Use Electron JS for Building Cross-Platform Apps

Use Electron JS for Building Cross-Platform Apps

02 November, 2020 by img Rahul Panchal in Mobile App Development
Use Electron JS for Building Cross-Platform Apps

In case you are in search of the most effective framework using which you will be able to create cross-platform applications, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will mention one particular framework using which you will be able to do that. It happens to be Electron JS.

It is possible to create a desktop app for Windows operating system by making use of Visual Studio, which is provided by Microsoft. Mac OS applications can be created in the same manner within Xcode IDE. However, it is significant to learn C# for developing a Windows application by making use of Visual Studio. Moreover, one has to learn Swift or Objective-C for developing a Mac OS app in Xcode.

Therefore, it is difficult to create and maintain an application that can support both operating systems. However, it has been made possible by using Electron JS.


What exactly is Electron JS?

Electron JS happens to be a framework for cross platform app development. In case you are linked to web development, you must be aware of what is meant by cross-platform. If you do not know regarding it, we like to inform you that cross platform app development is the sort of development where you will be able to make use of the developed app on different operating systems or platforms.

Apart from this, cross platform app development has been transformed into a couple of different types. In the initial type, you need to perform on the compilation for the app such that it will be able to work over different platforms. However, you need not perform any special preparation for the second category and you will be able to run the apps directly on different platforms.

It is interesting to know that Electron JS happens to be a framework where there is no need to perform any special preparation for allowing the application to function on different platforms. The reason for this is that it provides pre-compiled code for various platforms out there. This has also made Electron JS the most effective framework for creating cross-platform applications.

It is important to work with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML 5 while making use of Electron JS. Apart from this, it happens to be an open-source project.


Electron JS was created by whom?

It is not known to many individuals that Electron JS was referred to as Atom Shell initially, and an engineer named Cheng Zhao created it. The main motive for creating Atom Shell was to offer a simple tool on which the mobile app development services will be able to work with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

The main project was initiated in January 2013, and it was established in May 2014 as an open-source platform. It got the name Electron in 2015, and API 1.0 was launched in the year 2016.


Top 8 Features of Electron JS

It is known to everybody that Electron happens to be a framework for creating cross-platform web apps. However, not all individuals are aware of the different features of Electron JS. Below, we have mentioned all the Electron JS features out there.


1. Aids in creating a top-quality cross-platform application

 Perhaps the most notable feature provided by Electron JS is that it will be possible to develop top-quality cross-platform applications without much problem whatsoever.


2. It happens to be business logic

Electron JS comes with quite a few business logic as well as application structures, which will assist you significantly in developing desktop applications.


3. Support for Chromium engine

Chromium engine is supported by Electron JS, which will help you to access several development tools that will make the development process much simpler. It happens to be an extensive range, which will allow you to take advantage of several heavy procedures. It is also the fact that the chromium engine is as large as any operating system out there because of which it supports so many features.


4. Protected storage access

It will be possible to access secure storage where you can store important information required by your application. There is no need to purchase any other storage area given that the overall data security is extremely high.


5. Top-quality hardware-level APIs

It will be possible for you to gain access to top-quality APIs using JavaScript as well as Plug-ins.


6. Simple management system

In case you happen to be a beginner when it comes to Electron JS or planning to use it for your application development, then it is heartening to know that this particular platform provides an extremely simplified management system for the customers using which one can access every feature easily. Apart from this, it will be possible to reuse codes for various platforms, which will allow you to save a considerable amount of time.


7. Works with several libraries and frameworks

It is a fact that Electron JS will be able to work with several libraries and frameworks, which will allow you to develop top-quality applications.


8. Support for different UI/UX tools

It will be possible to create some unique and intriguing application designs with the help of different UI/UX tools. Apart from this, this will be a huge benefit in case you have tried a desktop application in Mac OS and Windows and no difference can be noticed since the identical UI as well as UX functionality is offered by Electron JS on various platforms.


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What makes Electron JS the best?

You will come across several reasons why Electron JS happens to be different from the other platforms out there. Below, we will take a look at some of those reasons.


1. The top-quality security feature of Electron JS is one of the most significant reasons. It is possible to store your information safely and easily while making use of this cross-platform app system. Many new developers lose their information since they are not concerned about data security; however, you don’t have to face this problem in case you are using Electron JS.


2. Electron JS is capable of providing you with several features and controls. In case you happen to be a newbie and are planning to create a cross-platform application, then it is important to ensure what kind of features you would like to have in the web application. The reason for this is that several functions are provided to you by Electron JS, and the appropriate ones should be selected for your app. It will be feasible to use the low-level accessibility features using Electron JS.


3. Another reason why Electron JS is unique is that it will be possible to gain access to any type of hardware-level API quite easily using Plug-ins or JavaScript. This particular feature asserts that there is no need to make any compromise for your application in the feature category.


4. Now, we will take a look at the most significant part, which happens to be the performance category. It will be possible for you to create top-quality applications using Electron JS, reuse codes, and it will also work quite fast to save you a considerable amount of time. Furthermore, you will not be facing any issue with Electron JS in case proper care is taken during development.


5. One particular reason which helps to make Electron JS different from other platforms is the fact that it will be possible to reuse code at all places. You need to write the code only once, and that’s all. Following this, it will be possible to use it easily over other platforms.


6. It will be possible to obtain the support of several open-source libraries that can be used for enhancing your application and minimizing time consumption, unlike other platforms.


7. It will be feasible to put the entire code into only one package using an electron-packager module. Therefore, the most notable benefit is that a significant amount of memory can be saved quickly.


8. Electron JS will be the best option in case you’d like to make an application using which you will be able to obtain a top-quality user interface.


9. The framework happens to be an open-source platform that will allow you to take advantage of the reuse of a single code, which will help you to save a significant amount of money as well as time.


Who uses Electron JS?

Electron JS is extensively used by several large companies at present, and this is only possible due to the features provided by it for its users. Below, we have mentioned some reputed companies which make use of Electron JS.

  • WordPress
  • WhatsApp
  • Slack
  • WebTorrent
  • Skype


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Advantages of utilizing Electron JS for Desktop Apps

 Below, we have mentioned some benefits of using Electron JS at present.

1. One particular thing regarding other frameworks is the fact that the apps developed by them begin to ask or create some modifications in the overall appearance and functioning over time. However, when it comes to Electron JS, you will never face any modification in the application created by this particular framework, which implies that no new browser is going to affect your application whatsoever.

2. The next advantage of using Electron JS for applications is that there is no need to be concerned about managing several tabs or browsers.

3. It will be possible to utilize electron applications on various operating systems, and, therefore, you are not going to feel any difference by the feature point of different operating systems out there. Everything is going to be identical.

4. The subsequent advantage is that no data will be lost once you are refreshing the application or overall page. Even though this benefit is not much significant, you will not find this in different application development frameworks out there.

5. As compared to other platforms, the cost of an electron application happens to be less. The reason for this is that it will be possible to reuse the code several times over multiple operating systems and browsers.

6. Once the application is updated, there is no need for you to worry about performing anything regarding the browser cache.


Several unknown facts regarding Electron JS

In the following paragraphs, we have provided some interesting facts regarding Electron JS.

  • It will be possible for you to access the most recent features using a chromium engine. Even some of the most reputed developers are not aware of this fact regarding Electron JS.
  • The developer tool that you will obtain with Electron JS will be sufficient for debugging your code.
  • A hot reloading feature is offered by Electron JS, which will allow you to verify the changes made without reloading the webpage.
  • The chromium engine will allow you to gain access to secure storage space where you’ll be able to keep your information safely and securely.
  • It will be possible for you to use a large community of Electron JS to your advantage since it happens to be an open-source platform.



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