Why Startups Choose Swift UI for iOS App Development?

Why Startups Choose Swift UI for iOS App Development?

30 October, 2020 by img Jatin Panchal in iOS App Development
Why Startups Choose Swift UI for iOS App Development?

The course of iOS app development services has been changed significantly by Swift at present. It happens to be an extremely natural programming language for Apple OS, such as Mac OS, iOS, as well as watch OS. This language has helped the entrepreneurs to a great extent, which was not possible before. Previously, it took plenty of time to develop iOS apps. Moreover, it was quite difficult as well.

Before Swift, iOS apps were mainly developed by utilizing Objective-C; however, the process was quite tough.


Some important statistics regarding Swift

 Swift had been introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference of Apple in the year 2014. It was upgraded to version 1.2 at that time, and in 2015, one more significant upgrade was done to Swift 2.

  • In 2019, Swift was provided with the 8th position as the most reputed programming language.
  • Swift is quite popular amongst the programmers out there. It is fourth when it comes to popularity.
  • Unlike other languages, Swift is known to pay quite well. A Swift developer will be receiving approximately $55,000 every year.
  • PYPL and TIOBE index confirms the fact that there is an increase in the use of the Swift language every year.


Major Swift Features

You will come across several procedures to assess any programming language, and the two most significant features happen to be Capabilities and Syntax.


1. Syntax

It refers to the set of regulations and rules which emphasize the order, as well as inter-dependencies of words, within any programming language. Although Swift had been a segment of objective C, you will come across several differences when it comes to the conditions, invocation methods, cycles, classes, enumerations, and declaration of constants.

In conclusion, it can be asserted that the structure is quite simple as compared to the structure of Objective C. You will be able to prosper your business by offering an out-of-the-box user experience.


2. Capabilities

Objective-C happens to be the incorporation of open-source libraries containing the solutions for routine jobs and enabling the reduction of application size, thus saving lots of space in the devices’ memory.


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Why select Swift for iOS app development services?

There is no doubt about the fact that Swift happens to be a cutting-edge programming language for Mac OS X, iOS, as well as watch OS. Swift helps to ensure safe and secure coding.

Next, we have mentioned the top 10 reasons to select Swift for iOS app development.


1. Simple to code

High and complicated command lines are required by the programming languages utilized in the development of apps at present. On the contrary, Swift happens to be concise and it can make the process of programming more effective and quicker.

Not many lines of codes will be required for performing complicated tasks, and therefore, plenty of time will be saved since it will be possible for the developers to bear in mind which part of a particular code can be used without making any modification in the project.


2. Maintenance

One significant problem was faced by Objective-C, which was previously employed for developing iOS apps. It was a difficult task to evolve the language given that it happened to be a subset of the C-language.

Because of the identical reason, the iOS app developers needed to maintain a couple of files for improving efficiency and build time. On the contrary, Swift will be able to combine the implementation files and the objective C header into one single code file.

One more significant drawback of objective C is that it was imperative to synchronize method names manually. In this case, the time can be used by the Swift programmers for creating app logic and improving the quality of the code.


3. Linux development

Swift can develop a cross-platform app iOS/OS as well as Linux. The most significant benefit will be to utilize it in the Linux environment, where one will not get access to Object C.


4. Data management

One more area where Swift will be able to manage data quite quickly. It makes use of LLVM as well as operating systems. The developers will get an opportunity of rewriting several groups in the form of structures. As such, less time is required for the tasks as compared to Objective-C.


5. Quite interactive

One significant advantage that Swift provides to a mobility service provider is the fact that it will be able to function within an interactive environment where the developers will be able to see the output. This implies that it will be possible to see any error in coding, which can be fixed as well. In case there is an error in the code written by you, you will be able to visualize it in the timeline panel.


6. Tremendous speed

Being amongst the quickest algorithm calculation metrics, the operations of the Swift language is quite fast. Swift allows the developers to make use of high-order functions as well as generics, and therefore, the codes happen to be reusable and clean, which can save a considerable amount of time.


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7. Open-source

It has been declared that Swift is open-source in the year 2015, which has modified the face of the language significantly. Following the declaration, Swift was allowed by Apple to be used for different purposes.

Being open-source, it is always simple to track the bugs, upgrade the codes, and also create an email list when it comes to Swift. Apple likewise makes changes accordingly after receiving feedback from the community. Moreover, Linux-based platforms are supported by Swift at present. Therefore, Swift happens to be the preferred choice for any type of iPhone app development. You simply need to hire iPhone app developer to get the job done flawlessly.


8. Enhanced safety

There is much less possibility of error taking place in Swift programming as compared to objective C mainly because of the improved typing system and capabilities of handling errors. Safety had been the primary concern while developing this language. It will be possible for any developer to observe the mistakes in their coding thanks to the error tracking ability and the short feedback loops.


9. No memory clogging

It is a fact that Swift is quite light mainly because of the dynamic library support. There will not be any problem of memory getting clogged since there is no static memory present in Swift. Moreover, it is also possible for the footprint to become reduced significantly since dynamic libraries have just one copy.


10. Playground features

It will be possible for the developer (provided you hire iPhone app developer who is experienced) to test a fresh algorithm without creating the whole app mainly because of the playground. For this, inline code execution has been added by iOS for helping the developers to create a mass of algorithms or code while getting feedback as well.

This feedback will aid in enhancing the speed at which it is possible to write the code using data visualizations. Swift and playgrounds together suggest the efforts made by Apple to make the process of development simpler for any app development organization out there.


The most recent update – Swift 5.1.4

Attempts are made by Apple to advance various iOS development languages including Swift, to make them more useful and effective. After launching Swift 5.1, Swift 5.1.4 was launched by Apple this year on 31st January. This version of Swift helps to improve the language with more innovative features and is more stable, unlike the previous versions.



Being a comparatively new programming language, Swift has taken plenty of helpful components from Objective-C enabling developers to create a more reliable and safer code. It has become the premier programming language very quickly for creating user-friendly and engaging mobile apps. Despite being a comparatively new programming language, the sort of momentum gained by Swift within this brief period is simply unbelievable.


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