Voice Search Optimization: How does it Benefit for Your Business?

Voice Search Optimization: How does it Benefit for Your Business?

23 October, 2019 by img Rahul Panchal in Digital Marketing
Voice Search Optimization: How does it Benefit for Your Business?

Voice Search Optimization: How does it Benefit for Your Business?

Today, Virtual assistants such as OK Google, Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri are quickly becoming very popular among the regular Internet users. Nowadays, lot of users who mostly prefer to use voice search SEO is increasing with passing day. It’s just because of the voice search is much more easier, faster, convenient and easier than typing a query using the keyboard.


Now, to know about Voice Search…

–  What is Voice Search?

–  How Voice Search Optimization Benefits Your Business?


What is Voice Search?

Voice search allows people to interact with technology using verbal commands rather than typing search queries into a device.

Voice search is a process to explore info, products, services, etc, on search engines through voice commands. When you pronounce the request, the automatic speech recognition system (ASR system) converts the audio signal into text and you get results for the same.

Voice search optimization is an excellent method for small and medium businesses to attract potential customers to their website. Therefore, investing in local SEO to strengthen your brand presence locally and search engine ranking is seen as a major marketing strategy in 2019.

The visibility of your local data including details such as location, office hours, pictures, etc.increases the number of visits to your local store, office or working space.


Both B2B as well as B2C companies can use the latest SEO trend of voice search optimization for a variety of business benefits few of them are:

– Increases website traffic
– Raises brand awareness and visibility
– Directs more users to your stores
– Connects better with the users
– Enhances customer engagement
– A high scope of conversion and sales


Let’s see how to optimize websites for voice search.


Use Low-Frequency Keywords

The key difference between voice search and ordinary search is the use of a more natural and conversational language. So, you must adopt new search styles and query formats to while optimizing your site for voice search results. The first step to optimize snippets is to identify information requests related to your product.


Increase Page Load Speed

In the voice-based search, people expect fast results for their searches. Mostly, voices searches happen over mobile and devices such as Amazon Echo. So, if you want to improve your chances of showing up in a voice search, then make sure that your page loads faster.


SSL and HTTPS Certificate

An SSL certificate and HTTPS prefix validate your website security. In 2014, Google had announced that HTTPS would be considered as a priority ranking factor. This is applicable in voice searches as well.


Simple and easy-to-read and long-form contents with FAQ

Create content with simple, easy-to-read and written within the 2000-3000-word limit. So, quality content which stand a high chance to rank in voice searches. If your content meets with the guidelines of quality material, then Google would consider it as the best to pick.

Furthermore, Content engagement also plays a vital role in voice search. Although Google doesn’t consider social media signals as a ranking factor, it has been observed that highly engaging contents tend to rank better for voice searches.


Featured snippets

Featured snippet is another important factor in Voice Search SEO. These snippets are providing the ideal results for voice searches. From the research,40.7 % of voice searches are answered from these snippets. A featured snippet has the precise answer to the user’s question given in a concise format. Prior to all, you need to ensure that your webpage gets to the top of search results. Only pages in the first 10 results have a chance of being shown in the featured snippets section.


Add Question-Answer Section to Your Website

Create a separate “Question-Answer” section on your website to optimize content easily and effortlessly. Make a list of possible questions that customers ask you or your employees and use analytics tools and third-party services to search for key phrases.

Based on the obtained data, write a content that will give your customers clear answers and useful information. Write a separate page with all the necessary information to answer each question. Do not use complex professional terms and too long sentences as it will repel visitors away from your site. The text should be written in simple and understandable language as far as possible.


Mobile optimization

A better mobile user experience (UX) has become a key factor in voice search optimization. Also, Google has taken mobile optimization extremely for search engine ranking. Google has special tools to conduct mobile-friendly tests for your web pages. So, the effort is going to be more than just a simple, mobile-optimized version of your existing website.



The above information will help you rank better for voice search. Furthermore, follow the voice search optimization strategy which useful to your business for getting better ranking.

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Rahul Panchal

Rahul Panchal is a Founder and Managing Director of Rlogical Techsoft Pvt. Ltd, a web & mobile app development company India specialized in Hybrid, Native, Android and iOS App development.

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