10 Features That Make Laravel Framework the Best

10 Features That Make Laravel Framework the Best

19 January, 2021 by img Jatin Panchal in Laravel Development
10 Features That Make Laravel Framework the Best

10 Features That Make Laravel Framework the Best

Laravel happens to be amongst the most well-known, proficient, and widely used open-source framework at present. It consists of various features like MVC architecture support, artisan tool, template engine, database migration system, top security, and so forth. All these features help to make Laravel development services stand above the rest on the market.

Below, we have mentioned the top 10 features which help to make Laravel the best out there.


1. Template Engine

We all know Laravel for the inbuilt lightweight templates that come with it, and which are used to create amazing layouts with dynamic content seeding. Laravel also offers many widgets integrating JS and CSS code. The templates have been designed smartly for creating composite and straightforward layouts with segments that simplify the developers’ tasks.


2. Artisan

An inbuilt tool is offered by Laravel is referred to as Artisan that helps to perform most of the repetitive and tedious programming tasks that the PHP developers usually avoid. The artisans can likewise be used to create a skeleton code, the structure of the database, and develop their migration, making it relatively easy to manage the database system. Apart from this, it can also generate MVC files directly with the help of the command line and take care of all those assets along with their configurations. Developers can also use the Artisan for creating their commands.


3. MVC Architecture Support

The MVC architecture pattern is backed by Laravel, which helps to separate the basic business logic and presentation layers. Laravel’s MVC pattern comes with several inbuilt functions that help improve the application’s performance and enhance the security levels together with scalability.


4. OO Libraries

Lots of facilities are provided by Laravel for the developers with the help of Object-Oriented Libraries. Unlike other PHP frameworks, these are available only in Laravel. This pre-installed library comes with several innovative features such as verifying active users, hashing, resetting passwords, encryption, and so on.


5. Eloquent Object Relational Mapping

Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping) is offered by Laravel, which includes implementing a simple PHP Active Record. The web app developers can use this functionality for writing database queries by using PHP syntax rather than writing SQL code. As compared to the earlier PHP frameworks, ORM is somewhat quicker.


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6. Powerful Application Security

One of the most notable features of Laravel is the security functions out there. Advanced and robust web app security is offered by this framework, which helps the developers significantly. The security features make use of a hashed and salted password mechanism such that the password will not be saved as plain text into the user’s database.

It likewise uses the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” for building a password that is encrypted. Apart from this, the framework uses SQL statements, which help protect from SQL injection attacks.


7. Enable modular functionalities and libraries

This framework helps the developers using pre-installed modular libraries that cannot be accessed in most other PHP frameworks. For example, the Authentication library helps to implement quite easily. It comes with several functions: verifying the active users, Bcrypt hashing, password reset, CSRF, and protection plus encryption. Moreover, Laravel has been separated into individual segments that have adopted innovative PHP principles that allow modular and responsive web apps development.


8. Migration System

This framework’s migration system helps expand the structure of the web app database without re-creating each time the developers modify. For this reason, there is significantly less risk of losing information. Apart from helping to change the structure of the database, it also aids in doing this with PHP code rather than SQL. Besides this, this framework’s Schema Builder functionality helps create database tables and insert columns or indices promptly.


9. Unit-Testing

Lots of web developers prefer Laravel because of how it helps in unit testing. This framework can run lots of tests to make sure that the programmers’ new modifications don’t break anything unexpectedly in the web app. In general, this framework mentioned here is known to have stable releases within the industry since it is aware of its failures. Besides this, it makes it quite simple to write unit-tests as well.


10. Cached Web Application

Caching is considered to be amongst the essential aspects of developing web apps. Laravel comes with native support for the cache backends, which are referred to as Redis and Memcached. The file makes it relatively easy to cache driver plus store cache items within the file system. However, an in-memory cache like APC or Memcached will be ideal in mission-critical apps.



Thus, after going through all the Laravel features mentioned above, it must be clear to you why it has become so popular amongst the developers and the companies at present. This is mainly due to its seamless, unique, and flexible approach to creating solutions. This framework helps in creating dynamic and user-responsive sites with a light weighted and customized template. You will come across useful plugins and robust object-relational mapping, and there is no need to be concerned about stability.




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