Top 10 Web Development Frameworks of 2020

Top 10 Web Development Frameworks of 2020

27 April, 2020 by img Rahul Panchal in Mobile App Development
Top 10 Web Development Frameworks of 2020

As 2020 becomes three months older and new updates on the technologies keep coming in the market. Which is making the selection of the framework for web development pretty tough.

Here we are listing out the top 10 web development frameworks to choose and work in 2020.


1. Angular js 

Angular js is an open source front-end web development framework. Google developed angular, and Google, Microsoft, and Paypal giants are using it. AngularJS lets developers write client side applications using JavaScript in a clean Model View Controller (MVC) way. Angular allows the developers to build large scale, high-performance, and easy to-maintain web applications.


2. React 

React is not a framework, it’s a front-end library developed and maintained by Facebook. React is fast, secure, and scalable. Big companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and Apple use it. The main goals of this framework is to make front end development effortless.


3. Ruby on Rails 

The most significant feature of RoR is that you can build a cloud-based application using this framework. Ruby on Rails has a vast number of libraries and tools. Ruby on Rails provides the Fast development, Automation and, Huge Community.


4. Laravel

Laravel is an open source php framework for building robust Web Services & Web Applications. Laravel is full of featured backend web development framework which Integrated with mail services. Laravel follows the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Laravael development supports the Routing controllers.


5. Django РPython Framework 

Django is a high level Python web framework.Django provides the easier way to build better Web apps more quickly, with less code.

Django is a Model-View-Template framework. Big giantess Google, Youtube, and Instagram use this framework. Such large websites built on Django Pinterest, Disqus, Mozilla, National Geographic. Django is highly supportive in protecting the user data from the website.


6. Vue.js Framework

Vue.js started as an individual project and quickly grew in the market becoming one of the most trending JS frameworks. Vue supports the progressive framework like if you have an existing project, you can still adopt Vue for one portion of the project, and everything would work just fine. Vue.js is very easy to maintain, and fast in Development.


7. Ember Javascript Framework 

Ember javascript is considered the best framework used by professional developers to build front-end web applications.

Ember based on Model‚Äďview‚Äďviewmodel (MVVM) pattern. Tech giants such as LinkedIn, Heroku, Zendesk, Twitch, Microsoft, and others rely on this framework. Ember provides a built-in data layer, which leads to super simple UI sync with the backend.


8. Node.JS 

Node.js is a web application development built on JavaScript runtime. It is fast and easy to use framework. Node.js supports various third party open-source frameworks. Express.js is the most popular framework for Node.js. Node.js acquire the rich library of various JavaScript modules which simplifies the development of web applications using Node.js to a great extent.


9. Spring 

Spring is a very thin and lightweight framework. Spring framework is the collection of sub-frameworks such as Struts, Hibernate, Tapestry, EJB, JSF, etc.. Spring framework has templates for JDBC, Hibernate, JPA etc. technologies which reduces code size by hiding the basic steps of the technologies.


10. Backbone

Backbone.js communicates to the server entirely through a RESTful API and it has extremely lightweight file size. Backbone has an incredibly small library for functionality and structure. Backbone has only one dependency  Underscore.js. It is amazingly supportive of the one page web application and the small application.


In this blog we have tried to explain the top 10 web app development frameworks  which are useful to web application developers for particular needs. So, choose one of the best frameworks as per the project requirements and complexity to save the development time by availing custom web application development services. 


Rahul Panchal

Rahul Panchal is the Founder & Managing Director at Rlogical Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. He is a pioneer tech enthusiast who has assisted diverse enterprise solutions with a fresh perspective over the years. From integrating technologies like Full-Stack, .NET, Flutter & PHP, he has harnessed custom web or hybrid mobile app development projects. His creative outlook on the latest models of AI, ML, blockchain, and IoT, has made various businesses attain leading-edge success.

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