Top 5 App Ideas During Covid-19 Pandemic

Top 5 App Ideas During Covid-19 Pandemic

26 October, 2020 by img Jatin Panchal in Mobile App Development
Top 5 App Ideas During Covid-19 Pandemic

At present, we are all concerned about Coronavirus, which is the focus of all our discussion right now. This crisis is affecting every individual in some way. The virus has kept us occupied in every sphere of life right now. Mobile app development services are having a tough time as well. However, it will be sensible on our part to find a way for developing our business rather than simply waiting for the crisis to pass away.

The leading mobile app developers have innovative ideas on their minds, and they are aware of how to create top-notch mobile applications during this time.


Below, we have given some ideas on how to help the world by boosting app development during the Covid-19 pandemic.


1. Meditation and Mental Health Apps

Being a contagious virus, coronavirus can cause lots of mental stress and anxiety. However, anxiety can damage human health in the long run. Feelings of solitude have been created by social distancing and lack of interaction amongst human beings. Apart from this, some individuals have ended up losing their jobs. It is a very difficult time for everybody in general. Mobile gadgets will be the best friend of any individual during these times. As a result, the time is correct to work on mental health and meditation apps.

These types of situations might lead to severe mental ailments. Consequently, mental health apps are extremely important at this time. This will help us to cope with anxiety and mental stress. We’ll also be able to distract our minds from any negative thought process.

Besides this, mental health apps will be teaching us simple mental relaxation as well as meditation techniques that can be performed at the residences of the individuals easily. There will be an increasing demand for these apps since an increasing number of individuals will be realizing the value of performing meditation.


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2. Grocery Apps

We were quite accustomed to visiting the grocery stores before the outbreak of coronavirus. Moreover, some individuals liked to get hold of some tasty snacks while visiting the stores.

However, things are different right now, and it is not possible to crowd in the grocery stores anymore. There has been an upsurge of online grocery stores during this time. As a result, a grocery delivery app or a grocery e-commerce store app is required right now.

You will come across lots of grocery shopping apps at present. However, it will be imperative to build an app that helps individuals to look for products, make payments, and also know about the available alternatives. In case you can make the user experience of the app extraordinary, your app will sell on the market. For this, you need to hire mobile app developers with the required experience and knowledge.


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3. Gaming Apps

Right now, we require entertainment. However, there are limited means of amusements these days. For many individuals, traveling happens to be the biggest source of amusement. Nevertheless, restrictions have been imposed by several countries when it comes to traveling, and international tourism has also come to a stop. Consequently, mobile app development services will be able to create some apps which will provide entertainment to users who like to travel. Such apps should be used by users in the upcoming days.

Travel apps will be able to provide something to those who are not being able to travel at present. Travel games developed on augmented reality will provide real-life travel experiences to users out there. They will be able to explore new areas without having to move anywhere whatsoever.

Besides this, travel gaming apps are going to be more inexpensive as compared to a genuine foreign trip. Therefore, everybody who likes to go on a foreign tour will be able to play this game to his heart’s content.


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4. Healthcare and Telemedicine

Healthcare is undoubtedly one of the most significant sectors during the pandemic. Nevertheless, it is vital to deliver healthcare with modified procedures to prevent individuals from getting affected by the virus in clinics and hospitals.

Telemedicine, as well as on-demand healthcare apps, will be the solutions for those patients who are not able to gain access to healthcare facilities right now. It will be possible for individuals suffering from mild illnesses to come in touch with the physicians on the phone by making use of telemedicine apps. This will particularly help in psychiatry as well as psychology treatments while it is not imperative for the physicians to physically examine the patients. Apart from this, telemedicine apps will also help to minimize repetitive medication refill prescription visits.

In case any patient likes to talk to a physician for an issue that is not possible to be fixed on the email or phone, on-demand apps will enable him to choose the doctor depending on reviews and he will be able to book an appointment without any problem whatsoever.


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5. E-Learning Apps

At present, working from home and social distancing has enabled individuals to have sufficient time at their disposal for learning innovative skills. The time is perfect for people to purchase top-notch e-learning apps.

Not all individuals have the same motive while going for new courses. While some like to expand their skills and knowledge, others might like to improve their prospects for jobs with better certifications. While some individuals learn because of their hobbies, others tend to learn something for fulfilling their learning appetites. There is no doubt about the fact that the demand for education is not going to stop particularly when there is so much time available at present.

Although coronavirus has negatively affected our education system, some countries are making use of the e-learning model. Users tend to learn new apps at present, which will help them to learn from professors and universities across the globe.

There has been an increase in demand for educational apps during the Covid-19 pandemic. Individuals who have ended up losing their jobs are using their time for acquiring innovative skills, which have been made possible by employing app-based learning.


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In case you hire mobile app developers for developing your e-learning app, it is vital to verify their credentials before doing so. It is significant for app developers to bear in mind that education apps have been there for quite some time, and individuals will be able to select from various apps out there.

Therefore, you need to offer some innovative things with a remarkable user experience to make your app stand out in the competition. You will come across some top-notch technologies like AI and AR/VR, which will help you to create a fantastic e-learning app.

Hire On-Demand Mobile App Developer During Covid-19


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