Why is React Native Best for Mobile App Development in 2021?

Why is React Native Best for Mobile App Development in 2021?

11 January, 2021 by img Jatin Panchal in React Native Development
Why is React Native Best for Mobile App Development in 2021?

While planning to invest in the development of mobile apps, you need to consider the platform and tooling. Every business owner expects faster deployment, a quick development cycle, as well as outstanding performance. At present, two platforms dominate the market scenario, and the app developers must compromise with either a better user experience or a quicker development cycle.

Consequently, what can be the way out? There ought to be an application framework narrowing the gap between the operating systems.

Here, the good thing is that there is an introduction of hybrid app frameworks for balancing the user experience and development cycle. Amongst these, you’ll come across victors as well as failures. React Native has turned out to be one of the most notable names to create complicated hybrid apps providing native user experiences because of its advanced features and its capability to dive into native on every single platform.

React Native development services introduced by Facebook in the year 2015 happen to be amongst the most well-known frameworks out there performing rounds of the web. Many notable brands, including Airbnb, Tesla, Instagram, Wix, Walmart, and Bloomberg, have used React Native framework on a wide scale.


For what reason has React Native become so successful during the last few years?

The reason for this is that it can perform portable, seamless, and dependable JavaScript. Everybody can maintain JavaScript. It will be a sensible idea to invest in React Native development services if you’d like your mobile app to compete with Instagram, Walmart, and other renowned brands.


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In the following paragraphs, we will mention why React Native will be the best for Mobile app development in 2021.


1. Reduced time for development

React Native can transfer codes between different mobile platforms. Put simply, and it is possible to compile an app created to React Native for iOS into an Android application by making some small changes. There is a reduction in the development time since it is possible to use only one code across the platforms.

It takes approximately 30% less time to develop an app using React Native than developing an iOS or Android app natively. Furthermore, this minimized time for development likewise helps to reduce the app development cost significantly.


2. Easy maintenance

The apps created in the native framework are too time-consuming since they need updates regularly. Nevertheless, React Native helps make the app’s overall care relatively inexpensive and straightforward because of its flexible approach.


3. Features reusable components

React Native functions as a cross-platform framework that makes use of reusable components for its development and functioning. Apart from this, it is also possible to make the app development process smooth and agile because of the component-specific structure of React Native.


4. Flawless User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

It is possible to develop fully optimized applications that are seamlessly compatible across all devices with React Native. Apart from adjusting to the screen’s configuration by default, the apps created using React Native likewise help to process quicker data display successfully. Moreover, it is also able to support high-definition app contents and graphics thanks to its lightweight feature.


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5. Effortless integration

React Native can synchronize and integrate itself with all the compatible apps such as GPS, camera, and so forth. This happens due to the devices’ internal programming, thus minimizing any extra integration work for the developers.


6. Hot reloading feature

While working with React Native, any developer can modify the source code while observing the results immediately. The hot reloading feature enables the app to reload automatically once any change is made in the code. In this way, the developers can develop an app without any requirement of recompilation.


7. Small team of developers

One single approach will work for both the React Native platforms, and therefore, a small group of developers will be required to develop the app. This helps to make the entire app development process quite simple to manage as well as reasonable. It also enables a developer to create Web apps at the same time. They need to share the codes between Android, web, and iOS platforms virtually.


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