Why do we love Next.JS in 2021?

Why do we love Next.JS in 2021?

20 August, 2021 by img Jatin Panchal in Next.js
Why do we love Next.JS in 2021?

It is a fact that there is a constant modification of web technologies at present. Therefore, it is important to comprehend modern technology and frameworks, particularly their advantages and downsides. We like to make things easier and faster right now, and what we consider impossible the day before has become a standard right now.

React was built by Facebook for adapting to this iteration, and it is a library that allows web app development services to make the UI more efficient and simpler. At this time, the component-based development reached its climax.

Nevertheless, Next JS was developed in 2016 for creating full pages and not components (such as React). It offered some benefits to the developers, marketers, and business owners, which we have mentioned in this article.


What is meant by Next JS?


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This happens to be a framework that enables the developers to create extremely fast and static websites and top-notch apps. Furthermore, the Automatic Static Optimization feature will allow combining the terms β€œstatic” plus β€œdynamic” by creating a hybrid app with statically created pages as well as server-side rendered pages.

Next JS provides us with some benefits as mentioned below:

  • Better than average performance
  • Top-notch user experience
  • Quick feature development

Big companies such as Uber and Netflix and smaller businesses are making use of this framework these days. Besides this, Next JS is also thought to be amongst the fastest-developing React frameworks that are ideal for any static site.


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When should you use Next JS?

It is your business objectives that should decide why you should use any technology. You should be using Next JS in case you like to do the following:

  • Boost marketing channels
  • Enhance your sales and conversion
  • Provide a better UX to the clients
  • Reduce the maintenance expenses
  • Stay ahead of the competition online
  • Easily scale your business

It will be feasible to attain these objectives with the help of Next JS because of all these benefits mentioned above. We have explained them in detail in the subsequent paragraphs.

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Next JS Advantages and Drawbacks

The benefits of this framework can be categorized into three sections, namely, benefits for marketing, for business, and development. So let us explain them separately right here.


1. For Businesses

It is the objective of every company to enhance conversion rate, as well as sales. Moreover, user experience happens to be amongst the most significant aspects having an impact on it. Therefore, the question might creep up in your mind regarding how it can be made pleasant and unique.

The answer to this query will be Next JS, which provides complete freedom over any front-end layer. Therefore, there is no need for you to restrain yourself to any templates, plug-ins, or other limitations of the CMS or e-commerce platform with which you are working.

Amongst the other benefits of this framework related to business, mention may be made of:


  • Data security – the static site is safe since it is not directly connected to the dependencies, database, or other sensitive info.
  • Responsiveness and adaptability – It is possible for apps and websites created using this framework to adapt to any screen and work on virtually any device. As a result, users can use their preferred gadget for accessing your website or app.
  • Omnichannel – Everybody can access next JS sites since they can work on virtually any gadget.
  • Reduced page load time – Next JS websites happen to be static, and therefore, they are extremely fast, which helps to satisfy the visitors.
  • Less time to market – It is possible to create MVP quickly thanks to the plethora of ready-to-use parts obtainable along with this framework. This will help you receive feedback from the users very fast, and you can also make modifications to your product without any problem whatsoever.
  • On-demand support – You will not find it difficult to come across a second programmer without the requirement of creating everything once again from the very beginning since Next JS happens to be a React framework.


2. For Marketing

It is the objective of the business owners to enhance the conversion rate, and it is the responsibility of the marketers to increase it. For doing this, they require efficiency in search engine optimization as well as organic traffic development.

Marketers can get both of these while using Next JS since applications and websites are light, fast, and simple to scan. This aids in enhancing Google’s ranking to a great extent. Moreover, organic traffic will also improve with the improvement of Google rankings, which will result in higher conversions in the long run.

One more thing that requires special mention happens to be the unique UX. Because of this, every marketing effort will lead to a better ROI eventually. This will be quite perceptible, particularly in the e-commerce industry, where lots of online outlets appear to be similar, and building a custom storefront will be something that the marketers can use to stay ahead in the competition.


3. For Developers

Lots of features are provided by Next JS for the development process as well. Reusable components happen to be one essential thing that programmers love. In addition, it aids in reducing development expenses for the businesses and development time for the developers provided you hire NextJS developers.

Amongst those essential features which are useful for the developers, mention may be made of the following:

  • Inbuilt support for CSS – Provides the possibility of importing CSS files successfully from JavaScript files.
  • Quick refresh for providing a fast as well as live-editing experience.
  • Inbuilt Automatic Image Optimization feature, which helps to optimize images automatically by using the innovative next/image component.
  • Support for TypeScript – automated TypeScript configuration as well as a compilation.
  • Hybrid of SSG and SSR – prerender pages at the request time or build time in only one project.
  • Incremental static generation enables the programmers to update any existing page by rendering them once again in the background. This will help to make the static content dynamic.
  • Zero Config – This particular framework enables you to emphasize the business logic of your next application rather than the application logic. Moreover, it provides automated competition as well as bundling for helping you out. Put simply; Next JS has been optimized right from the beginning for production.

Community support happens to be another benefit that should be mentioned right here. There has been an increment in the number of Next contributors, which implies that you will come across plenty of solutions for solving problems experienced by the developers while developing the apps.


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Next JS Drawbacks

Despite having so many advantages, it is a fact that this framework comes with several downsides. We have mentioned these drawbacks in the subsequent paragraphs:

  • Management and development – If you like to use Next JS to create an online outlet, and you do not have any team of developers within your company, a dedicated individual will be required to take care of the management and development afterward.
  • Cost of flexibility – Next JS provides not many inbuilt front pages, and therefore, it will be imperative to create the entire front-end layer from scratch.
  • An absence of an inbuilt state manager – Consequently, Node.js server will be required if you like to use dynamic routes.
  • Reduced number of plug-ins – Compared to Gatsby.js, it will not be possible to use many of the simple-to-adapt plug-ins.


Next JS 10 Release: An Encouraging Future



Next JS 10 had been introduced in 2020 with lots of innovative features. We have mentioned several of those in the following paragraphs:

  • Internationalized routing – It will be possible for you to begin globalizing your Next JS apps using inbuilt primitives.
  • Inbuilt Automatic Image Optimization – This particular feature helps to optimize images automatically.
  • Support for React 17 – This helps make Next JS 100% compatible with the most recent React version.
  • Next JS commerce – It happens to be an ideal starter kit for creating a top-quality e-commerce site.

Whether you like to use Next JS for your subsequent website or application will depend on your target. For example, next would prove to be effective in case you like to have a static website along with plenty of updates.


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