What Are The Most Trending Mobile App UI/UX Designs in 2024?

What Are The Most Trending Mobile App UI/UX Designs in 2024?

29 September, 2022 by img Jatin Panchal in UI/UX Design
What Are The Most Trending Mobile App UI/UX Designs in 2024?

The website or application design plays a crucial role in the growth of the business as it creates a first impression among the users. When the shortcoming of designs has been identified, it does not attract the audience. Thus, it becomes very important to follow the perfection of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) for an application development project. When hiring mobile app developers or UI/UX designers, they must understand the design trends, pitfalls, and best practices. Letā€™s look at the best mobile app UI/UX design trends.

The Best Mobile App UI/UX Design TrendsĀ 


1. Use Of Graphics In Images

In recent years, the use of graphics in images has captured the attention of many UI/UX designers, which is considered to be one of the UI/UX design trends. Mobile UI/UX design services nowadays incorporate different visual effects and colors rather than using true-to-life natural photography to depict services and products. Instead of focusing on photographs, graphics drawings have become the recent UI/UX design trend.

It has been identified that many businesses have received benefits from this new experiment. The new UI/UX design trend has helped to exert the complete brand personality of the business. Moreover, graphics have also helped businesses to grab their targeted customersā€™ attention easily and customize the feel of the interface and its overall look.

2. UX Writing

As the user experiences change, using self-obsessed words or fluffy words in the service page contents is not adding more value to them. The standard practice of using meaningful and precise words and expressions widely contributes to the design attributes. This is called UX writing in the application and website design world.

Nowadays, many UI/UX designers use UX writing to create engaging users and a robust first impression, making it one of the latest and dominant UX design trends. It has been predicted that most businesses catering products and services to potential customers will integrate this UX writing in the upcoming years.

The UX design can stand out in key ways that designers must follow:

  1. Focus on the text length that matches the design layout
  2. Develop content in a step-by-step manner that can help the users
  3. Must write crisp, precise, short, and with a definite purpose
  4. Complement the design goal by using different font sizes and typography
  5. Focus on addressing specific customersā€™ goals and try to avoid generalization

Thus, choosing a professional UI/UX design services company can help you to get the UX writing for your business.

3. The Use Of True-To-Life Textures

For a very long time, it has been seen that the flat UI design is leading the application and web world. Some important reasons behind the growing demand for flat design include ease of use, simplicity, and smooth access to content. However, the flat design is embraced with the basic design principle by many designers, which has resulted in the growth of using gradients and textures in the app design to look different from the competition.

Likely, the trend of true-to-life textures has become so popular recently. It has been observed that the true-to-life texture is very helpful for user engagement while using it with a flat background. Likely, you can still find the simplicity of the flat UI, whereas the true-to-life texture is used extensively in major visual elements. When you Hire a Mobile App Developer, you can ask for the use of true-to-life textures in your website or app design.

4. The Great Artwork In UI Graphics

It has been observed that the entire application and web design world is full of different kinds of visuals, which results in an overload of graphic information for the user. As designers face challenges and difficulty grabbing the user easily, it becomes extremely important to use the artwork in UI graphic interfaces.

Therefore, one of the recent UI/UX design trends is the use of hand-drawn illustrations, increasing demand among designers in the upcoming years. Many experts say that using intuitive, suggestive, or funny artwork in UI graphics can help engage more users in the business.

5. The Introduction Of Voice UI

While looking after the new mobile app UI/UX design trends, one of the popular trends is the use of voice interactions and voice search. This trend allows access to content very easily. Nowadays, voice-enabled interactions and voice search has been introduced on most content platforms like YouTube, Google, etc. It has been identified that the popularity of voice interactions depends on smart speaker systems, voice-enabled chatbots, and smart mobile assistants.

Therefore, more traction and user engagement can be observed in voice interactions and voice search features in the coming years because of the integration of smart assistance and intelligent chatbots in most digital interfaces. However, choose an expert UI/UX design services company to benefit from all these voice interactions and voice search facilities.

6. DominantĀ Micro Interactions

One of the trending UX designs is micro-interactions, which are helpful to boost the user experience without generating any creative overloads of visuals. It has been predicted that the trend of micro-interactions will help to optimize the design for user engagement in the upcoming years. Further, graphic icons and small animations will grow globally across the app and web interfaces.

7. Unique Design Layout

You can find the extensive use of symmetric UI design layouts in different types of digital surfaces. As these recurring and regular layouts are commonplace, they have lost their appeal. Currently, the more popular layout is an unconventional or unsystematic design layout.

It has been observed that asymmetry layout is an advanced and new thing for application and web design. Here, you can ask your mobile UI/UX design services to make space for asymmetry and tweak symmetry rather than fully experimenting with design layouts.

8. Unconventional And Funny Typography

These days, people are not preferring to read minutely from beginning to end as they are opting for scanning documents. Thus, it becomes extremely important to grab the attention of the users. As overloaded information is available online, people find it easy to associate an app or a website with its feel and appearance. Therefore, one of the top UI/UX design trends is using unconventional and funny typefaces to make your users remember your brand and hook your users easily.

The use of crazy typography is very easy to push your user traction and engagement, but many expert designers recommend not relying completely on reinventing the wheel. You need to make a simple balance between the experiments and developed design conventions while experimenting with funny and unconventional typefaces to create an entertaining and fresh look. Thus, you can hire a dedicated developers to use unconventional and funny typography best.

Apart from these, the dark mode by default and minimalist design is also considered to be the trending UI/UX design. If you want to select the best UI/UX design for your business, consult with the best mobile UI/UX design services to benefit from them and enhance your business at an extensive level.



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