A Comprehensive Checklist for Creating Your Live Streaming App

A Comprehensive Checklist for Creating Your Live Streaming App

10 March, 2022 by img Jatin Panchal in ASP.Net Development
A Comprehensive Checklist for Creating Your Live Streaming App

The domain of content creation for the online audience has crossed many crucial phases of evolution in recent times. In the earliest days of the internet, users could only access content published by website owners. Gradually, online users started creating and sharing content on different online platforms.

Live streaming undoubtedly takes the lion’s share among the many methods followed for content creation today. Live streaming has constantly been growing in terms of popularity alongside garnering the attention of more viewers every day. As a result, people and enterprises seek live streaming app development solutions that can help them make the most of a burgeoning market.

The following post offers you a basic guide on building a live streaming app with a detailed impression of the market opportunity. In addition, you can learn about the technical requirements for building a live streaming app alongside the important features you cannot miss.

Market Opportunity for Live Streaming Applications

Before searching for a mobile app development company to help you build a live streaming app, you need a clear impression of the market opportunities. Analysts suggest that the worldwide live streaming market would have a value of almost $223.98 billion by the year 2028. The increasing influx of investments in the industry has been driven largely by businesses focusing on creating their live-streaming applications.

Why Should Anyone Build a Live Streaming App?

At the same time, estimates suggest that around 2.72 billion people will watch live videos or on-demand content on their mobile devices by 2023. Here are some other important highlights which showcase the market opportunity with live streaming app development services.

  1. Almost 78% of users on Facebook watch the “Live” videos on the platform.
  2. The on-demand video market would most probably reach a value of $87.1 billion by 2025.
  3. Around 39% of people prefer to share video content.
  4. Interestingly, almost 80% of the online audience prefers video content over reading articles.

Therefore, the live stream application market offers a lot of promising opportunities. You can develop your live stream app and capitalize on the opportunities in this emerging market. So, what type of live streaming app do you want to build?

Types of Live Streaming Apps

One of the first things you should know about live stream app development with a mobile app development company is an impression of the types of streaming apps. Live streaming involves video broadcasts of specific events, which the online audience can view in real-time. Streamers host different broadcasts, and depending on the type of broadcasts; you have different types of streaming apps.


1. Live Broadcasting Apps

Live broadcasting apps such as Twitch, Livestream, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live help record and broadcast video content.

2. Audio Streaming

Streaming apps for broadcasting music such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora are the top examples of audio streaming apps. Users don’t have to download music to listen to it.

3. Video On-Demand or VOD

Video-on-demand or VOD is probably one of the mainstream front runners among streaming applications. Such streaming apps help users watch movies and TV series without downloading them. The notable examples of VOD streaming apps include Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

With the wide variety of possibilities for leveraging live streaming app development solutions, you can design any type of streaming app. However, some common features make a streaming app valuable.

Essential Features Required in a Streaming App

Irrespective of the type of streaming app you want to develop, you must consider some essential features while building one. The main features practically define a streaming app’s basic structure and functionality. A trustworthy mobile app developer would offer you an outline of the following essential features in a streaming application.

  • User registration facilities for flexible onboarding.
  • The facility of creating personal user profiles offers the benefit of content personalization.
  • Online streaming functionalities.
  • Options for adding comments to broadcasts.
  • Search functionality for browsing through content.
  • Server-side design tailored for converting streams according to end-user preferences.

Advanced Features in Live Streaming Apps

Apart from the basic features, you need some advanced functionalities to make your streaming app better. Here are some of the advanced functionalities that refine a streaming application’s quality.

  • Chatting functionalities can help live streamers interact with their audience and build engagement.
  • Your live streaming app should also offer options for switching video quality according to users’ bandwidth.
  • Another critical highlight of a successful live streaming app is the option for privacy for streamers andthe audience.
  • The next important feature for a live streaming app refers to screen sharing facilities, which helps streamers broaden the variety of their content.
  • You could also incorporate the feature of notifications in the live streaming app to offer a better user experience.

Steps for Building the Perfect Live Streaming App

Now, you know everything you need to make a successful live-streaming app. However, you cannot just build a live streaming app based on the basic information highlighted till now. As of now, you know ‘why’ you should build a live streaming app and ‘what’ you need in the app. The next factor points you towards the “how” of developing your live streaming app. Here are the important steps you need to follow in creating a live streaming app.


1. Identify Your Audience

The first thing you need to set right before contacting a live streaming app developer is your audience. You must have a clear impression of your target audience and their requirements. The early feedback of the target audience can help tailor the app for delivering maximum value.

2. Choose the Monetization Strategies

You can leverage competent live streaming app development methods for creating the app of your dreams. How will you reap value from your investment in the app? This is where you must think of the monetization strategy for your app. The three distinct forms of monetization include paid apps, advertisements, or the freemium model. You offer the app for download with fees or offer it for free while keeping some features accessible for premium users.

3. Content Hosting and Delivery

If you are developing a live streaming app, you need reliable content hosting and delivery platforms. You need to choose a reliable Content Delivery Network which can help you with flawless content delivery. At the same time, you can depend on reliable hosting to ensure smooth streaming services.

4. User Experience

The decisive factor for any live streaming application’s success is the user experience it offers. Therefore, you need skilled UI/UX designers in a mobile app development company to help you tailor an intuitive user experience to your app.

5. Testing and Pre-Release Marketing

Once you are done putting all the technologies for building a live streaming app in place, you need to check for possible errors. Quality assurance of the live-streaming app can offer detailed insights into setbacks you don’t want your users to see. If you are sure that your app does not have any errors and you are ready to go, pack it up and submit the app. However, make sure that you invest some efforts in pre-release marketing for hyping up the buzz around your app.

Final Words

As you can notice, developing a live streaming app is not difficult. Just a few simple steps and you can have the live-streaming app with all the features you want. However, is it safe to go ahead and build a live streaming application on your own? In such cases, you can always rely on trustworthy live streaming app development solutions to avoid the complexities of creating an app that would cater to thousands of users.

Such solutions could help you avoid the unnecessary troubles of using different technologies in the tech stack for a live streaming app. Explore a new approach to live streaming app development with a credible app development company right now.

Creating Your Live Streaming App


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