Why is UI/UX important for Mobile App Development?

Why is UI/UX important for Mobile App Development?

29 October, 2020 by img Rahul Panchal in UI/UX Design
Why is UI/UX important for Mobile App Development?

You’ll come across numerous mobile apps at present in the stores. While several of them have been quite successful, the others have found it quite difficult to survive in the competitive market. However, all the mobile apps which have been successful come with a fantastic feel and look.

Lots of users search for apps which feel good and appear to be appealing while using them. An app which is engaging and visually appealing is typically an outcome of having an effective UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience). In fact, according to the best app developers on the market, it is imperative for an app to be developed with lots of emphasis on the Ul/UX design.

While a fantastic User Experience is going to impact the minds of the users for quite some time, a remarkable User Interface is going to establish an instantaneous attraction to the app. Consequently, you should get both of these perfect in case you’d like to make your app successful.

In this particular article, we will begin by describing Ul/UX, focus on the reasons why an effective Ul/UX design will be required, and how it helps your app to become successful in the long run.


User Interface (UI)

This actually involves the overall appearance of an app while it is used by any user. It assures that the user can really quickly communicate with the app. It consists of the design of the app, presentation, and graphics. It is imperative for a User Interface to be attractive to any user.


User Experience (UX)

This is going to consist of human perception, feelings, and preferences, as well as emotions while using an app and also after it. The user experience is going to become improved by the accessibility, usability, and simplicity of an app. It is imperative to make comprehensive research on the requirements of your audience so as to establish a successful User Experience design.


Why an effective Ul/UX design is required by your app?

The majority of the app owners out there like to come up with an effective Ul/UX design for the app. One has to make comprehensive research and also planning so as to comprehend the requirements of the users and any issue that one would like to solve with the app. A design that works regardless of the specifications is essential to establish. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned some authentic reasons why a proper design will be required for your app.


1. Improves ROI

A design which is remarkable provides engaging content for your customers along with effortless navigation. This helps to make the customer satisfied in the long run. A client who is satisfied will be recommending your app to other individuals. This will help to attract more clients. Apart from this, they are going to be committed to your brand and turn out to be returning purchasers thus enhancing your company’s ROI.


2. Allows you to understand the audience

It is imperative to comprehend the requirements of your customers prior to developing a Ul/UX. Consequently, this implies that your design has been created focusing on the target audience. It will be possible for your app to lure the audience effectively. Moreover, you will be able to segment the audience with the help of Ul/UX which will allow you to comprehend the requirements of each audience. This will make it quite simple for you to transform the potential customers into loyal customers in the long run which will help to increase sales.


3. Establishes your brand

It will be possible to enhance customer identification by investing in an effective Ul/UX design. Individuals prefer to work with brands which help to make them happy. They will want to point out any feature that can be upgraded by you, and consequently, you will be able to enhance your app. This will improve your company’s credibility since a client will be able to create a proper relationship with your brand and company. This will effectively boost the profitability of the business.


4. Saves money and time

Investing in remarkable UI UX design services will make it almost impossible for your customers to come out with any issue with your app. No upgrades will be required for a perfect product on a regular basis and this will help to save your time as well as money eventually. As a matter of fact, you need to make some investments for upgrading out there which will result in losses for your company.


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Why do you need UI/UX for mobile app development?

The users of mobile apps prefer applications which are more engaging and simple to use. Effective apps such as WhatsApp have provided consumers with simple navigation along with an enticing design. It will be possible to develop a successful application with the help of effective UI/UX design services. The reason for this is that the majority of the app users have a preference for an app which is visually appealing and also user-friendly.

A fantastic interface will provide users with a realistic feeling while using the app. Valuable knowledge can also regularly be given to them. Neutral traffic will be created since an increasing number of users will become interested in the app. This will result in an increase in the conversion rates and thus your brand name will grow in the long run. Consequently, it will be imperative to take the help of a professional Ul/UX designer who will help to make the mobile app interactive for the users.


Essential Ul/UX Design Aspects that should be taken into consideration while developing mobile apps


1. Maintain uniformity

It is imperative to make sure that your app’s layout happens to be consistent across every platform. An app design which is consistent will help to enhance familiarity with it. Users would be able to communicate very quickly with the software in this manner.


2. Make use of a simple design

It is important to design the mobile app in such a way that it provides outstanding services for enhancing the interest of any user in the app. This will likewise encourage the usability of the app and the loyalty of the user to it. It becomes quite difficult to navigate once an application comes with plenty of clutters and this can drive away the users. As a result, it will be vital to design an app which follows simple steps out there so that it is possible to navigate it easily.


3. Offer fast loading speed

Speed happens to be an important aspect of any Ul/UX design. Users prefer apps having a short loading span since they like to save their precious time. Ideally, an effective app is going to load within several seconds before the user thinks of going to one more app.


4. Make use of standard elements

It is imperative for you to make use of standard colors, symbols, icons, and buttons so as to enhance the confidence of the user with the app. No extra guidelines will be required by the user when it comes to using the app. Consequently, the users will find it quite easy to use the app. Therefore, an increasing number of users will be liking your application and also recommending it to their network.


5. Make the app more interactive

It will be vital to make the app more interactive in case you’d like to make it successful. Apart from appearance, it is quite simple to navigate an app which is interactive. An interactive app comes with some important elements including icons, color, location, as well as theme. Be sure to add any colors that are related to your brand to the app. However, do not overuse the colors since this can spoil the application’s visual appearance. In case your app is more attractive, it will attract more users out there.


6. Make use of large visuals and formats

Large formats as well as visuals will help to prevent any kind of distraction from the environment thus allowing the user to focus only on the app. It is important to arrange the content of the app systematically for simpler navigation, and also make sure that there is adequate spacing for easy usability and comprehension.


7. Make use of high-resolution graphics

It is important to employ high-resolution images in the app for every single device supported by it. Those which are of low resolution tend to become blurred. However, your pictures’ resolution is going to differ from one gadget to the other. The number of pixels in a particular image can be multiplied by a scale factor so as to create images which are of high-resolution. While images of standard resolution come with a scale factor of 1, the high-resolution graphics come with a scale factor of 2 or 3.


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8. Do not use many fonts

Try not to use big letters since it will help to create a good impression on the customers. Moreover, you should refrain from using a font size of more than 3. Not using many fonts will allow you to organize the app properly and also achieve your branding targets. As a result, customers will be visiting your app on a regular basis.


9. Give emphasis to the intended audience

A remarkable Ul/UX design will provide the users with a good initial impression. It is important for any good app to focus on the present target market. It is vital for the audience to find the application to be valuable which will satisfy their demands. Any app which doesn’t add value will be driving away users.

It is important for you to make comprehensive market research so as to develop an app which satisfies the requirements of the target audience. In this way, you will be able to comprehend the demands of the audience as well as their behavior and thus develop an app which is able to solve their problems.

While checking your target audience, you need to look at their objectives, requirements, and backgrounds. However, you might likewise require verifying competitor analysis as well as user stories for creating an outstanding Ul/UX design focusing on the target audience.


10. Make use of adaptive UI design

The usage of adaptive design will allow the developer of the app to make a proper plan for tablets, phones, wearables, as well as all screen sizes. A user interface which is adaptive will enable the users to modify it for fitting the context and the requirements of every single user. The usage of adaptive design will enable you to fix the issue of designing for different screen sizes as well as resolutions.


11. UI design iteration

Iteration of the design of your app will allow you to develop a fantastic UI design for the app. Iterations will aid in attracting the attention of the users by making the app more engaging and appealing. Apart from this, iterations can also function as the foundations for your subsequent Ul/UX design.


12. Perform wireframing

This is performed on any app for checking its appearance, features, and usability prior to launching it on the market. This will help to verify the functionality of the app and also evaluate it properly. It is almost similar to testing an app.


13. Include response and feedback time

Feedback time will allow the customer to communicate with the application when a particular task is completed. It will be possible for the users to provide their feedback on their experience and also inform you regarding the areas where you should be improving.

On the contrary, response time will be the span of time your application will be responding to the user’s commands. It is important for response time to be real-time and it should be within only a few seconds which will enable your clients to use your app satisfactorily.


14. Offer help and user assistance

User assistance will make it quite easy to navigate your app. This particular feature will provide information once you become stuck out there. It will also direct you to solve any challenge you might have. In case users are not able to obtain help when required, they might be deleting your app and replacing it with a new one.



Thus, it is imperative from the above discussion that your mobile app’s Ul/UX design happens to be an extremely crucial aspect. It will help to make your app successful in the long run. You have to make comprehensive research for making your app more engaging and attractive to the users. You will be able to do this by comprehending the requirements of the target market. The above-mentioned article has articulated several of the most effective practices which will make your app successful eventually.


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