15 Best Push Notification Tools to Monetize your Mobile App

15 Best Push Notification Tools to Monetize your Mobile App

09 August, 2021 by img Rahul Panchal in Mobile App Development
15 Best Push Notification Tools to Monetize your Mobile App

It is a fact that push notifications that are successful receive as much as two times greater click-through rates than emails. If they are used correctly, you will get twice the number of individuals to view your content, unlike if you had sent your message in an email to the audience.


Push notification tools will help to improve engagement with the audience, plus they can be harnessed on the Internet and Android and iOS mobile app development services. If you are going through this article, you are probably aware of the advantages of push notification tools.


Here, we have compiled the 15 best push notification tools to monetize your mobile app in 2021.


1. OneSignal

You need not pay anything for using this tool. Its service is used by companies such as Conde Nast, Skyscanner, Uber, Adobe, etc. This tool will help you dispatch in-app notifications, mobile notifications, email notifications, and web applications. One significant reason why OneSignal is considered to be amongst the most effective push notification tools is that it can easily be integrated with your mobile app and website.


2. Google Firebase

Google Firebase happens to be amongst the most well-known push notification tools currently, which are free to use. However, it has been created only for mobile app development solutions. Consequently, it provides limited features, unlike most of the other similar tools out there. Google Firebase will help you to dispatch in-app message notifications. Besides this, it offers the facility of integrating it with analytics as well.


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3. Urban Airship


This tool happens to be a combination of engagement strategies, mobile analytics, and push notifications. It will also allow you to integrate different wallets like Apple Passbook and Google Wallet. You can also use it for A/B testing, given that it provides user categorization alternatives depending on their device information, local history, in-app behaviors, and user preferences. It features a striking messaging center and a web editor for reviewing notifications before dispatching them to clients.


4. Push Woosh


This happens to be a remarkable tool for startups since they will be increasing in size in the future. Push Woosh is an extremely scalable notification tool working on virtually every platform, such as iOS, Android, and Windows. It provides features like multi-lingual support, advanced reporting, remote API, location-based tagging, analytics support, code review, notification scheduling, and so forth.


5. WebEngage

This excellent push notification tool helps to convert users into loyal and active clients by dispatching them with automatic and smart push messages irrespective of their location. WebEngage provides triggered, contextual, and customized mobile push notifications for guaranteeing better conversion, retention, and engagement. In addition, companies can use this tool for creating complicated lifecycle push campaigns within a short period utilizing the Journey Designer.


6. Mixpanel


Mixpanel will enable you to monitor your user’s activity, allowing you to figure out what kind of notifications will be engaging clients more effectively. It offers features like real-time data analytics, retroactive funnel report, A/B testing, event tracking, precision segmentation, and even more.


7. LeanPlum


You’ll be able to make use of this paid tool, offering you a comprehensive toolkit to lay out an effective push notification technique. It provides an extensive range of communication channels like email marketing, app inbox messaging, and mobile notifications. Besides this, it offers A/B testing, push notification personalization, and other features for increasing customer retention.


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8. Sailthru


This is a paid tool that will enable you to scale your business according to quarterly or monthly active users. In addition, it aids you in running different push notification campaigns simultaneously. Amongst the core features offered by Sailthru, mention may be made of message automation, user behavior evaluation, audience segmentation, time zone settings, in-app messaging, and more.

9. PushBots

If you are searching for highly automated service, then PushBots will not disappoint you. It comes with features like retargeting, dynamic push notifications, engagement campaigns, plus more. In addition, it allows you to target the audience depending on parameters like geographical location, username, devices, and so on, plus broadcast customized messages.

10. Swrve


This tool claims to be amongst h most comprehensive and sophisticated mobile application marketing platforms. However, it is going to function with mobile app notifications only. Some essential features offered by Swrve happen to be messaging, marketing automation, plus in-app campaigns. In addition, it is amongst the most well-known tools for platform optimization as well as A/B testing.


11. PushCrew


This tool provides both free and paid options for its users. It happens to be a focused push notification tool focusing only on mobile and web push notifications. It enables you to place notification triggers depending on user actions or behaviors.

12. Kahuna


This is an excellent push notification tool intended for cross-platform marketing. It provides fantastic ways for companies to comprehend their clients through its capability in analyzing, marketing, and reporting. It likewise enables you to separate the clients as per several parameters. It will be feasible to handle as many as eight push notification campaigns by using this tool. Kahuna comes with features like ghost push for measuring uninstalls, inbuilt analytics, smart delivery time, person-centric data layer, and more.

13. CataPush


CataPush provides both free, as well as paid services to its users. We know it for its simple delivery API. This is appropriate for dispatching data-driven and transactional push notifications to the clients according to their activity on your mobile app or website. A 2-way communication facility is offered by CataPush, unlike the majority of the push notification tools on the market, and your clients will be able to communicate with you utilizing push notifications. Moreover, it happens to be an excellent way of collecting feedback on the service provided by you.


14. Sinch


Sinch makes it quite simple to get to your customers using push messaging. It provides a 2-way communication facility that aids your clients to interact directly with you and helps you keep track of that interaction according to segments. Thus, you will be able to plan the upcoming campaigns accordingly. In addition, Sinch offers features like multiple message formats, long message support, data-driven campaigns, plus more.


15. QuickBlox


This feature-rich tool provides services like automatic reception of information, alerts, updates, scores, reminders, plus call-to-actions. Its notable features happen to be personalized calling, messaging tools, and scheduling.



It is essential to pick a push notification provider carefully. Here, we have covered the top 15 most popular tools on the market for powering your push notification technique. However, bear in mind that you will not be successful just by using these tools; you likewise must use the correct strategy.


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