Top 7 UI Frameworks To Use With Vue For Mobile App Development

Top 7 UI Frameworks To Use With Vue For Mobile App Development

26 May, 2022 by img Jatin Panchal in Mobile App Development
Top 7 UI Frameworks To Use With Vue For Mobile App Development

When it comes to developing mobile apps, special attention has to be given to UI development. The mobile app’s user interface is of grave importance for the users to whom the app is targeted. There are several UI development frameworks that user interface designers and developers invest in.

One of the best UI/UX frameworks for front-end mobile app development is Vue, a recent launch into the front-end development sector. The framework is an open-source one that you can invest in to develop single-page applications.

Combining Many UI Frameworks With Vue

SPAs are very popular now in the developer’s and users’ communities because these applications are lightweight and are very easy to use. Combining other UI development frameworks with Vue can help you create new UI designs and mobile apps at a rapid pace.

In the following sectors, we discuss the new UI frameworks that can be integrated with Vue to create new Mobile UIs for SPAs. These UI frameworks are very efficient and integrate well with the framework of Vue to create a unique user interface for mobile apps.


1. Quasar Framework for UI Development

You can easily create hybrid mobile apps, and their user interface with the help of Quasar. The Quasar framework. The framework is a very efficient and multifaceted framework that combines with VueJS 2 to create a native type interface for hybrid mobile apps. The framework is backed by documents and resources that are readily available on the website of Quasar.

The developers who use the framework can easily learn new functions and commands on the framework with the help of these resources. The ease of mobile app development increases with the help of these resources and documents.

Even when the company is ready to hire mobile app developers, it can use the Quasar Framework with Vue for front end development. There are many Vue Based UI elements that you can work with when working with Quasar. This helps increase the elements accessed by developers and designers of the UI.

2. Vuetify.js

Vuetify.js is one of the best frameworks to work with if the principal technology is the Vue framework. Vuetify.js can help with the creation of web apps and single-page applications by supporting the functions of Vue. The Vuetify framework is based on Google’s material design patterns, making it easy to work with the Vue framework.

From cards, sidebar, and tabs to other elements, there are many components available that can be incorporated into a UI designed with the help of Vue. The Vuetify.js can, therefore, improve the designs that have been created with the help of Vue. If you want your development team to develop a good design for the SPA when using Vue, you can depend on Vuetify.js as a secondary resource.

3. Onsen UI

The Onsen UI is an open-source framework that can be integrated with the Vue framework that can help create a seamless UI design. Onsen UI is a framework that can create mobile web apps and hybrid apps that run on multiple devices. Onsen is a multifaceted framework that extends support to multiple frameworks, including Vue.

Developers who work with multiple development frameworks can choose Onsen UI for complete app development. The open-source framework is easy to use and learn about. Even if you hire developers who are not well-versed with Vue, they can easily use the Onsen UI framework.

4. Framework 7

Another framework that supports the different features of the Vue framework is Framework7. The Framework7 UI development framework helps you incorporate multiple native-like components into the UI design. The Native User Interface components available on Framework7 can be used to improve designs created on Vue.

From page animations to navigation elements, developers can easily choose several elements to form the framework for integration into the app design framework. The Framework7 components are useful for the creation of hybrid apps and also work for multiple OS. For example, you can work with Framework7 to create a new UI for iOS and Android apps. This will help the development team reduce their dependency on multiple frameworks for the same cross-platform app project.

5. Vue Native

The Vue Native framework is one of the multifaceted frameworks that work with Vue and React Native. Therefore, if the development team wants to use multiple frameworks under one project, investing in Vue Native is the best one among UI development frameworks. Once the development team has created a UI design with the help of Vue Native, it can be run and improved on Vue and React Native. Using this framework is very easy as it is based on JavaScript.

The framework is used to create new UI designs for cross-platform apps. When you want to work with a highly efficient UI framework that combines the capabilities of React and Vue, Vue Native is the best one to invest in. The framework is a very popular framework to work with among developers and designers.

6. Ionic Vue

Ionic Vue is also a leading multifaceted framework for UI development. The framework easily integrates with the Vue framework. The framework is JavaScript based and offers many benefits to developers who are adept at JavaScript use for coding. The framework helps create cross-platform native apps that are used on multiple devices. The ionic framework helps create highly efficient apps that work with seamless and interactive UIs.

7. Keen UI

Keen UI is also a recent user interface framework that can work wonders with Vue. The UI framework has a collection of Material Design UI components adaptable to the Vue framework. When you think you are running out of options on the Vue framework, you can choose to work with the Keen UI to increase the elements available for UI design.

The elements include using autocomplete and tabs and alerts integrated into the app framework. It has many features available that will increase the quality of UI developed with the help of the frameworks. The framework is an MIT-licensed one and is very efficient to invest in.

These are the topmost Vue supportive frameworks used in mobile app development and SPA development. With different types of apps emerging in the mobile device landscape, there needs to be diversity in the frameworks used to create their user interface.



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