7 Key Features of Newly Released Laravel 9.0

7 Key Features of Newly Released Laravel 9.0

11 March, 2022 by img Rahul Panchal in Laravel Development
7 Key Features of Newly Released Laravel 9.0

Web applications are still in vogue and relevant to companies because of the constant scope of improvement for web application frameworks and developers. There are many web application frameworks based on different programming languages. For example, the Laravel platform is based on PHP language and is one of the best programming frameworks for web applications. The relevance of Laravel is maintained by the updates brought out by developers and programmers. This article focuses on the newest version of Laravel and how it will benefit developers and development companies.

Laravel 9 was released on February 9, 2022, and laravel developers and companies are eagerly waiting to use the newest version to its best potential. However, before you hire Laravel developers to create enterprise-level web applications on the platform, you need to know about its features and how it is better than its previous versions.

What is Laravel?

Before we go into the features of Laravel, let us know about its general definition. Laravel is a PHP-based open-source programming platform that is completely free for developers. The syntax and MVC architecture of the platform helps you create new and highly developed apps. The main features of Laravel that will remain constant for different versions are Artisan CLI, Eloquent ORM, MVC architecture, and high-scale security for data transmission. These features help a Laravel Development company create the best web applications according to project requirements. Below are the latest, improved features of Laravel 9.

Laravel 9 Features To Note




1. Minimum PHP Requirements

The Minimum PHP requirement for the Laravel 9 platform is that it needs at least the language PHP 8 for creation. The minimum requirements also include PHP8 Unit for app testing procedure. The platform, in its latest version, uses Symfony for app development. The advantage that Laravel 9 extends to its users is the scope to use different versions of PHP to learn and upgrade to the PHP 8 version for the final development cycle.

2. Anonymous Stub Migration

Anonymous stub migration is the required default behavior for data migration on the Laravel platform. The Laravel 9 version fosters a better anonymous stub migration than Laravel 8.37 version. The latest stub migration system does not associate with the migration class name and any associated collisions. In Laravel 9, Anonymous Stub Migration is default behavior and supports secure data migration.

3. Eloquent Accessors

The Laravel 9 platform supports Eloquent Accessors, which uses PHP code to deal with database queries instead of SQL code. The dependence on PHP code helps in saving time when managing such queries. In Laravel 8, there is use of get and set prefixes to define the mutators. In Laravel 9, the get and set prefixes are unnecessary because you can declare a prefix using a non-prefixed term. The process is much faster on the Laravel 9 platform. The accessor on the platform caches the data and returns it after setting the value.

4.Enum Attribute Casting

Another beneficial feature of Laravel 9 is enums and the definition of enums in an enum file. A developer can also define the enum types on the file if needed. The features are easily located on the App/Enums/ destination. Moreover, you need to define a return type on the file. For this command, you need to specify attribute and enum in $casts property array in the model. Once you define the casts on the model, the attribute will be cast from an enum file.

5. Forced Scoping Of Data Binding

The scoping model of the Laravel 9 platform is different from the scoping model of other versions. In the past versions of the platform, you have to use the key of the eloquent parent model for scoping. The Laravel 9 version instead takes a scoped bindings method for route definition. The new binding method will provide instructions to the child model even when it is not provided with a key of codes. The scope bindings for different routes can also be grouped with the help of the group scoping method.

6. Controller Route Groups

One of the differentiating features of the new Laravel 9 platform is its controller route groups. You need to use the controller function for controller route groups and then define the different routes for that particular controller. The developer also needs to define the functions of the routes for proper use of the controller functions. The grouping method avoids the controller’s scope and route duplication in the long run.

7. Full-Text Indexes

The feature of Full-text indexes is also associated with the where clauses. The platform uses the full-text method to define MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. Based on the query generated on the platform, you can WhereFullText methods. The platform will automatically change the commands into necessary SQL to support the database system.

Apart from these Laravel 9, there are other features like Bootstrap 5 Pagination Views Improved Validation Of Nested Array Data that extends the option of doing a lot more on it than previous versions. The CLI extended by the Laravel platform in the newest version has also improved. The CLI helps a developer alter the code on Laravel without completely browsing all files for the code blocks. The CLI is also useful as the developer can directly interact with the database without too many processes.

Therefore, the Laravel 9 platform takes a simplified approach towards the overall complex web app development process. If you hire Laravel developers, always look for those ready to upgrade to the newest version of Laravel.



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