature.

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The Cost of Developing a Hotel Booking App

The price of developing this type of app is going to depend on several essential parameters. First of all, it will be essential for you to decide the operating system which can be iOS, Android, or the cross-platform application.

Apart from this, you have to select between Hybrid and Native Platforms. Your budget estimate is going to depend on the app development company’s location as well.

However, it is quite difficult to offer an exact figure for the app development cost. Nevertheless, it can be roughly estimated that the cost will be somewhere between $28k and $35k.

Final words

At present, the hospitality and hotel industry is changing its routes and is resorting to a digital way.

You will be able to enhance your business prospects by means of the hotel booking apps and you will be able to attract an increasing number of customers who do not like to waste their precious time by making reservations by means of traditional methods.

You need to become ready for facing the stiff challenge in front of you.

Hotel Booking App Development cost


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