Why MERN Stack Development Is Top Choice For Startups Apps?

Why MERN Stack Development Is Top Choice For Startups Apps?

15 May, 2024 by img Rahul Panchal in Full Stack Development
Why MERN Stack Development Is Top Choice For Startups Apps?
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Blog Summary: Across all the full-stack development technologies reliability and usage of the MERN stack is extremely higher. It has seamlessly managed to make websites and applications feature-rich. You can even improve your application functionality with MERN stack capabilities. The article elaborates on the strong aspects of hiring MERN stack developers for your project. Discover the great web app development opportunities with new-age MERN stack solutions!


Having your business idea or just strategizing web app development for your businesses, both come with various conditions. From technologies, design, and market compassion, to app lacuna, you have to carry out numerous tasks. Primarily the technology aspect is a troublesome choice. The MERN Stack development has been the most valuable and sought-after solution so far. 

With representing the Full-Stack development services for any size and type of project, MERN stack furnishes top-notch demands. It pops out as the foremost option whenever we talk about scalable technology stack today. Still, clients remain doubtful whether it will justify their web application. So, we thought to clear it by describing the in-depth information from our talented in-house MERN stack developers.

MERN Stack ‚ÄĒ MongoDB, ExpressJS, React & NodeJS

MERN Stack is a combined series of four power-packed technologies. Using the MERN stack you can develop excellent web applications. With encompassing frontend, backend, database, and server components, it delivers secure web apps. With trailblazing JavaScript-based solutions, the MERN stack is scalable to meet technology solutions for any project. All four technologies represent the following roles for your web application. 

  • MongoDB

The efficient and manageable database tool, MongoDB allows you to deploy data-driven applications. It builds data layers to make a structured form for data storage. 

  • ExpressJS

ExpressJS has been the significant backend or server-side framework for web app development. It majorly uses RESTful APIs integrated with NodeJS. 

  • ReactJS

MERN stack has been enhanced with the frontend framework of React. It delivers responsive UI and eye-catching client-side web applications in HTML.   

  • NodeJS

Making the use of JavaScript runtime environment. NodeJS is even backed with Google Chrome. It permits the deployment of the JavaScript codebase smoothly.   

Pros And Cons of MERN Stack – A Specific Outlook

To take you to the breakdown of the MERN stack, here’s the list of advantages and drawbacks of each technology or tool of MERN. This will help you to make the most of beneficial factors and prevent hurdles during development.

MongoDB – Ultimate Database Tool


  • Gives flexibility of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) files to store data in MongoDB
  • It is compatible with managing large data in various file sizes. So, you can easily index documents.
  • The efficiency of the master-slave replication feature allows multiple native applications for various platforms
  • Eliminates traditional SQL database, with schema-less design option.¬†


  • It is insufficient to meet the join capabilities. You need to manually implement the SQL-based joins functionality with coding.
  • Limited coverage of ACID compliance (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability). It only works till the document level which needs to develop complex solutions.¬†
  • Doesn‚Äôt support documents with larger sizes than 16 GB. It demands to divide it into smaller parts to handle big files.¬†

ExpressJS – API-driven Backend Framework


  • ExpressJS allows defining routes of the application using URLs and HTTP techniques
  • Being the lightweight backend framework, ExpressJs suits efficiently in building MERN applications
  • It is proven best choice as your fast backend development solution for its asynchronous and single-threaded nature.¬†
  • The built-in middleware feature of ExpressJS permits developers to manage different tasks swiftly.


  • Due to its inadequacy in offering any structured code organization, it becomes difficult for developers to maintain codes by ExpressJs.
  • The ExpressJS falls short of advanced features to develop appealing applications. Its basic functionality may become sluggish for a few projects.

React – User Interface-rich Frontend Library


  • The virtual DOM (Document Object Model) assist developers to read and change the in-memory UI representation
  • Develop highly responsive and interactive web applications with reusable components
  • Ensure to make your application SEO-friendly and navigate it to the search engines’ ranking
  • React is simple to use and learn which makes it a more beginner-friendly solution. Hence, fresher developers can earn and implement it.


  • The JSX(JavaScript Extension) becomes the problematic aspect which increases the complexity of the application development
  • React has insufficient documentation of new updates. It is time-consuming to write manual documentation by developers.¬†

NodeJS РOpen-Source JavaScript Environment 


  • Offers edge of Google V8 engine for your application
  • Highly used for microservices development to break application logic into smaller modules¬†
  • Installing the NodeJS package gives access to numerous tools and libraries. It helps developers with JS tools to deliver modern web apps.
  • It is an extensively fast processing solution that reduces the overall development time.¬†¬†


  • The processing may slow down with heavy computation tasks
  • The frequently changing nature of APIs makes it difficult to manage consistency.

As you have a detailed idea of each MERN stack component, you can proceed to discuss some alarming situations for having MERN stack developers. 

When is the Right Time to Hire MERN Stack Developers?

when is the right time to hire mern stack developers

The right time to hire MERN stack developers for your project majorly depends on your choice. Moreover, there are a few situations that are preferably suitable for onboard MERN stack developers. 

1) Limited and Tight Budget

Indeed, budget constraints are the pain point of startups or small firms. Well, the MERN stack can emerge as the efficient option to fit under your budget. You will get all the full-fledged web app development competencies combined in the MERN stack. However, it can be even better if you outsource the developers to a Full-Stack development company.

2) Strict Deadline

When you need to deploy your application within a specific time duration, employ MERN stack development services. Its organized development cycle ensures an end-to-end solution. Skilled MERN developers can reap the benefits of faster development time. Furthermore, the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture maintains the web app development procedure seamlessly.

3) Upgrade the Existing Application 

For entrepreneurs who are planning to update their existing applications with new technologies, the MERN stack is for you. By incorporating React abilities, developers can easily reuse the codebase. So, the MERN stack permits you to manage the development without impacting the performance of your native application.    

4) Developing MVP Application 

The time you have the best app idea, it is necessary for you to evaluate the market. Accordingly, minimum viable products (MVPs) are better to oversee the market dynamism and understand customer behavior. MERN stack is the appropriate selection for MVP tech stack. So, you can deliver performance-driven applications beforehand to attract investors and examine recent industry trends. 

5) Shortage of Developers

Organizations facing resource constraints to meet ongoing project needs can also go for MERN developers. Majorly when you want to hire full-stack developers, MERN stack development is sufficient. It is a subsection that falls under full-stack, MERN stack programmers can proficiently fill the gap. 

Now, as you have the perfect time for hiring MERN experts, let’s move ahead to some amazing reasons why startups should consider the MERN stack.¬†

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Why should Startups hire MERN Stack Developers?

1) Cost-Effectiveness

The primary concern for startups and even small enterprises is budget. MERN stack folds down to your planned budget for application development. The new startups have to deal with lots of things to set up their business. In that case, having secure and cost-saving developer support is essential.

2) Wide Community Support

The community of MERN Stack developers is openly wider. You can easily hire experienced MERN developers from a reliable company. Also, you can consult the developers for any technical queries. Make your project get the edge over expert solutions. Your project can simply shine with industry-driven strategies.

3) Native-like Application

As you are leveraging the benefits of the MERN stack added with React, the cross-platform compatibility will be there. You can easily make your application deliver a native feel for various platforms. Thus, it expands your business target audience at a low cost. 

4) Full-Stack Development

The full-stack development includes both backend and frontend elements for your project. That’s what MERN stack already has for you. Therefore, when you hire MERN Stack developers, you don’t need to look any further for other resources. An experienced MERN developer can solely handle the development cycle. 

After the startups’ technology requirements, MERN stack can be a tech partner for your big enterprise solution. Explore the reasons for MERN Stack for developing and deploying complex apps.

Why Should Big Companies Select MERN Stack Development?

why should big companies select mern stack development

1) Highly Cloud Compatible

Having the robustness of cloud storage is eventually a prerequisite for big businesses. As your application will get the benefit of MongoDB, the scalable NoSQL database tool, it streamlines the data. You can easily store data in the cloud and access it only as authorized users. However, Node.js also helps to enhance data processing and make it securely available remotely. 

2) Custom-Tailored User Experience 

The user experience of your web application must be tailored with a unique user interface to attract new users. When you have the capability of React, it will drive your high-end front-end solution. So, your application can integrate customized alternatives to grab users.

3) Pre-Built Testing Solution

The significance of secure and reliable applications is the key aspect for successful business. MERN brings a bundle of testing tools of its own. Hence, it allows developers to utilize the pre-built testing of the MERN stack to deliver bug-free applications.

4) Faster time to Market

MERN is one of the competent technologies for web applications. It minimizes the development time because of the code reusability feature of React. So, it ultimately makes your application prevent the hassle of language switching. On the other hand, MERN being an open-source solution enables large enterprises to extend MERN stack efficacy based on your project parameters.  

Have a look at the top businesses that have advanced due to the MERN stack.

Top Business Brands Using MERN Stack 

Facebook –

React itself originated from Facebook. So, it is dependent on enhancing the Facebook functionality with user-friendly interaction on web and mobile devices for Facebook users. 

PayPal –

For integrating Node Js, PayPal has been built using ExpressJS which supports RESTful APIs. It has harnessed better performance of the application and made it a renowned payment app. 

Netflix –

The combination of React and Nodejs is the Netflix app, and it is a perfect fit for a live streaming solution. Thus, the high volume streaming and managing a huge subscriber community. 

Bosch –

This Germany-based company has trusted the ability of MongoDB. It efficiently stores, organizes, and analyzes data of Bosch Digital on a real-time basis.

Explore New Possibilities with MERN Stack Development

Starting with the most scalable full-stack development company i.e., the MERN stack will make you an early bird in the market. Your concern about hiring reliable developers can easily be met with Rlogical. Our MERN stack developers hold awesome work portfolios and years of experience. You can accomplish the industry-edge solutions for your application. Schedule your call to discuss your idea further now!   

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