How to support Dark Mode for iOS 13 using asset catalog colors?

How to support Dark Mode for iOS 13 using asset catalog colors?

06 November, 2019 by img Darshan Kunjadiya in iOS App Development
How to support Dark Mode for iOS 13 using asset catalog colors?

How to support Dark Mode for iOS 13 using asset catalog colors?

We are going to know how to support dark mode easily for existing and new projects.

Apple is going to announce system-wide dark mode support for iOS 13. We’re not talking about the inverted color variant of dark mode, but more about the Mojave style of a darker appearance.


What is dark mode?

Some of the biggest mobile apps on iOS already built-in support and show us exactly what dark mode could bring one apps start to support it. It basically means an inverted color theme of the app in which the main background colors are dark.


dark mode for ios 13


Preparing my app for a darker theme

It’s likely that dark mode is going to work the same as how it now works on Mac apps in Mojave. Apple wrote detailed documentation on how to support the darker appearance using AppKit. You can add support using code by switching colors based on the current true or false value for the dark mode setting, but it’s a lot easier to use an asset catalog. Looking at the Apple documentation we can see how easy this is. All images and colors in the asset catalog have an option to adjust for a specific appearance.



How to use asset catalog colors in Xcode?

By making use of asset catalog colors in Xcode you’re likely going to have an easier job for supporting dark mode when it’s released. You’ll only have to define new colors for the new style of appearance. The same counts for images for which you should already be using asset catalogs.

Inside your asset catalog, you can create a new color set.



After giving your color a describing name like “backgroundColor” you can adjust the appearances setting and set a specific color for the darker appearance.



You can now reference this color in your code as follows:

view.backgroundColor = UIColor(named: “backgroundColor”)


You can directly select it from attributes inspector like below:


this will likely allow your app to switch to a darker appearance easily. You can do exactly the same for images by specifying a specific image for a certain appearance. However, you can also choose to let your images adjust using a tint color and set a different tint color for a specific appearance.


Dark Mode Support For Images

This will likely the same procedure as color. For images you have to specify dark mode images as below example and that will automatically change when dark mode is on in your device:



You just have to set the images for Dark Appearance and that will manage DARK MODE automatically.


Unfortunately, there is no way yet to switch appearances and test your color settings. However, it’s already a great first step to start using an asset catalog for your colors.



Enjoy Dark Mode and iOS 13 features 🙂

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