MEAN Stack Vs. MERN Stack- The Developersā€™ Choice

MEAN Stack Vs. MERN Stack- The Developersā€™ Choice

03 October, 2022 by img Rahul Panchal in Web Development
MEAN Stack Vs. MERN Stack- The Developersā€™ Choice

Choosing the right technology stack for development in the app development ecosystem is very important. Choosing a full stack for app development needs much consideration of the different features of the two popular stacks for tech development. Websites and mobile apps need full stacks like Mean Stack and MERN stack. The two popular stacks have many features that support app development. However, which one is the best? Which full stack is the right one to go for in different projects? In this article, we discuss the many features of mean stack Vs. mern stack to decide which one is the best.

What is MEAN Stack?

Mean stack development services focus on using Mean Stack for web and mobile app development. A stack refers to a pile of elements arranged in an organized way. The stacks used for development have programming languages, frameworks, library functions, and applications. The Mean Stack offers four main objects in the stack. For example, it offers MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular.JS, etc. The objects use a single-leading platform for front-end and back-end development. The stack is a free, and open-source JS library used to develop efficient and fully developed websites and web applications.

The stack creates quick and customized web apps with uniform and useful designs. On the other hand, many businesses hire mean stack developers to create the best web apps. Companies are more interested in hiring a fully adept developer at Mean Stack development. Such developers can be very versatile in design and development.

What is the MERN stack?

The MERN Stack Development services develop an app with Mongo DB, Express, React, and Node. The stack can be used to develop apps across multiple platforms. The MERN stack is the same as the other stack in certain aspects. The stack is great for developing single-page applications.

The React in the Stack can develop apps for multiple devices and cross-browser platforms. The stack provides good development services for user interface and experience design. The MERN stack works with the JavaScript, XML, and DOM libraries to create new apps and websites. It is a cost-effective alternative to Mean Stack development. The development services are hired to create high-end website and mobile app solutions.

Benefits of using MEAN Stack


5 Benefits of using MEAN Stack


The Mean stack is different from MERN and has many benefits to it. For example,

  • It is less Costly

The cost factor matters a lot in the development process. Every developer wants to have all the resources necessary with as little cost as possible. Every feature in the stack is open source and low in price. Thus, it is very cost-effective to use during projects.

  • Isomorphic Coding

The Mean stack supports isomorphic coding necessary for cross-platform development. The stack helps in the creation of compatible code which functions well in multiple frameworks. This helps in code and data migration when the app is made for newer devices.

  • Angular JS

Angular JS is a language library the Mean Stack offers, with reusability, speed, and testing. AngularJS helps in creating efficient apps over different platforms.

  • Cloud Compatible

The Mean Stack is compatible with cloud computing platforms because of MongoDB. MongoDB helps incorporate cloud functions with ease. This reduces the circle space cost.

  • A balance between Client-side and Server-side

The Mean stack establishes easy switching between the client-side and server-side for better front-end and back-end development. The ease of switch helps manage the two ends of the development project.


mean stack Vs. mern stack

Benefits of MERN Stack


6 Benefits of using MERN Stack


  • Community Support

The back-end development with the MERN stack is easy because of community support and a strong network of developers linked with the platform. The community can help developers understand the MERN stack and use it properly. Similarly, the community also comes in to help during common issues and troubleshooting.

  • Helps in Testing

The MERN stack has an inbuilt suite of testing tools that help the developers test the app framework before launch. In this way, the MERN stack helps properly test the apps on a single platform. The testing tools reduce the cost of testing because you get the best tools in the same development suite.

  • React Library

The React library has multiple development tools that help create an app framework from scratch. The library takes care of every part of app creation, from design to development.

  • MVC Architecture

The MERN stack is an MVC or Model View Controller architecture that supports a smooth development process.

  • Both Development Cycles

The MERN stack easily supports the front-end and back-end development of apps.

  • Flexible

The MERN stack is flexible in its applications. The stack can create code for browsers and servers. The stack is flexible enough to create apps for browsers and mobile servers. Whether the developer develops a web app or a mobile app, the MERN stack easily creates different apps.

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Comparison between the two stacks

1. Learning Pace

Whether you Hire MEAN Stack Developer or train a MERN stack developer, the learning curve for both the stacks are the same. There are only minute differences in the learning curve for both stacks.

2. Profitability

There are many features between the two stacks, so their profitability matches to an extent; the only point of difference is Angular JS and React. The Angular framework provides better profitability over React. For React, the designers have to use third-party designer libraries that are additional in costs and lower the team’s productivity. On the other hand, Angular JS is better for designing and redesigning tasks. The use of Angular JS amplifies productivity and helps in maintaining productivity.

3. Data Flow

In the case of Mean Stack with Angular, the data flow is both ways. This helps in the easy alteration of the model framework. However, the MERN stack is better for large-scale projects where the developer needs to look into minute changes and their impact.

The Mean Stack is a leader in the market that has persisted over the years. However, the React platform is very famous, and developers are inclining towards the MERN development stack. However, both the stacks are close competitors of each other. Developers would need both the stacks for their benefits and the diversity of development projects. The two stacks will remain relevant with new upgrades and performance enhancements in the coming years.

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