PHP vs ASP.NET Battle into 2023 – What Does Future Behold? [Updated Version]

PHP vs ASP.NET Battle into 2023 – What Does Future Behold? [Updated Version]

06 August, 2019 by img Rahul Panchal in ASP.Net Development
PHP vs ASP.NET Battle into 2023 – What Does Future Behold? [Updated Version]

PHP and are amongst most powerful programming languages. The programmers, especially new ones, many times are met with a choice where they must work on a certain technology and further build their career on it. Not that one cannot learn more than one language, it is always advisable to master one first and then learn along the way.

So, for a programmer just embarking her professional journey, it can be a tricky choice. Considering real-world applications is important. Whether to go for PHP or is an important question tha needs some realistic answers. Hence, here we are discussing about the various features of both the languages and trying to crack what lies ahead? – PHP or

PHP vs

Brief Introduction PHP and

PHP is an open-source programming language. PHP is majorly used to develop web applications. It is very flexible as it can be easily embedded in the HTML code. This language is widely preferred to build e-commerce apps, web apps, and even database apps. is a framework for web application development. It is developed by Microsoft and written in .net language. More suitable for coding dynamic web pages, it supports other languages such as Javascript.NET, Python, VisualBasic.NET, and many more.

What are some positive aspects of PHP and

Free to use, open source Built by Microsoft, there is a fee attached to it
Developing the web apps using PHP is an agile process Any language supporting .NET can be used
Coding is quite simple and easy for beginners High secured and high- performance web app development
Sever-side language, cross-platform supported Supports cross-platform
Has many advanced features Features can be added or removed
Can easily communicate with databases like MySQL, Oracle and so on Can communicate with mostly any type of database

What are some negative aspects of PHP and

Not suitable for more customization The code makes the pages complex and performance issues crop up
Cannot manage large applications and desktop apps There is not much control over HTML

Let us analyse some of the important features of both the languages.

What is the Performance of both the languages?

Performance is based on the speed which is determined by the time browser takes to respond. How the communicating servers respond to each other matters a lot.

Both PHP and has a fair performance. While PHP is an easy language, most of the web-based apps developed using PHP utilise LAMP stack optimised for better performance. offers good speed for desktop apps in comparison to PHP and also allows for parallel programming.

The optimum performance and speed depend on the code.

How much security and scalability do both language offer?

PHP offers adaptability to security tools whereas has a built-in security.

PHP and, both offer enhanced scalability and in turn better flexibility. It is on the developer to explore and deploy it by following guidelines, apply best practices.

Which language is cost-effective?

Cost is one of the crucial deciding factors for any business in making a web development decision.

PHP is an open source programming language that if free of cost and hence is more cost-effective than PHP, Apache Server, MySQL Server, Linux OS, Postgre SQL are free including the upgrades. There is no license cost for a backup server. Moreover, it is compatible with all three – Windows, Mac and Linux. For implementation of PHP, you can use any free or paid (optionally) Integrated Development Environment.

Microsoft charges a minimal fee However, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server have a considerable cost including their upgrades. Users working on Mac or Linux require Mono Project for is implemented using an Integrated Development Environment called Visual Studio. The free version of it is fine for beginners but for any professional use it will require a paid version.

The metrics are quite clear and depending upon the requirements, a decision should be made.

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Which has a better support?

Both the languages have their own community. PHP has a larger one being a free open source; there are many developers that continuously contribute to improvements, changes, and updates to the language.

On the other hand, there are a few developers that are genuinely dedicated to support the community.

So, if you are stuck with your PHP code, you are likely to find a quick solution as compared to Larger enterprises prefer working on on account of the robust security. For website that are more customer-centric, PHP is a better option as it offers amazing customization on the UI side.

So, how to ultimately decide which language to learn for better prospects?

Deciding on which language to pursue is a very personal choice. What to look for is the easiness with which the language can be learnt and adapted. If you know C and C++ then PHP will be easy for you to learn. The syntaxes are simple and can be understood easily by any beginner. uses C# language. It requires advanced level of knowledge, but it is always attainable.

So, look for what you enjoy coding in. Develop small, basic application and check their robustness and other features.

Who is the Winner in 2023?

  • Freedom of coding is what a developer usually looks for. PHP language being an open source offers that.
  • Secondly, it has best debugging tools like XDebug, Whoops, Krumo, Kint, etc and thus, saves up lot of time for debugging and path mapping, etc.
  • Thirdly, it offers many frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, Zend, Symfony, etc that support development of customized app, E-commerce apps and so on.
  • Community of PHP developers is huge and thus there is a lot of libraries available which makes any coder design a much manageable code. Massive documentation is in place ranging from PHP tutorials to forums, and webinars.
  • Hosting is easier with PHP as it works on Linux and Unix server whereas utilises ASP Apache.
  • At present, many websites use PHP as the server-side programming language.

Both are winners and it depends on what is the requirement of a particular project. If you need PHP Development Services or ASP.NET Development Services, Please drop an email to us at [email protected]


Rahul Panchal

Rahul Panchal is the Founder & Managing Director at Rlogical Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. He is a pioneer tech enthusiast who has assisted diverse enterprise solutions with a fresh perspective over the years. From integrating technologies like Full-Stack, .NET, Flutter & PHP, he has harnessed custom web or hybrid mobile app development projects. His creative outlook on the latest models of AI, ML, blockchain, and IoT, has made various businesses attain leading-edge success.

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